Return To Egypt

February 12-26, 2017


Come with us as we explore the mysteries of ancient Egypt and connect with her incredible energies.

• We’ll have two hours of private time just for our group inside the Great Pyramid for mind blowing and life changing ceremony

• The mysterious Sphinx

5 star Nile Cruise

Cairo Museum (to see the treasures of King Tut plus so much more)

Valley of the Kings

• Temple of Karnak

• Temple of Hatsepshut

Temple of Philae (dedicated to the Goddess Isis)

We’ll visit the incredible Cairo Museum (the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities) –  to see the treasures of King Tut, the statues, the amazing jewelry, the mummies, thousands of years of incredible antiquities.


We’ll explore the Valley of the Kings with private admission to the Tomb of Ramses VI, a stunningly beautiful tomb which has been closed to the public for restoration but has been recently reopened to only a select number of visitors each day. Ramses’ tomb contains amazing hieroglyphics and scenes of the afterlife, including one of the most beautiful representations of Nut, the Goddess of the Sky.

  • The Temple of Karnak, built over a period of over 1400 years, with some of the most amazing structures in all of Egypt.
  • We will have a private visit to the home of an Egyptian family. We are invited to be the guests of the Fayed family at their home on our last night in Egypt (they live across the street from the Sphinx!) and it is an honor to be welcomed into their home.


We’ll be doing amazing ceremonies and meditations throughout the temples and tombs.

Combine all of the above with our fabulous 5-star 5 Day Cruise on the Nile, seeing the amazing statues and temples at Abu Simbel, the Isis Temple at Philae, the Temple of Hatsepshut, etc., etc., it will be the trip of a lifetime.

This is your chance to experience Egypt with a group of like-minded spiritual travelers, visiting sacred places the typical tourist never sees. Our focus is on creating spiritual awakenings and initiations, but the practical details of the trip are all first-rate: five-star accommodations, amazing ceremonies, the very best that Egypt offers. Be sure to check out our online video preview.

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For our friends outside the US and Canada, call our direct line, 928/204-5988.

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