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Understanding The Power of Perspective And Our Own Pains

Examine Your Perception

It is not strange that we see things from different perspectives. Everyone has their own belief system brought by individual experiences. Every person has a unique set of experiences and each has been conditioned with different beliefs.  Our perceptions of the facts are based on our own established belief system. This perception is what’s causing us to feel pain, joy and other emotions. Each person’s belief system varies in terms of limitations since we have unique experiences and backgrounds.
Our belief system becomes a filter of information that our brain processes.  This information is generally derived from our senses, and filtering it gives us our unique perception of the world as an individual. This perception becomes our reality and shapes our very own personality. This means, in real essence, we have full control of our reality since we are the one who interprets facts and other complex subjects based on our belief system.
We need to understand that our perception doesn’t necessarily mean that a certain thing is indeed a fact. Rather, it is our interpretation of the fact. Being aware that the dynamics of reality is not based on one person’s point of view and therefore it’s good to question our perception once in a while. If we stick on believing our pains in terms of our perception of a particular subject, we’re being enslaved by our perception and therefore we suffer because of our own doing. By controlling our perception, we’re controlling the way we feel about things and therefore do not allow other perceptions to enlighten us and see things differently.
By being aware of how our belief system works and how our perception can shape our own reality, we are giving others the benefit of the doubt and giving ourselves less chances of suffering from our own painful conclusions. We all know that life does not come in black and white and understanding that our perception of things can determine our happiness in living a fulfilling life. As they say, you can either choose to see the glass half full or half empty.
Given the importance of perception in living a healthy and balanced life, we can also improve it to benefit us. Spiritual retreats are great opportunities for us to reflect and examine our perception in order to live a happier life. Having positive perceptions can help us see opportunities instead of challenges; and having that chance to examine ourselves closely on how we view life can help us in improving ourselves, our perceptions and our relationships.

Change Your Perception

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