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Insanity! Are you doing it and if so how do you change it?

I love this Einstein quote because it is so true. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result”.
In the past few weeks, I’ve connected with three different people who wished they had started their new life sooner. Two did a Sedona Soul Adventures couples retreat, the other one did an individual retreat.
In each situation, they all said, “I wish I had done this a long time ago”.
All three of them had contacted us 2-3 years ago. They knew they had problems and knew they needed help, but they all made the decision not to come because they felt that it was too expensive, they didn’t have the time and things “weren’t that bad”. When they contacted us this time, they knew they had to do something.
The couple (for privacy, let’s call them Sam and Diane), tried therapy and they both felt the therapy actually made things worse. They told me that each session only resulted in talking about what was wrong, with no emphasis on how to change it. They said their fights (and their sense of disconnection) just got worse and worse.
The other person (let’s call her Susan), tried going to a series of group workshops. She said she thought that the initial cost was going to be less expensive than a Soul Adventure, but that she actually spent as much as she ended up spending on her Soul Adventure. She said that she got some good information at the workshops, but nothing was done that actually changed things around for her.
Sam and Diane and Susan both kept doing the same things over and over again for those 2 years. Sam and Diane didn’t change anything about how they were dealing with each other as a couple. They tried some therapy but it didn’t change anything fundamentally.
Susan made an attempt to change things, but the things she tried didn’t change anything around.
For all three of them, things just kept getting worse and worse. Finally, they knew that had to do something.
I was worried for Sam and Diane because by the time they got here they both said they felt they were at the end of their marriage. When they had contacted us 3 years ago, they were unhappy and discontented – now things had gotten much worse and they both felt it might be hopeless.
I felt more hopeful for Susan, but she was at a point of despair and sometimes it can be hard to bring people out of that.
Luckily, their Angel Guides came through as they always do and put together perfect retreats for them. In their Emotional Clearing sessions, Sam and Diane both realized that underneath it all, they truly loved each other. In their breath work sessions, they connected with the Divine and that helped them connect with each other. They did an Enneagram session and realized for the first time the unique way they communicate with each other (which sometimes is great and sometimes causes all kinds of problems). They discovered the childhood wounds that were separating them and healed them.
As Sam said in their final Integration session, “Before our Soul Adventure, we were at the end of our marriage. Now, I know we can save our marriage.”
Susan had an ecstatic experience from day one. She said “each of the practitioners was incredible, they really “got” me”. In her Radiant Heart Healing session, she discovered that underlying everything was her belief that she was unlovable, brought on by years of rejection and criticism by her mother (who has now passed). She was able to let go of all that pain and hurt and she said “it felt like these huge bricks were lifted off my shoulders”. In her breath session, her mother’s spirit actually came to her and told her how much she loved her. She said she “cried and cried”, but they were “tears of joy”. She did a beautiful Letting Go Ceremony out on the land and said she felt like she completely let go of all of the energy that was holding her back. At her final Integration session, she said, “I was seeking my life’s purpose and wanting assurance I am on the right path. After my Soul Adventure, I have healed my inner child and I’m sure about the next chapter of my life”.
And that’s the difference with our retreats. They actually change things. They clear out the gunk and the emotional blocks that are holding you back from the life or the relationship that you’re craving. They bring you back into connection on all the levels — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And when you’re operating in connection on all the levels — everything in your life becomes wonderful.
If you would want something different in your life or your relationship, you have to do something different. You have to make the decision you want something different, you have to spend the money, you need to take the time. It’s your life. It’s your relationship — how much is it worth to you?
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Wishing you a week filled with transformation,

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