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Commit to Living Deliberately, Living Deeply in the New Year

The gifts have been opened. A month of celebrating has come to an end. And the bills from all the entertaining and gift-giving, or the regular bills you put off to please your children or put on appearances, may be starting to roll in.
Kudos to you if you buy things on a cash-only basis. But sadly, debt is a dirty little secret most people are carrying – a burden that is likely weighing you down, creating problems in your relationships, and making you feel like you are perpetually living a lie. Being a slave to credit cards and other payments can feel like a noose around your neck.
Rather than harp on debt and make you feel worse, the focus of this post is to get you thinking about how you can begin to live more deliberately in 2014. Often, debt is a manifestation of a deeper problem. It’s like any other vice or addiction, or having an affair, or secretly gorging yourself at night. Maybe you have been trying to mask feelings of unworthiness or unhappiness, or you have some need to keep up with the Joneses, or shopping gives you a temporary “high” – like an alcoholic taking a drink or a drug addict taking a hit.
What does it mean to live deliberately? It means making conscious choices, once you have carefully considered the pros and cons. It means you stand in your truth and set limits with yourself and others. You don’t give your kids everything they want out of guilt, realizing they can handle the word “no” and you are preventing them from growing up to be self-entitled, superficial, spoiled adults.
You think about the consequences of your decisions. You stop living on autopilot or mindlessly paying with your credit card and quit buying things you don’t need to temporarily feel better. You clear out the clutter – mentally and spatially – knowing less is more when it comes to possessions that matter and negativity clogs your creativity. You get clear about your income versus expenses and figure out ways to cut costs and start living within your means. You save for what you want, and then decide if you really want it when it comes time to pull out those hard-earned greenbacks.
Living consciously means being fully, presently aware. If you buy a new car or a big house, you understand the yin and yang trade-offs before ever signing the loan. Any choice we make has opposite effects – one positive and one negative. The yin of a big house is it’s spacious, comfortable, impressive and likely in a safer neighborhood. The yang is that you have to work longer and harder to make the payment – or forego vacations and other fun since you have less “play” money. You sacrifice other parts of your life, like leisure and family time.
When you live connected to Source, and yourself, you are totally aware of the long-term consequences of your decisions. That’s why it’s critical to tune into your body and pay attention to how you feel when making a major decision. When you go through life making rash decisions, or live to accumulate material possessions, you skim the surface of life and continue to feel unfulfilled. You see only the immediate gratification of a new house or car, or how it will make you look to others. Then you wonder why you are stressed, sick and tired, trapped on the treadmill of work and spend, work and spend, or stuck in a job you hate. – Marla Miller
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