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Practicing How To Relax Even When We’re Busy

Having a Busy Life

Slowing down and simplifying things out of your busy life may seem hard to attain. Undeniably, there are moments wherein you feel anxious and unhappy. Try to step back and reflect on these ways in order for you enjoy every moment and make your life less busy:

  • Live the present. Be in the “now” so you can appreciate your present existence. Be in the moment and don’t rush into the future or be left behind in the past.
  • Savor each and every activity you do in your life. The more you enjoy each moment, the more you’ll feel that life gets better.
  • Loosen up and treat each day as if you’re on vacation.
  • Be ready. Life can throw a lot of surprises and be open with whatever will come along your way.

We are often conditioned to be in two modes — the busy mode and the relaxed mode. The daily grind belongs to the busy mode while the unscheduled time alone or time spent with our family or being on a vacation belongs in the relaxed mode. Being in the relaxed mode is the time we feel more and worry less. We enjoy each moment, the sun, sounds, and sensations around us. The busy mode istight and hassled during the work week and even other distractions can suck us in our spare time. But how can we change this routine to make our senses heightened on relaxation mode in the midst our busy lives? It’s easy. You have to practice a calm state. The same state that you are in when you are in the relaxed mode.
When we are relaxed, our sensations are magnified. We feel the wind and the sun kissing our skin. The lapping of waves in the shore sounds like laughter, colors are vibrant, sand smooth on our toes and smiles are everywhere. We feel each moment instead of thinking the moment. We let the physical sensations flow into our mind resulting in a happy feeling.
You can practice this even when you’re sitting in front of your work. While in front of the computer, feel the chair you are seated, your fingers running on the keyboard. Feel the air around you. Take note of your breathing. Concentrate on your physical sensations so you can go into the relaxed state of mind. Once you achieved this, you can do this anytime, anywhere.Observe this throughout the day and you will be in a regular state of being relaxed. And you can live your life each moment without rushing everything.

Finding Peace and Relaxation

Being relaxed is vital to everyone to maintain mental, physical and emotional health. People who are always in busy mode may eventually feel burned out and it can affect their health in general. Spiritual retreats are great opportunities to experience relaxation as well. Sedona Soul Adventures customized spiritual retreats so you can achieve the utmost relaxation of the inner self that you so long desired. For more information on how you can relax and rejuvenate during a spiritual retreat, Click Here.

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