Essence of Living a Simple Life | Why Having Less is More

Having More By Having Less

Having Less is More

Remember the old saying “Less is More”? The recent downturn of economy proved this statement to be true for most of us. As a consumer country, we are presented with so many things that we do not really need and are not necessarily healthy for us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The idea of acquiring “more” leads to endless dissatisfaction and can keep us chasing dreams that do not guarantee happiness. Most of them may have brought more harm than good to us.
Here are some of the things that we can have in less quantity but more in quality:
1. Money
Money is meant to be spent. It’s a tool so we can acquire the things we need. Regardless of how much money we have, if we do not spend it wisely, we’ll always run out of it. Most of us practiced the dangerous habit of spending more than our means and this resulted to in a staggering amount of debt for most of us. If you feel that money is the most important thing you need, it might be time to assess your definition of happiness.
2. Relationships
No, we do not need hundreds of friends as the social media sites seem to condition us. Genuine relationships are not defined by merely being connected online; it’s how valuable these connections are to each other’s lives. Keeping old classmates and acquaintances in the loop may be a great idea. However, your friends and family may value your relationship more if you go beyond your online connection and spend more quality time with them.
3. Possessions
You do not need the latest cellphone model nor the latest tech gadget in the market. You do not need 2 cars; you can live with 1 or none at all if you use public transportation. Material possessions complicate our lives since we are forced to use them. Although some of them are valuable tools of efficiency, do you really need all of them?
4. Food
Huge servings and huge calories. Food has become more than just nourishment; it has become a source of gratification, a reward to a stressful ordeal or a sign of status. Food is about nutrients and nothing more, anything outside that purpose is either gluttony or unnecessary luxury.
5. Choices
People think that the more choices we have, the better. The truth is the more choices we have, the more confusing it is and the more frustrating it can be. Limiting our choices is a good way of freeing ourselves from making the wrong ones. If you have problems limiting your choices, that means you may have issues understanding or knowing what you really want.

Real Essence of Simple Life

Understanding the real essence of having more in less coincides with how much we know ourselves. Most people fail to acquire and prioritize their needs because they are always going along with the herd. A good sense of yourself is connected with your spirituality.
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Debra Stangl

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