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What complaining about the weather says about you

We’re at that time of the year when people complain about the weather. As it starts to get colder, and things like snow and ice start to happen, it seems to me that a huge number of people incessantly complain about the weather.
So let me tell you what complaining about the weather says about you. And I feel that I can say this to you because I was someone (who until I finally understood what I was doing), used to complain about the weather constantly. I grew up in Iowa and then lived in Nebraska for 30 years. If you haven’t been to Iowa or Nebraska, I will tell you it’s very cold in the winters (as low as 20 below zero in January and I’m not talking about wind chill, I’m talking actual air temperature). In the summer it’s hot and humid, very often over 100 degrees, and sticky. Omaha, where I lived, is also incredibly windy, it seems like the wind is blowing all the time.
So certainly, there were and are legitimate reasons for people (including myself) to complain about the weather. But something happened to me a number of years ago that changed all that. I’ll never forget the day. I was sitting in my kitchen looking out at the beautiful trees swaying in the wind. Suddenly I was filled with this overwhelming feeling of happiness and contentment. Although it was really cold outside (and I’m pretty sure I had been complaining about it earlier in the day), I was suddenly knocked over by the perfection in everything, including the weather.
I had been reading and studying and believed in my head the idea that all is well, that we’re all creating our own reality, that what we think about we get more of and that we attract what we are thinking and talking about. I knew it on a mental level and I believed it, but I had never had a direct experience of it like I had in that moment. And along with many other realizations, I was understanding for the first time what was happening when I was complaining about the weather:
•    I wasn’t taking responsibility for my own creation
•    I was energizing the kind of weather I didn’t want and creating more of it
•    I was putting myself in a bad mood
•    I was putting myself in a bad energy
•    I wasn’t accepting what is
•    I was pushing against what is
•    I was bringing in other complaining people
•    I was lowering my energetic vibration
So if you want to know what complaining about the weather says about you, just substitute yourself for me and put it in present tense (“I am not taking responsibility for my own creation”, “I am energizing the kind of weather I don’t want and creating more of it”). Because that’s what you’re doing every time you complain about the weather – you aren’t taking responsibility, you’re lowering your energetic vibrational tone and you’re feeling bad. Wow! It is the trifecta of how to feel terrible a large part of the time.
When this awareness happened, suddenly the weather in Omaha (even the so called “bad” weather) didn’t bother me anymore. In fact, I liked it.
Now some of you may have the reaction of “well, Debra, it’s easy for you to say that, you moved from Nebraska to Sedona where you have great weather almost every day”.  You’re right, it’s true, but I somehow think that it wouldn’t have been possible for me to move to Sedona if this awareness hadn’t happened. On an energetic level, I was completely aligned vibrationally with cold, harsh weather. When that finally lifted, it was possible for me to move to and live in a place that has fantastic weather. Does that make sense? It’s a real paradox, but it’s what I believe.
At least, it’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
I’ve been in the Midwest recently and experienced cold weather and snow and even cold rain. I loved all of it. It feels bracing and stimulating and invigorating to me.
I came back to Sedona and it’s sunny and warm and, of course, I love that too.
So the bottom line is, how you talk and think about the weather is a huge reflection for pretty much everything in your life. Are you happy about it and embracing it? Or are you using it as an excuse to keep yourself unhappy, complaining and generally negative? It’s amazing how these seemingly small things are always a reflection of something much larger.
I invite you to notice this week how you’re thinking and talking about the weather. When someone else starts to complain, what are you going to say? Are you going to join in? Or are you going to say something in a loving way to shift that negative energy?
If you find that the way you talk and think about the weather (and everything else) is generally negative and complaining and you can’t seem to stop it, it might indicate that there is something deeper going on. It might mean you are in serious need of a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat. The awareness that I spoke about above started happening after I started coming to Sedona and doing my own personal healing with the amazing practitioners who are drawn here to do their work. I know that this awareness was a direct result of that. All of this was part of the unfolding that led to the founding of Sedona Soul Adventures over 12 years ago.
When you do a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat, we spend a lot of time talking to you before you come (or both of you if it’s a couple). You speak with one of our Angel Guides and they will really get to the heart of the matter of what’s going on, what’s happening and what you would like to have happen. They’ll then design a retreat that is customized for you, consisting of one-on-one sessions with our amazing practitioners. The results are really nothing short of astounding  – “life-changing and transformational” are the words that most of our people say, for example,
Peace, connection and clarity – Melissa’s Transformation
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Melissa Lassor

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Debra Stangl, Founder

Debra Stangl

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