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The Simplicity of Relationships

Understanding Relationships

When we are in a relationship, we normally believe that achieving a happy and easy one requires hard work. People often think that both parties should give in to each other and compromise for relationships to last. On the contrary, relationships are really not that challenging at all. They are easy and sustainable. Making time for your partner is not supposed to be part of that hard work. Relationships are not hard to maintain, it’s the people involved in relationships that normally make them harder.
The truth is, sometimes, we are kinder to strangers than to our partners. Possibly because most people are bothered by many pointless roles brought by both parties in a relationship. Unfortunately, these roles are just overwhelming and lead people to lose sight of the vital parts. It is easy to oversee that our better half is also an individual capable of decision-making. Understanding and respecting each other’s individuality can liberate both people from the imposed roles and can help couples to choose one another freely rather than feeling trapped in a repetitive existence together.
Relationships shouldn’t be that hard, in fact, they should be easy. First, marriage should help you to mature. It is not about happiness, nor becoming complete. It is about growing up. Your growth is your personal responsibility, same with your spouse. So keep in mind that you can only control yourself but not your partner. Many couples view their relationship as a separate entity in their marriage that has to be repaired. But as a matter of fact, it should be the relationship fixing them. That’s what the relationship is intended for. If you recognize this and accept this perception, relationships will be easy.
A good philosophy that we can embrace in dealing with our spouse’s differences and behavior is by “adjusting our sails rather than the wind”. Concentrate on who you can be in charge of – yourself. Keep things in life simple. Begin by slowing down. Be all ears during regular conversations with your spouse and children despite your hectic schedule so you won’t miss out on good moments. Pause, and think before you respond. There’s no need for an instant reply when talking. Take time and savour the connection. It allows both of you to be more open to one another.

Strengthening Relationships through Couple’s Retreats

A lot of couples fail to understand that acknowledging their individual needs and their partner’s, can make it simpler to maintain relationships. It is no doubt that couples lose the spark of love and some start to feel the strain of living with a partner who cannot meet their needs. Sedona Soul Adventures offers couple retreats to help people rekindle the flame with their partners and find a way to transform their relationships into a smoother and simpler state.
Spiritual retreats for couples can help each individual to reconnect with themselves so they can rediscover the connection they have with their partners. To know more about Sedona Soul Adventures’ couple’s retreats, Click Here.

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