The Moon is Void of Course today (January 18) at 3:51 AM (Eastern) until January 18 at 8:23 PM (Eastern) and the Moon is in Leo.

The Moon is Void of Course today from  and the Moon is in Leo. Don’t make any important decisions while the Moon is Void of Course. For a deeper explanation of Moon Void of Course Click Here.
Leo is the lion and during this time we will feel strong and confident. We will have a desire to feel beautiful and to be perceived as beautiful. Our inner child is connected with the Leo Moon, so it is a wonderful time to love ourselves a little more deeply.
This is a time when creativity will really flow, so do everything you can to nurture that. A wonderful time not only for creative pursuits, but creative thinking. Leo (and the Sun) always want to be the center of attention, so resist the misconception that “everything revolves around you”. It’s a wonderful time for parties and celebrations. Be especially careful of your heart and spine at this time.
And always remember, Astrology and other tools are simply that – tools. It’s good information to have, but it does not mean that this is the determining factor or controlling your life. We all have free will in all the choices that we make.  I like to look at it as good information that can be transcended.
Many blessings,
Debra Stangl
Sedona Soul Adventures

Debra Stangl

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