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Debra Stangl, Founder

In January, 1999, Debra was a divorce attorney in Omaha, Nebraska, beginning her 20th year of practice. With 175 active cases, she was stressed out, burned out and ready to jump off the nearest cliff. Having been on her spiritual path since the death of her mother in 1978, Debra knew there was more. Although she was helping her clients in her practice, she yearned to be of service on a much deeper level.

Debra then came to Sedona for what was supposed to be just 3 days of rest and instead, she had a life changing session with one of Sedona’s amazing healers. In that session she received the message, “You must change your life and leave your law practice now”.

She went back to Omaha, spent 6 months closing her practice, and over the next 3 years started coming out to Sedona for weeks at a time, always doing transformational sessions with the incredible practitioners with whom she was connecting. Suddenly in August, 2001 (2 weeks before 9/11), she was told in a session “it’s time for you to move to Sedona”. “To do what?” she asked. No answer. “Just Go.”

Within 2 months Debra moved to Sedona. Six months later she was still waiting for the flash to come in on what she was supposed to be doing there. As Debra says “Suddenly I realized that having attended every Workshop and seminar that was out there, I had never had a completely transformational experience in a group setting. The most powerful work that had the most impact and truly changed my life was the one-on-one sessions I did with the amazing practitioners here in Sedona.”

“I understood then that those three years I had been coming to Sedona and doing sessions with so many incredible healers were preparation, laying the groundwork for the creation of Sedona Soul Adventures. So that people from around the world could experience this amazing, mystical place and have the same kind of life-changing, transformational experience I had”.

So that’s how Sedona Soul Adventures began back in 2002. Since then, thousands of people have had their lives and relationships transformed through Sedona Soul Adventures.

Then starting in 2004, Debra connected her love of sacred travel to her people, with trips to Egypt and Peru, helping people discover and connect with the energies of these mystical and magical places.

“My life has taken on a devotion to service that I have never experienced before. My goal and my prayer is to assist everyone in living their best life and having the relationship of their dreams.”


The mission of Sedona Soul Adventures is to transform the lives and relationships of individuals and couples. 

Sedona Soul Adventures was founded in 2002 to create powerful, life changing retreats by helping individuals and couples reconnect with their essential, spiritual nature. Our belief is that most of the challenges and difficulties people experience come not from the external circumstances of our lives but from our own misunderstanding of our true nature and why we are here. We have forgotten or lost sight of the spiritual connection that gives our lives meaning, purpose and a clear direction.

That spiritual connection is common to all of us and yet experienced by each of us in our own unique ways. Sedona Soul Adventures helps each retreat participant rediscover and re-experience their spiritual connection and essential spiritual nature and in the process, regain a sense of clarity of purpose, sense of direction and a renewed confidence in their ability to consciously create the life they want to live.

We are able to do this through the unusual confluence of a number of factors. First, Sedona is an amazing, beautiful location that is known around the world for its powerful transformative energies. Sedona is a power spot. When you come to Sedona, whatever you bring with you – intentions, desires, beliefs, feelings and emotions – gets amplified, accelerated and intensified. And everything hidden, sooner or later, comes into awareness for healing and release.

Second, as a result of these unusual, transformational energies, Sedona attracts world class healers, intuitives, spiritual guides, teachers and artists. Sedona Soul Adventures identifies the best of the best of these master practitioners and utilizes their unique skills and talents in the service of our retreat participants. In designing each personalized retreat, we have the luxury of working with practitioners in whom we have the highest confidence and who we know are capable of supporting the deepest transformational healing intentions of our clients.

We recognize that when the right set of ingredients are brought together and combined in a very conscious way, Spirit has the ability to move freely and transform whatever is offered. Through the grace of Spirit, major, permanent shifts can occur quickly and with relative ease. We have seen it happen for thousands of Soul Adventurers… and we would love to see it happen for you.

Call now toll-free (928) 204-5988 or Click Here and your Soul Guide will call you today!
When you speak with your own personal Soul Guide, you’ll receive a consultation (at no cost or obligation) about how a Sedona Soul Adventure in the amazing energies of Sedona can transform your life.

Or send us a message at [email protected] and we’ll get right back to you.

Give us 3 days and your life will be transformed…

If you knew what could happen, you’d be calling right now — (928) 204-5988

Many blessings,

Debra Stangl

Our Practitioners are the best of the best that Sedona has to offer.

All of them have been called to Sedona to do their sacred work, some from as far away as Germany and the Netherlands. They are Sedona’s most advanced spiritual guides, healers, intuitives, psychics, body workers and energy workers.

They do a wide spectrum of different processes ranging from:

  • Emotional healing work
  • Bodywork and massage
  • Psychic and intuitive readings
  • Yoga
  • Breathwork
  • Sacred ceremony on the land
  • Energy work
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Sound Healing
  • Transformational Life Coaching

When you combine the wisdom and mastery of our practitioners with the incredible energies of Sedona, the result is transformation on the deepest levels.


Our Soul Guides are here for YOU!

What is a Soul Guide? When you contact us, your Soul Guide will spend time connecting with you and in a heart-to-heart conversation, your Soul Guide will explore where you’re at in your life, what’s happening, where you are blocked and what tools you need to start creating the life you want to live.

Our Soul Guides have experienced the work of our many practitioners so they know first hand how powerful each of the sessions can be. They are also very intuitive and can get a clear sense of which specific sessions would be most beneficial for you to meet your deepest soul needs.

After connecting with you, they will custom-design your retreat with a series of one-on-one private sessions that will provide the transformations you are looking for.

Can you imagine how it will feel to have a whole new perspective on life and what is possible for you?

Call (928) 204-5988 and talk with an Soul Guide today and join the thousands of others who have and seen profound changes in their lives as a result.


Our wonderful Retreat Coordinators will handle all the many details for your retreat.

They do everything from scheduling your sessions, providing information about transportation, lodging, maps & directions and are available to answer any questions. That way you don’t have to worry about all the logistics and you can give your total focus to your own experience and the process of transformation.

Call (928) 204-5988 and speak with our amazing team and let us create a retreat that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.


The next step is to call us on our toll-free number, (928) 204-5988 and ask to speak with an Soul Guide. At no cost or obligation, the Soul Guide will begin a conversation to explore your spiritual needs and goals, and to discover whether a Soul Adventure is the right match for you to meet those needs and goals.

The most valuable investment we can make in life is on our own personal development.

You have been called from an inner voice — now it’s time to follow through on the most important choice in your lifetime!

If you knew what could happen, you’d be calling right now… (928) 204-5988

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