"Debra, it was life changing just like you said" - Sedona Soul Adventures

"Debra, it was life changing just like you said"

I got the most wonderful phone call this morning from Carrie, who did her Soul Adventure 3 weeks ago. She said she just wanted to tell me how wonderful her Soul Adventure was and to thank me. The first thing she said was “it was life changing. Just like the web site said it would be”. She said, “I’m so skeptical and I didn’t believe that’s what could happen, but that’s exactly what did happen”.
We had the most amazing conversation. She told me that in her short time here her life was literally transformed:

  • She discovered how she was still holding onto her mother’s attempted suicide and that energy was completely released.
  • She went from living her life in complete fear (so much so that the fear would wake her up at night) to being happy and joyful.
  • She thinks she may have found her life purpose (and is taking steps to live it.

Wow! I asked her to tell me what happened. She gave me permission to use her full name and to tell her story, but she went so deep in her conversation with me and told me so many private things, that I want to protect her privacy.
She wanted me to share her story with you and she told me that if anyone ever wanted to talk to her directly about her Soul Adventure, she would be happy to do that.
She said she wanted other people to experience the happiness and joy that she is now experiencing as a result of her Soul Adventure. I love that so much.
Suffice it to say her name is Carrie, she is married and has a daughter who is in her 20’s and and a young son who is 7 years old. She has been a nurse but just left that because she somehow knew it wasn’t what she was supposed to be doing and it was making her more and more unhappy.
She said that before she came to Sedona she was living her life from fear. She was unhappy and afraid. She said she was so afraid that she wouldn’t even go anyplace by herself, she would only go places with her husband, she would never take her young son anywhere.
She said that very often she would wake up in the middle of the night just completely afraid for no reason. That this happened a few times each week and was very disruptive and scary.
She said she was feeling she had to do something and she didn’t want to live her life this way anymore. She said “as soon as I found you and started reading about what you do, I started to feel better. And then after I spoke with my Angel Guide, I knew this is what I had to do, I just knew it was right.”
Carrie told me the retreat was so perfectly put together and she said, “I could have never planned something like this on my own”.
She said that in one of her first sessions, a special type of Emotional Clearing, the practitioner saw what was causing most of the fear and anxiety that she always felt. When Carrie was a child, her mother attempted suicide. Her mother locked herself in the bathroom and Carrie couldn’t do anything about it, she was completely powerless and helpless.
She told me that in the session “suddenly I was crying and moaning exactly the way I was when that happened with my mother. I had no idea I was still holding all that”. She said she felt this huge release and all this old scary energy was just gone.
She told me that she has not had another episode of waking up frightened in the middle of the night ever since the session. She said “I’m not waking up my husband anymore, which is great”.
I said to her “isn’t it amazing to find out that we’re still carrying around stuff from things that happened to us decades ago and it’s even more amazing what happens after it’s no longer controlling us”.
She told me that before her Soul Adventure she wouldn’t ever go anywhere by herself without her husband because she was too afraid. A few days after she got home from Sedona she suggested to her son that they go and spend the day together, which they did, including seeing a movie together. Last night he said to her “remember when we went to that movie together? That was so much fun”. She said she feels like she has the beginning of a completely new relationship with her son.
She went through how each of her sessions gave her tremendous healing and fantastic insight.
She learned how to move energy in one session and in her breath session she saw visions and felt a huge connection to her inner strength.
In her Enneagram session, she understood where her skepticism comes from and how healing for her is about having faith, especially in herself.
She connected with her inner child in a way that had never happened before and now that child knows that she is loved and taken care of and safe.
Then she excitedly told me that when she came to Sedona she was hoping for some clarity on her work. She just left nursing but wanted to find something where she was helping people. She told me that because of her Soul Adventure she wants to explore being an energy healer. She feels called to it and she’s just enrolled in an intensive class that will start in a few months. She said this is something she would have never even thought of just a few short weeks ago.
Here was my favorite part: she told me that since she’s been home there are still times that fear will start to come up, but her reaction to it now is completely different. Now, instead of being paralyzed by it, she looks at it and starts to ask herself questions such as “is this my fear?” “where is this coming from?”, “Is this somebody else’s fear?”, “Is there really something to be afraid of here?”
She said that in some instances she’s discovering that the fear isn’t even hers, that sometimes it’s actually coming from the person she’s with and she’s just feeling their fear.
She said “I’m feeling a joy and happiness I’ve never felt before”.
Because of course, that’s the entire point of all this. Even after the Soul Adventure, life is going to continue to happen, stuff will continue to be going on. We’ll feel fear and anxiety and all kinds of things. The key is how do we respond to it? Do we allow it to paralyze us and keep us stuck, or do we move through it and deal with it? Carrie got the tools to do just that.
She told me that before her Soul Adventure, making decisions was almost impossible. Even small decisions were excruciating, especially because she was afraid she was going to make the wrong decision.
Now she can see a big difference in this just in the few weeks since she’s been back home. She’s seeing that she’s no longer driven by fear, so that’s made the fear drop away in making decisions.
She went on to say she bought my book “The Journey to Happy” which just came out last week. She’s already recommended it to 3 people! In the book I talk about how unhappy I was when I first came to Sedona. I feel like I have a lot in common with Carrie — coming to Sedona made us both a lot happier!
There was even more that we talked about, it was such a fun conversation and I told her to please stay in touch and let me know how she was doing and she promised she would. After I got off the phone, I went onto my email and Trustpilot had just sent me a message saying “You have a new 5 star review”. It was from Carrie, she had written it last night:
Life Changing!
I contacted Sedona Soul Adventures because I was feeling unhappy. I knew I needed to make some changes in my life but I felt stuck. When I contacted Sedona Soul Adventures, I was set up with an Angel Guide who spent some time talking to me about my current situation. She set up the perfect 3-day personal retreat. Every session was valuable in my growth and I know that I could not have planned this retreat without Sedona Soul Adventures. I was supported emotionally, spiritually and mentally in every session. I left Sedona with an enthusiasm for life that I have never felt before. I highly recommend Sedona Soul Adventures.
If you’re unhappy, fearful, anxious, stressed out, or just want to have a new enthusiasm for your life (or your relationship), please come to Sedona and do a retreat. I promise you, life can be different.
Contact us, connect with an Angel Guide and they’ll explain how we can do that for you. Click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you. Or if you’d prefer, call us toll free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you. (Remember, we’re here for you on Sundays).
Wishing you a week filled with joy and happiness,

Debra Stangl / Founder

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