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Egypt: Is this an alien with headphones?

Greetings again from Egypt! Wow! what a trip! I know that most people think that we’ve found everything there is to find in Egypt, but that is not at all true. Estimates are that we have only found 10 percent of what there is to find. Digs continue and you can see people working all over Egypt. Every year there are new things to see.
This year, it was so exciting to discover that the Sanctuary at Hatsepshut’s temple has been restored and opened again to the public. It’s so exciting to see a new place that I haven’t seen before (especially considering that I’ve been coming here since 1983!). Here’s our group at the Temple and me inside the sanctuary – it’s such an incredible place.
Hatsepshut was a female Pharaoh. She started out as a queen and when her husband died and his son was too young to take over the throne, she decided “Hey, I can do this!” and became Pharaoh. She took on the false beard and started the legend that she was born of the gods by an immaculate conception and ruled as a king.
Inside the sanctuary is this carving. Richard says it looks like it could be an alien head with earphones. What do you think? This is what I love so much about Egypt. There are so many things we don’t know and I love speculating about the possibilities.
Have you read Erich von Daniken’s book, Chariots of the Gods? It’s fascinating and has lots of theories about alien origins of the Great Pyramid and other structures around the world, and suggests that ancient astronauts connected with humans. Drunvillo Melchizedek also writes about this and specifically, about Egypt (Drunvillo even used our same tour company, Guardian Travel!). I love all these theories and far out explanations.
Which brings us to the mysterious carvings on the Temple of Abydos, which was built many thousands of years ago. When you look at this carving, what do you see? At the top left, do you see a helicopter? Next to it do you see the tank? Then on the bottom right do you see the airplane? How in the world did a helicopter, a tank and an airplane get carved onto the walls of a temple built thousands of years ago? Egyptologists have no explanation and that’s one of the things I love to speculate about when we are here.
And another question, how in the world did the ancient Egyptians make these temples with colors that have lasted thousands of years? Here are the astounding colors of the Hathor Temple at Dendara. The Egyptian government started a project about 10 years ago to clean the soot and dirt resulting from early Christians living in the temples (after the temples had been abandoned). The smoke from their cooking blackened the ceilings, plus thousands of years and dirt and grime made the colors impossible to see. With a simple solution of ammonia and water, using toothbrushes, they have eliminated the dirt and grime and revealed these amazing colors. Every year they have completed more and more and it’s such a joy each year to see this and to experience the incredible energy of this temple.
But then we had one of our most amazing days, the Temple of Karnak. This is a temple complex that was built over a period of 2500 years (!) with each Pharaoh adding their own special touches. It is such a magnificent place. When I was here in 1983, I heard voices (and I don’t hear voices, that has only happened to me 3 times in my life, and the first time was here in 1983).
I discovered through a number of readings and kinesiology testing, that I had a past life in Karnak, one that has had a huge impact on this lifetime. Imagine my astonishment when I discovered that Richard was in that past lifetime with me! Actually, I shouldn’t have been surprised, because that’s how past lives work — according to Edgar Cayce, we keep coming back with the same people to work out our past issues. For Richard, it’s all about really opening up his heart more and more, which is so beautiful. Here we are at the place where I first heard voices way back in 1983. As I keep learning more and more about that lifetime and the lessons it holds for me, it’s quite amazing.

As I was contemplating all that on the balcony of our beautiful hotel overlooking the Nile, I looked up and saw this fabulous sunset and one of the Nile cruise ships floating on the river, and snapped this beautiful photo. What beauty, what deep soul connection.

We got on our boat the next day and the following morning did a hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings. Is this amazing, or what? I took this photo from our balloon, just as we had floated over the Rameseum. We had a perfect, beautiful landing. This was the first balloon ride for many of the people in our group and they loved it.

And then last night we had our Galabaya party on the cruise ship. Everyone “dressed like an Egyptian,” and it was so much fun. Here’s Richard and I with Mohammed, the owner and director of Guardian Travel. Mohammed is the son Ahmed Fayed, the founder of Guardian Travel, and Mohammed took over the business after Ahmed’s untimely death in 2003. Ahmed was known throughout Egypt and was much-beloved, and I love to see how Mohammed is following so closely in his footsteps. Guardian takes such incredible care of us, they truly are Guardians!

And that’s one of the themes we’ve talked about over and over here, is how everyone feels so incredibly safe and so well taken care of. The Egyptian people are so warm and friendly, and they love Americans. We have been pampered and cared for everywhere we go.
And last night was no exception. I’ve been bringing my groups onto this boat, The Sonesta St. George, every year for the past 7 years. The crew is virtually the same every year (right down to the jewelry store on the first floor, and the masseuse and all the waiters). They are so sweet and they all know me after all these years, so it has been so much fun to see them again and introduce them to Richard. This is his first trip to Egypt and he’s been so excited to come here ever since our wedding last October.
Last night at our special Egyptian dinner before the Galabaya party, all of the restaurant people started singing and playing drums, and they brought out a cake with a lit candle. I thought it was part of the show and then when I saw the cake, I thought it was someone’s birthday. But suddenly they were putting down the cake in front of me and it was decorated with the words “Happy Marriage.” Suddenly, Richard and I were brought up to our feet, dancing in front of everyone, then we blew out the candle and they had us cut the cake together, just like at a wedding. Then they put a big piece of it on a fork and we both had to eat the cake at the same time with no hands, which of course ended up in a very messy and tasty kiss. What a sweet surprise.
I could go on and on, there has been so much happening during these two weeks, not only the amazing places we have seen, but more importantly the incredible experiences people in the group are having. I spent yesterday afternoon floating on the Nile and connecting with one of the people in the group. She has had some incredible insights and we did a tapping session together on clearing some energy that came up that really helped her move some old patterns that were no longer serving her (Egypt does that!).
When we finished, she told me that she had used my “Bringing In Egypt” meditation to manifest this trip. She said the trip was a real stretch for her financially, but she kept using the meditation and she literally went into the energy of “I’m supposed to be on this trip” and “I belong in Egypt” and “I am going to make this trip happen.” Not only did she end up manifesting all the funds necessary for the trip (in spite of the fact that unexpected home repairs came up), but as the trip approached her mother suddenly gifted her with some money for the trip and her boss gave her a Visa gift card to do some special shopping! That’s what happens when we move into the flow and allow the Universe to work for us.
Would you like to go on the trip next year? It will be February 17 – March 3, 2019 and it will be spectacular. It looks like the new Egyptian Museum will be open by then, which will be absolutely, positively incredible.
Do what Linda did and start using the “Bringing In Egypt” meditation to manifest the trip for yourself. It’s 9 minutes, it feels really good and it will put you in the higher vibration to bring this fantastic journey into your life. Click here to download the meditation.
If you’d like to go, Click here and let us know. We’ll send you an email with all the details as soon as they are available, which should be in the next few weeks.
Decide now to go on this trip of a lifetime. Surprise yourself with what the Universe has in store for you.
Sending you so much Egyptian love and blessings,

Debra Stangl

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