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Creating And Nurturing Valuable Relationships

Meaningful Relationships

Genuine relationships are one of the pillars in having a healthy and happy life. Social media helps us to reach out and make more connections but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is all we need to build lasting connections. Our ability to bring value into other people’s life takes effort and time but it brings priceless rewards and adds richness to the meaning of life.
Here are some pointers in establishing and building valuable relationships:
Be open to new and random connections
Sometimes, we meet new people and tend to have a preconceived notion of who they are based on the initial interaction.  If we keep new acquaintances in a box, we’ll never be able to know who they really are and the value that they may have in our Life. Give people a chance to share a bit more of themselves and be open to random invitations. Regardless if these connections will develop into long-term friendships, enjoy and appreciate their presence in your life and the company they offer at that moment.
Nurture the important relationships in your life
Our busy schedules can be filled with endless tasks and time may never seem enough to have everything done. However, prioritizing the important relationships in your life means taking quality time to spend with them. These relationships can be your family or close circle of friends that you do not see very often.
Appreciate the moment in each others company
Spending time with people is not about what you can achieve in your time together but rather enjoying each others company. Valuable relationships are not about results like any of our to-do tasks. It’s about spending time with each other, doing things that you both like without aiming for a particular result.
Be open with who you really are
Most people tend to put their best foot forward. Being connected with people means being vulnerable and not being scared of other people’s judgment. People will find it more comfortable to connect and maintain a relationship with someone who is open and shows their real personality rather than those who only shows a side which they think people will like them to be.
Create and nurture a good relationship with yourself
The most important relationship in your life is your relationship with yourself. If you’re not really connected with who you are, you may struggle in creating and nurturing relationships with other people. Being connected with yourself is crucial since it reflects how you establish and maintain value in all your relationships. If you have trouble understanding who you are, your wants and needs, it may be hard for people to really get you and you may find it challenging to relate with those around you.

Better Relationships

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