What is a Vortex

What is a Vortex Anyway?

A Vortex is believed to be a special spot on the planet where higher dimensional energies are concentrated to an extent to which it can be felt by humans. These energies, according to popular belief, especially in Sedona, enhance the flow of energy in our own bodies – what the Chinese call “chi”, or the Hindus “prana”. You could say that vortex sites are akin to acupuncture points on the earth’s surface – and that the acupuncture meridians of the planet are the “ley lines” posited by the ancient Druids.
Many assert that the vortex energies and the energy that flows through our subtle bodies is basically the same – that it is an electro-magnetic energy.
Whatever your belief, it’s hard to either prove or disprove that vortexes truly exist. While there’s been talk of measuring the force of the electro-magnetic fields at these spots, we’re not aware of any credible scientific experiments along this line.
But… that doesn’t mean they’re not real. Many very real experiences are difficult, if not impossible, to measure. For example, how do you measure the very tangible experience of love? So many people have reported feeling “something” at these vortex sites (including us!) that we know there’s something to them.
But don’t come expecting that you will automatically feel heightened energy, bliss, or some other positive or transformative state. While many do report these kinds of experiences, it’s our belief that an increased flow of spiritual energy in the body will go to where it’s needed for healing. So, you may feel sadness come up, if there’s something you’ve needed to grieve but haven’t allowed yourself to feel. Or you may feel an old injury ache, as the energy moves through that area of your body. And, you may simply just feel good!
So, despite the hype, we believe that vortexes are real. And we invite you to come and experience them for yourself! We can help you by guiding you on a vortex hike or tour as part of your Sedona Soul Adventure.

Debra Stangl

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