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You only live twice

By an odd set of circumstances, the theme song from “You Only Live Twice” kept coming into my awareness over the past two weeks. It’s a great song — It has such a beautiful, haunting melody, but it’s the lyrics that really get me:
You only live twice
or so it seems
One life for yourself
and one for your dreams
You drift through the years
and life seems tame
Till one dream appears
and love is it’s name
And love is a stranger
who’ll beckon you on
Don’t think of the danger
or the stranger is gone
This dream is for you
so pay the price
Make one dream come true
you only live twice
Wow, think of all the ideas that are in here. We have two lives — one for our regular Self and one for our dreams. We drift through the years and life seems tame, then suddenly a new dream appears. A dream borne out of love. It’s a stranger, it beckons us on. Stay with it, don’t go into fear, don’t think of the danger or the stranger is gone. It’s telling you to make the dream come true. It’s there for you, so pay the price. Make one dream come true, you only live twice.
So the obvious question is, what’s the life you’re living? Are you living the life that everyone else has set out for you or are you living the life of your dreams?
I’m afraid I already know the answer. It feels so often that we don’t have a choice, doesn’t it? That the only kind of life that we can live is the usual thing that’s been set out for us:
We’re born
We grow up and our parents start telling us what to do and how to behave
We go to school and our teachers start telling us what to do and how to
We tell our parents and teachers we want to be firemen, ballerinas, astronauts; they tell us we need to do something where we’re paid well and have a good retirement.
We finish school
We get a job
We get married
We have kids
We go to work, pay the mortgage, get the kids off to where they’re supposed to be, maybe take a vacation during the summer or have a few week-ends to relax.
That’s the life that most people are living.
And then for many people, something starts to happen. It starts to feel like every day is the same. Worse, it starts to feel like you’ve already felt every emotion you are ever going to feel. I think that’s the thing that finally did it for me. When I had the thought that I had already experienced everything I was ever going to experience and I had already felt all the emotions I was ever going to feel.
When I think of “You Only Live Twice”, I really feel that in my own life, I’ve lived two lives. The first one was the one where I gave up my dream of being an actress and dancer, got married, went to law school, practiced law for 20 years, had a beautiful house, great cars, boats, beautiful clothes, went on some cool vacations, hosted lots of dinner parties, was politically and environmentally active, went out with friends on the week-ends, etc., etc. A lot of it was pretty wonderful, but through it all was this gnawing feeling in my gut that I was supposed to be doing more with my life.
Finally that gnawing feeling turned into more than that, it turned into a deep knowing that I wasn’t living my best life. I started reading lots of books, went to a lot of workshops and seminars and just started searching. I started tip toeing into “the river of change”.
Do you have a feeling that you’re supposed to be doing more with your life? And by more, I don’t mean bigger houses, boats, cars, more stuff, more parties, etc., etc., etc. I mean more. Deeper. Richer. A calling. A calling that isn’t defined yet, but is calling you nonetheless.
My second life started when I kept going further and further into the river of change:
I came to Sedona
I went home
I closed my law practice
I kept coming out to Sedona, doing healing sessions with different practitioners
I moved to Sedona
I sat in Sedona wondering ‘why did I move here?’ ‘What am I meant to do?’
I started having dreams about what would become Sedona Soul Adventures
When I look back on those steps, some of them sound pretty huge and amazing, like closing my law practice and moving to Sedona. But that’s never what it felt like at the time. It always just felt like the next logical step. I never felt brave, I never felt like I was doing anything out of the ordinary. It just always made perfect sense.
The one common theme throughout is that I knew I was supposed to be doing something with my life. I didn’t know what it was. I just kept listening to that little voice that told me there was something more for me in this life and I kept following the points on the path that were lighting up.
So I want to challenge you. Do you know you’re supposed to be doing more in your life than just going to your job, going out on the week-ends and going on trips occasionally? If so, when are you going to do something about it? If you have a heart attack tomorrow are you going to have the awful regret (not to mention the karma) of not having done what you were supposed to be doing in this lifetime?
We’re here for a purpose. Are you living yours? If not, my challenge to you is to do something about it. Now.
And please don’t tell me you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing. I know, because I used that excuse myself for 5 years. I promise you there are glimmers on your path and things you already know you want to do and things you already know you don’t want to do. Stop telling yourself you don’t know and start listening to what you do know.
Is it time for you to start stepping into the river of change? For me, that was coming to Sedona. Maybe that’s the answer for you as well. If you’re ready to step into the river of change we’re here to show you how to do it, and we’ll give you the tools for how it’s done.
An unfulfilled life is one of the worst things I can think of. My wish for you is that your life is completely lived and fulfilled. If you have the stirrings and thoughts of wanting more in your life, call us and we’ll help you find it. We’ll help you connect with that highest part of your Self, the part that knows what your highest calling is and how you can manifest that into your life.
Make one dream come true, you only live twice!
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Wishing you a week of living life a little differently,
Debra Stangl, Founder
George says “I left Sedona with a deep understanding of my current path, my true life’s purpose and the tools needed to find my way home to my soul.”
“My Sedona Soul Adventure was an extraordinary experience in every way! I left Sedona with a deep understanding of my current path, my true life’s purpose and the tools needed to find my way home to my soul. As an added bonus I have also learned how to better guide my two children along their path. The changes in me are profound as I begin the next leg of my journey and I could not imagine accomplishing so much on my own in such a short amount of time. My Angel Guide at Sedona Soul Adventures thoughtfully listened to my desired transformation and then hand crafted a retreat filled with skilled and caring practitioners in areas that I have never even considered in the past. Each session built on the previous one until the crescendo on the final day where I was left with an enlightened cumulative perspective that will enrich me for the rest of my life. I can’t even begin to describe the impact of the changes in my life. I am so grateful!” 

George G., Windsor, Connecticut.

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Clayton Smith, Milton, Ontario, Canada


Debra Stangl

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