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What Is Your Soul's Purpose?

We talk to so many people each day that are seeking to find their place in life. Some of the questions we hear are, “What am I here for, I feel like I’m just going through the motions of life”, “I feel like I should be doing something else but don’t know what that is”.
If you are feeling like there is more to life, like you can’t figure out what this is, you must first seek to discover what your soul purpose is. Your soul purpose is the reason your soul has decided to come to earth, or can be better understood as what you should strive to accomplish during your life. Once you know your soul purpose, you can then come into alignment with the best path to reach that goal.
Most people are blessed with certain gifts or abilities that can help point in the direction of your soul purpose. Some people have a soul purpose to help others while some will have the ability to design plans so others can be helped.
Your soul purpose may be to raise a family so that your children go on to make a difference in the world. No one can tell you your soul purpose. It is something you can seek and discover through internal reflection and self discovery.
Once you have discovered your soul purpose, you can then seek spiritual assistance for help on your journey. That assistance can come in many different ways.
When we are living our Soul’s Purpose we flow through life with ease and confidence. When we are living our Soul’s Purpose we have clarity, creativity, peace and joy. Isn’t that delicious?
Many people misunderstand that the Soul Purpose is generally rather broad. I know I did. I always thought that knowing my Soul Purpose would mean something very specific, but I was wrong.
Many of you know that I was a divorce attorney for 20 years. While I loved the part where I was helping people, I hated all the rest of it -fighting with other attorneys, fighting the system, worrying about my clients. I didn’t realize it, but my life purpose was and is to help people through important transitions.
So when I came to Sedona for the first time in 1999, I got the message I simply had to stop doing what I was doing. I was off-purpose. More specifically, I was only living it in such a small way, it was like not doing it at all.
Everything about it came a step at a time. It took awhile, but I was willing to listen to the nudges. And now as I look back on my life, I can see that every decision that was made since about the age 3, has led me to here and now.
What are your nudges telling you? Do you have a vision for your life that’s bigger than the one you’re living now?
Are you feeling frustration at not living your best life?
Are you ready to move into being the person you came to the planet to be?
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Let us help you. We can customize a retreat for you that will give you the tools you need to discover your Soul’s Purpose, get in alignment with your Soul’s Purpose and start living the life you were meant to live!

Debra Stangl

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