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Emotional Intimacy Through Couple’s Retreat

Achieving Emotional Intimacy Between Couples

Living a meaningful life means being able to keep meaningful relationships as well. Life is not purely based on personal success but rather having to experience emotional intimacy with the most important people in our lives. Emotional intimacy is not exclusive between partners; we can experience this with our friends and family. For people who lack this kind of intimacy in their relationships, life may be less meaningful and happy.
For couples, having emotional intimacy is one of the primary pillars of keeping the relationship strong and growing. Here are a few tips for couples who struggle achieving emotional intimacy with each other:

  1. Understand why you prevent intimacy. Reasons for preventing intimacy may vary. Each individual may have experienced being hurt from the past or grew up in an environment where expressing emotional intimacy is not encouraged. Think about why opening up to your partner scares you. What is it that makes you fear being emotionally vulnerable. Once you find out the cause, you can address this issue and move on from it.
  2. Express affections physically. The sense of touch is one of the most important senses that we have. And as always, there is more to touching people as simply feeling them physically. Touching tends to develop a connection between two individuals and is one of the most effective expressions of love. A mother’s touch can soothe an infant’s restlessness, just like a hug from a friend can make one feel better. If you and your partner can share affections physically, such as hugging and kissing on a regular basis, you develop a deeper connection and understanding as it conveys acceptance and love.
  3. Understand that emotional intimacy is more than just about sex. A lot of people often associate sex with intimacy. Although it is a form of intimacy, it is not the sole manifestation of it. Emotional intimacy is deeper than sharing physical intimacy; it is connecting with each other at a more meaningful level. Understanding each other, how they feel and really knowing them as a person more than just a lover are just a few examples of real intimacy.
  4. Open up slowly. Emotional intimacy may not happen if either partner is not willing to disclose who they really are to each other. This doesn’t mean huge revelations but a natural sharing of secrets and preferences will help you and your partner understand each other. This act of sharing tends to make you and your partner more intimate as you are revealing your thoughts, dreams and other things that you might not normally share with each other.

Keeping The Intimacy Alive Through Couple’s Retreat

Intimacy between couples is very crucial and therefore any sense of disconnection from each other may need to be addressed to lessen the damage in the relationship. Sedona Soul Adventures has been helping a lot of couples in achieving a more meaningful relationship through couple retreats. These romantic spiritual getaways are more than just a vacation but rather a sharing experience that can help couples live a meaningful life together. To find out more about Sedona Soul Adventures’ couple’s retreat getaways, call now at 877-204-3664!

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