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This huge love we have for our pets and how we can use that in our lives [Plus cute pics]

Today is my dog Daisy’s birthday, she is 8 years old. She is a golden retriever/yellow lab mix and what an amazing blessing she has been in my life. Here she is at 5 weeks, what a cutie (and here she is with her brother and sister – is that adorable, or what?).
I went through my divorce one year after I got her, and she was such an incredible comfort to me. It was during that time that I first connected with my pet psychic here in Sedona. Our break up had been very sudden and Daisy kept sitting at the door, waiting for Tom to come home, it was heartbreaking to watch her. And then she got so sad, that she started peeing into one of my rugs from Egypt.
I made an appointment with the pet psychic, telling her I wanted her to talk with Daisy. Sharon does all her work over the phone and when she called me at the appointed time, she suddenly said, “do you have a cat?” I said yes, I have Katie Kat (here she is) and Sharon said “I thought you only had a dog, the cat keeps talking to me”. I told her I wanted her to talk to the dog and she said, “ok, except the cat keeps talking. What do you want me to ask the dog?” I explained about the break up, Daisy moping at the door and the peeing and I told Sharon, “Please tell Daisy Mommy and Daddy are getting a divorce. It’s not your fault, we both love you very much, but Daddy’s not coming back.” Sharon told her all this and Daisy said “I know — the cat told me!”
We comforted Daisy, she told us she was sad and peeing in the rug made her feel better, especially when she would smell it. Sharon spoke with her and after that, she never peed in the carpet again. She also stopped pining at the door.
The most important thing that happened during that conversation is that Daisy told me that she is part of my family, that she came here to be with me in this lifetime and even though she had originally been Tom’s dog (he found her, he trained her, he thought of her as “his” dog), she said all of this had been part of the Divine plan, she came here to be with me, especially through this difficult time of the divorce.
And what a huge part of my life she has been. She and her brother Boulder (who lives in Oak Creek Canyon with my dear friend (and practitioner) Ranjita) are just total love. When I look at them (Daisy is on the left), I get a real idea for how perfect our lives can be. Think about it: they are beautiful, strong, healthy, fun, amusing, funny, incredibly smart and just full of love. They love absolutely everybody. They want to be with everyone. They want to participate. They want to play. They are full of life.
And here’s sweet Katie Kat, who just turned 18 in April! She is beautiful, wise, quiet, calm, and incredibly loving. She snuggles with me each night on the cuddly blanket. Whenever I travel somewhere, she always jumps in the suitcase, trying to figure out how she can go with me (here she is in the suitcase).
And now because of my fiancé, Richard, I have two more beings in my life. Prancer will be 14 in 2 months and although he’s slowing down considerably and has some health issues, he is the sweetest, most gentle dog. Missy is a miniature Labradoodle (her original name was Macarena, but she told Sharon she actually prefers to be called Missy). She’s our little princess — she loves us so much and she wants to feel our love for her and she wants us to tell her how much we love her and how pretty she is. I just got her a pink collar with rhinestones, befitting her very feminine status.
We’ve done a few sessions with Sharon to make sure the family meshes in a wonderful way and they’ve been doing very well. Katie Kat is not happy that there are now 3 dogs in the house, but it’s been so fascinating to see (and to hear from Sharon) what they’re thinking and feeling. All the dogs know that Katie Kat is the “wise one” and they defer to her. Prancer and Missy were used to sleeping on the bed with Richard (and he thought it would be impossible and very unfair to try to keep them off the bed). We haven’t had to do anything — after a few nights of Katie Kat giving them “the hairy eyeball”, they all just stay off the bed.
In our last session with Sharon, they all talked about how much they love each other, how much they love Richard and I, and how happy they are to see the love between me and Richard.
Because that’s what they’re all about — love. And that’s why I feel it’s so wonderful for us to have our four-leggeds in our lives and for us to learn from them. They are the most perfect example of unconditional love we will every have.
Plus I get the extra added bonus of feeling a rush of love each and every time I pet them, or talk to them, or go for a hike with them — they are always uplifting.
And look how I’ve described all of them — beautiful, gentle, wise, calm, powerful, strong, fun, funny, sweet, gentle, they love absolutely everybody, they want to be with everyone, they want to participate, they want to play, they are full of life.
And I’ll add a few other ones – they are not judgmental, they don’t worry, they’re not self conscious. All of these little beings, each in their own way, demonstrates a very high level of self esteem, with no ego and no artifice.
Wouldn’t it be great to be like that? I have to say, I very often think of Daisy as a role model, especially when I feel worried. She never worries about anything — she knows she is totally taken care of in every moment. Here she is carrying a huge branch. She does this every time we go hiking, it’s like it’s her life purpose to find large logs and carry them through the forest. We often go hiking with my friend Susan and her wonderful dog, Sophie, and Susan calls Daisy “the branch manager”. Daisy is happily doing her appointed “work”.
All of these attributes come from having a strong inner core. A strong connection. Knowing that all is well. An inner peace that comes from living in connection. I believe these little beings are living that way. Are you?
We can all have that, this sense of peace and purpose, we just have to find the way in. For most of us, it means letting go of the blocks and gunk that are keeping us rooted in the past and fearful about the future. If that’s what’s happening for you, please think about coming out to Sedona for a retreat. We’ll zero in on what’s keeping you from having the peace and contentment and satisfaction that you’re craving.
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