Finding Peace in Change | Overcoming Fear from Uncertainties

Finding Peace in Change: Learn To Embrace Uncertainty

Fear in Uncertainties

Most of our fears are usually based on assumptions. Sometimes, we are worried of the changes that may unfold in our lives therefore we choose not to move forward and hold on to our comfort zones. However, growth and opportunities arise when we venture into uncertainty and embrace the journey along with it.
Our society has emphasized the importance of being in control and always being prepared for the future. The truth is no one really knows what will happen an hour from now, tomorrow or even a year from now. We can only have assumptions and expectations but the future is always about uncertainties.
Fear of the unknown is a very common emotion that sparks in everyone. Even the most adventurous of us will experience this fear and still go for the jump. Change is the same and we all experience this, at least one point in our lives. The meaning of our lives revolves around the changes we embrace and our ability to face uncertainties with courage.
Here are some tips to appreciate changes by embracing uncertainties:
Explore outside the box, little by little, one at a time
Most of us have established routines that we comfortably practiced over the years. Trying out new things and putting ourselves out in the open may sound scary. Changes don’t have to be grand, they can be small things like drinking tea instead of coffee, doing yoga instead of a morning jog or calling people more often rather than checking updates on their Facebook pages. These may be small changes and have predictable outcomes. Nonetheless, it is taking a step outside of what you were normally used to.
Focus on the positives rather than the downsides
If we have issues letting go, change may not come in easy. However, change presents opportunities that may make life happier and richer for us. If we focus on the benefits of change rather than what we will lose, we’ll be more open to it and will help us to look forward. Moving to another city may mean leaving behind your friends but it will be a good chance for you to meet new ones. Moving on from an unhealthy romantic relationship may mean having more time to work on yourself and opening a door for a new partner in the future. These positive aspects of change may never be achieved if we keep on focusing on our fears towards uncertainty.
Enjoy the process and keep an open mind
Most changes do not happen overnight, it is usually a process. However, the decision to embrace it is a conscious effort on our side. A big part of change is your ability to let go. Some parts of this process may be painful. Time and our ability to embrace it with grace may play a huge factor in being able to get through with renewed confidence.

Embracing Uncertainties

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