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Greetings from Peru

As I write this, I’m winging my way back home to Sedona, a little tired but incredibly happy after our amazing Enchanted Peru trip. And it truly was enchanted! Perfect weather, incredible group, amazing synchronicities, fantastic ceremonies — the trip just keeps getting better and better.
I should have known how special the trip was going to be with the way it started. We arrived early to the airport for our flight from Lima to Cusco and I sat to have a cappuccino with Arta, a member of our group who lives in Spain (she’s an incredibly beautiful woman in every way). I was telling her that I’ve done the trip each year except for a 2 year period when we had all our 3 trips back to back (February, April, June) and for 2 years I had one of our wonderful grads guide the trip – Jennifer Watt, who had done a Soul Adventure and had gone to Egypt and Peru with me. Because of her experience in guiding those trips for Sedona Soul Adventures, Jen had gotten her dream job, guiding students to Peru. I had been thinking that morning how I hadn’t connected with Jen for over a year (other than on Facebook). As Arta got up to go to the restroom, another woman sat down at the table next to us. As I looked at her I thought, “It can’t be” and suddenly our eyes met in recognition. When she saw it was me, Jen screamed! We had an hour to talk and laugh and marvel how the Universe had brought us together in that most amazing way.
After a few amazing days in Cusco, we took the train to Machu Picchu. Three days at Machu Picchu, including the Solstice! Here’s me at Machu Picchu, beaming with happiness.
We did the most amazing ceremony at sunrise the next day, the Solstice. Look at this incredible picture of the mountain at first light.
Next onto the Sacred Valley, visiting Urubamba and the temples Ollantaytambo and Pisac. Unbelievably beautiful and sacred places. Here is a picture of the amazing terraces at Pisac.

Then we were off to Lake Titicaca. On our first day there, we took a boat to the Uros Islands. These are man made islands, made of reeds from Lake Titicaca. The islanders used to hide here from the Spanish in order to not be taken into a life of working in the silver mines. The people here live so simply, they are so happy, it’s so inspiring. We did the most beautiful meditation here, floating on a reed boat in the middle of Lake Titicaca.
We spent the night on the island of Amantani, in the middle of Lake Titicaca. This is always one of the highlights of the trip for me. The island has very little electricity, no running water, very rustic. We stay with the same host family each year, and 5 years ago their son Anthony was being baptized while we were there. They asked me to be his godmother and it’s so wonderful to see him each year, look at how much he’s grown! There is no light pollution here, so everyone got to see the Southern Cross in the night sky. What an experience.
The ultimate, however, is always the ceremony we do at the doorway of Amaru Muru. Jorge Luis Delgado, our amazing shaman and guide, discovered this place many years ago.
Jorge ceremony doorway 2
The ceremony we do here is other-worldly and this year felt especially incredible to me. This is me at the doorway.
Debra ceremony Doorway
We had such a great group and had so much fun together. Talking, eating, drinking, meditating – we were all in love with each other within 48 hours. On the last day, we realized that a bunch of us had a long wait at the Lima airport, so Juan, one of our intrepid travelers who was definitely the life of the party, found a Peruvian cooking class on Trip Advisor. It’s called Sky Kitchen (they have a fabulous view of the city from the balcony in their high rise in Lima) and they have 463 reviews on Trip Advisor, all 5’s! This was soooo much fun! We brought our own wine and there were 3 adorable college students from Germany who were also part of the class. The class was 3 hours, we did 4 courses, and I must say the food (especially the dessert) was a spiritual experience! What a perfect end to our adventure.
We’re in the process of planning our trip for next year. As always, it will be the final two weeks of June, so we’re at Machu Picchu for the Solstice. Think about joining us next year — I know it will be another amazing journey.
Many blessings,

Debra Stangl / Founder

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