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Learn How To Embrace Life And Open Yourself For It

Dealing with problems

Sometimes, our initial reaction to get away from the noise and chaos in our daily lives, especially from those we can’t control, is to simply shut ourselves off. We use it as a self defense mechanism to escape the possibility of being hurt. Closing ourselves down because of our fear of experiencing pain can lead us to miss a lot of opportunities in life. When we let this happen, we’re not helping ourselves to deal with the problems and heal the inner wounds. Opening up to life is a slow process, yet we have to allow ourselves be open to learning, to accept things without judging others and most of all, let ourselves be happier regardless of what comes our way. By doing this, we will be able to appreciate life’s daily wonders.

Learn to accept more and judge less

Our tendency to judge other people seems natural, but by doing so, we’re preventing ourselves in discovering the wonderful things about them. Be aware if you notice that you are judging people based on stereotypes. Pause, strive to understand and accept, then learn to love and let go of the expectations of the people around you. Accept and see people as they are. It doesn’t mean you can’t change things, instead, you don’t get upset, irritated and frustrated if things are not what you’d like it to be, and by accepting, you are relieving your suffering.

Be aware of fear and defence mechanism

There are several defence mechanisms that people develop against painful experiences. They vary and oftentimes so they are instinctive, thus powerful. Learn to recognize them. Nudge yourself when you notice you’re doing or not doing certain things to encourage openness. Ask why you hurt people and examine the reasons why you are shutting people or experiences out.
Fear triggers our defence mechanisms. If we guard our fears by knowing how to address them and shed light to their cause, we free ourselves to open up to new things.

Be less in control

Trying to control everything is impossible.  Just imagine if we let go of that control, the possibilities open up, walls break down and we’re left with freedom to explore. Walk with open hands, a simple practice to show you are ready to accept the world as it is.
Opening up your life takes some reflection. This time for reflection is a good way to confront why we are closing ourselves to what life has to offer. Most of the time, it is us who unconsciously imposes the limitations in our lives. Understanding your own value and potentials can help you grow into a happier individual.

Overcome Life Diffuculties

Spiritual retreats are great opportunities to have this time of reflection. By having the chance to recuperate, we can evaluate our motivations and fears and understand why we are not opening to life. Sedona Soul Adventures provides customized life-changing spiritual retreats for people who are rejuvenating their sense of self. Simply start the process today by calling 877-204-3664 toll free or visit our website at

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