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The Lost Pyramids of Caral, Peru – A Peaceful Civilization?

In the last few years the world has been buzzing about the discoveries of the Lost Pyramids at Caral, Peru. Caral has been brought into my awareness 3 times in the past 7 days, so I think that’s a message that I’m supposed to pass this information to you.
Many archeologists (and others) now believe that Caral is the oldest site of civilization on the planet (Jericho was previously thought to be the oldest).
The picture above is over the main Pyramid in the incredible complex at Caral that includes Pyramids, an amphitheatre and houses. The Pyramid itself covers the size of almost 4 football fields and is 60 feet tall.
Although it was first discovered in 1948, it has taken many years for the excavation to take place. It appears that the area was a thriving population center, but amazingly, no evidence of war has been found in all the artifacts that have been discovered. No weapons have been found, no battlements, no walls, nothing to indicate that warfare ever took place here. There are many who believe this was an incredibly peaceful civilization that belies the common belief that war is somehow genetic or part of the human “make-up”.
As I send this to you I am about to embark on our annual Egypt trip where we’ll do ceremony inside the Great Pyramid once again. It is so incredible to me, the connections that I continue to find between Egypt and Peru – the pyramids, the mummies, the belief and devotion to transformation and a higher way of living.
Watch this amazing video “The Lost Pyramids of Caral” on You Tube that was part of the BBC Learning Documentary. It’s the first of 5 videos (10 minutes each), the first time I watched it I got the chills.
If you got the chills (hair standing on the back of your neck, or your heart opening, etc., etc.), let me know. I love making those connections.

Debra Stangl

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