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What to look for in a personalized Sedona retreat – and what to avoid

If you have been researching retreats in Sedona, you know that there is an almost bewildering array of possibilities. Clearly some of these experiences will meet your needs while many others will not. So how do you tell the difference?
After over 25 years of doing this work, we know that the most significant transformations happen for people in one-on-one sessions, not in groups. Going where you need to go doesn’t usually happen in a roomful of strangers.
In designing a retreat for your unique needs, it is of utmost importance that the person with whom you’re communicating is really listening to you – really hearing what’s going on with you and what your needs and desires are. Without that connection, it’s impossible for them to “get” what would most support you during your Sedona retreat.
It’s also important that the person guiding you on in your process of designing a personalized retreat not have a bias toward a particular healing modality, type of experience or practitioner. That’s going to be a further obstacle to them really understanding what it is you need.
Also, beware of being steered toward a “cookie-cutter” approach. You’re unique, and your retreat should be too! Something that works for one person may very well not work for another.
Be sure to ask the person you’re communicating with for lots of detail about the sessions and modalities they’re recommending. Vagueness should be a big red flag! This type of work requires a high level of intimacy and trust. You need to be sure you feel comfortable with both the guide who’s helping you design your retreat and the work itself.
Finally, be sure that you feel that you will be well taken care of while you’re in Sedona, and that there will be someone on hand to answer questions, give you direction, and generally support you. You’ll be going through a lot (in a good way!) and you want to be sure the logistics are handled well, and that the client service is compassionate and responsive.
We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to every detail of your Sedona Soul Adventure and you will experience that when you connect with our Retreat Coordinators, our Angel Guides and our Sedona Guides. We want you to feel that you are in a safe container as you do the work of becoming who you are. Call us today and let us custom design a retreat that will meet your specific needs. Call us on our toll free number is 877.204.3664. For our friends outside the USA, call 928.204.5988

Debra Stangl

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