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Greetings from Egypt – Musings on living a Spirit-Centered life

Greetings from Egypt! Here is our small, but powerful, group! As usual, we were all in love with each other within 48 hours, which is such a wonderful part of our journeys. So far, we’ve ridden camels to the Great Pyramid, kissed the Sphinx, seen the treasures of King Tut (and the other amazing finds in the Cairo Museum), visited the Steppe Pyramid and we have been so lucky. They just opened a new pyramid at the Sakkara complex (which I have never seen in my 16 other trips because it was closed) and we will be able to see the Tomb of Nefertari, which I have visited twice, but thought I would never see again in this lifetime (more on that next week).
All of these places and all of these things that we have seen remind me again of what I love about ancient Egyptian life, which is that everything revolved around their connection with their spirituality.
For the ancient Egyptians, every part of life was a preparation for the afterlife. Every decision, every life choice, all aspects of their lives were lived with the focus on their connection to the Divine.
This meant living your life in a way that would make it possible for you to go to what we call Heaven after your death. That meant being an honorable and good person and living your life in spiritual connection.
The ancient Egyptians believed that at the time of your death your heart would be weighed against a feather. This is a depiction of the Last Judgment. You see this scene all over Egypt in carvings and temples and papyrus.
If your heart was lighter than the feather (meaning you had lived a good life and weren’t weighted down by evil), you would enter into Paradise and live out eternity with the Gods and Goddesses. However, if your heart was heavier than the feather, it was bad news. Your soul would be devoured by the jackals and you would be denied entry into Paradise.
So if you died tomorrow and the Egyptians are right about the Last Judgment, what would happen with you? Would your heart be lighter than a feather? Would you be able to pass and party on with the Gods and Goddesses into eternity?
What if you lived your life with the idea that there is a higher purpose for your life? A greater knowing? A higher way to be?
We spend so much time focused on the day to day-ness of our lives. Doing our email, going to work, dealing with the kids, dealing with our partners, children, bosses, employees, doing housework, trying to do something fun on the week-ends, getting the car washed, cooking, cleaning, it doesn’t leave much time for anything else. It certainly doesn’t leave much time for connecting in with the highest part of ourselves and the Divine.
Would your life be different if you put just a little bit of focus on your life as a spiritual person? I know it would. It’s amazing what happens when you come from that perspective even just a little bit.
You’re calmer.
You’re more relaxed.
You don’t worry as much.
You start to have an innate knowing that everything will work out, that all is well.
You’re living your life from a place of peace, rather than a place of stress.
Sound good?
Although I have been on my spiritual path since 1978 when my mother died, I didn’t really begin living a spirit-driven life in earnest until I moved to Sedona in 2002. I highly recommend it. It has made all the difference in my life.
Are you interested in living more of a spirit-driven life? If so, consider coming to Sedona and doing a Soul Adventures retreat. It can jump start you in that direction faster than anything I know.
Connect with us and speak with one of our Angel Guides. They’ll connect with you in deep conversation and discover your deepest needs and desires; then they’ll custom design a retreat that’s perfect to set you on the path of living a spirit-driven life.
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Wishing you a week filled with love and an open heart,

Debra Stangl / Founder

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Michele says that her emotionally healing Soul Adventure was incredible for her spiritual growth

“My Sedona Soul Adventures retreat was so much more than I could have hoped for.
Everyone I encountered there was so unique and special…in who they were and what they did as practitioners. My Soul Adventure was custom made for me and proved incredibly helpful to my spiritual growth. I am now emotionally healed, my energies are balanced and my mind is clear. They also helped me to tear down the thick wall so I could open my heart. Most unexpectedly, I discovered I had newly raised consciousness. I wasn’t expecting that at all but am incredibly happy and excited to view life from this new perspective. I always had a strong spiritual take on life but this was unlike anything I’ve experienced and it’s with me to stay.

I truly can’t wait to return to Sedona and the other adventures they offer around the world. They all sound so seductive to my thirsty soul.”

Michele F., Vancouver, B.C.


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I love sacred travel. I’m here in Egypt right now and one of the people on this trip went with me on the our Peru trip last summer. I love it that I get so many people who have done all of our trips.
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“The Peru trip was the trip of a lifetime”.
                                                 – Barb Nadeau

Debra Stangl

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