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Champagne problems

I’ve talked about champagne problems before in this newsletter, but re-watching “Roots” this week has given me a new appreciation that absolutely ALL of my problems are champagne problems.
One of my friends coined this phrase for me many years ago when we were both commiserating about things going on in our lives. We weren’t exactly complaining, but almost. We’re both busy, we both have stuff going on. She said to me “well, at least these are definitely champagne problems” and we talked about how in the large scheme of things, we had nothing to complain about.
Watching the remake of “Roots” this week really brought me back to that awareness again. To imagine living in a time when you could be bought, sold, killed, raped and completely dehumanized is almost unimaginable. And that was just 150 years ago, not very long from an historical perspective. Worse, there is still slavery that takes place in the world today.
To be completely stripped of your freedom is something that I can’t even fathom.
So think about your own life. What kind of problems do you have? If your problems are truly serious, like you have an illness or you have a marriage that is ending, that is an important and very real problem.
But let’s face it, aren’t most of your problems champagne problems? Aren’t most of the things that you talk about and (heaven forbid) complain about actually not that big a deal in the large scheme of things? Everyone’s busy, everyone’s doing too much, everyone has stress in their life, but isn’t most of that stress self-imposed? And isn’t it true that most of what you worry about never comes to pass?
If you have a roof over your head and transportation and food to eat, you are doing better than 90% of the rest of the world. Do you appreciate that often enough?
And even more importantly, you have the freedom to live your life in any way you want. You probably tell yourself that’s not true, but I believe it is. Most of the people who read this newsletter live in the US or Canada. You have a freedom that has never been seen before on the planet.
Now here are some things I DON’T think are champagne problems:
1.    Not living your best life.
2.    Settling for a lifestyle or a relationship or a way of living that is no longer working for you.
3.    Knowing you have a bigger Purpose, a Soul Mission, but you’re not fulfilling it.
4.    Not knowing what your Life Purpose or Soul Mission is, and doing nothing to discover it.
5.    Taking care of everyone else and not taking care of yourself.
6.    Hating your life, your job, your partner or your body.
7.    Staying Stuck.
Now THOSE are real problems. Those are the problems that keep people in unhappy, unhealthy relationships, keep them in jobs they hate, keep them in lives they hate. A pure recipe for misery and pain and despair (and in extreme cases disease and death).
So, if you have one of those real problems, what are you going to do about?
Are you going to DO something about it?
Or just continue to wallow in it and complain?
If so, then you really DO have a problem.
This month’s New Moon happened late last night and this next 48 hours is a particularly good time to set optimistic intentions and make plans that can come true. What a perfect time to decide to do a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat.
You have the freedom to make the decision to live your life the way you want.
Because our retreats are completely customized for exactly what YOU need (or both of you, if it’s a couple), we can handle every single one of those problems listed above.
It’s time to start living the life you want.
It’s time to have the relationship you want.
Click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you. Or if you’d prefer, call us toll free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you. They’ll connect with you (or both of you if it’s a couple) in deep conversation to determine exactly where you are and where you want to be; then they’ll custom design the perfect retreat that will bring you the life or the relationship you’re craving.
Wishing you a week filled with champagne (the good stuff),

Debra Stangl / Founder

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Vicki says after her Soul Adventure her “problems are gone” and it was “worth every penny!”
“I originally thought the price was expensive, but after I went through my Soul Adventure, I felt that it was worth every penny! Negative feelings I had bottled up for almost half a century had driven me to the wall. I am healed and I feel my problems are gone! I learned skills to continue to help me in every area of my life. Since I got back from Sedona, I have told many friends about my Soul Adventure, and two of my girl friends even drove from Houston to Sedona and they both had fantastic experiences. Thank you!”

Vicki C., Houston, Texas

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Debra Stangl

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