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“I felt the grief just lift away”

When people come to do their Soul Adventure, I always try to meet them at the office to say hello. I always know why they’re here and what they’re hoping to have happen, and I know where they’re from. I love to connect with them at the beginning and I always ask them to call me at the end to tell me how their Soul Adventure was.
Last week, just as I was writing the newsletter about my two friends who had just passed away, I got a phone call from someone who had completed their Soul Adventure the week before and he had already been home a week. He started to tell me that all of our practitioners were really good, very professional and he really liked all of them, and the Soul Adventure was great. But that’s not what I wanted to know – I said to him, “Yes, but what happened for you while you were here?”
He took a deep breath and he said, “Debra it was the most amazing thing,” and he started to tell me that he had come because he needed help dealing with the grief from his wife’s death. She was young, just in her 50’s, she was very healthy and vital. She was running and suddenly had a seizure. They took her to the emergency room and discovered that she had a number of brain tumors. She was dead six weeks later.
It was so amazing because when he called, I was literally in the middle of writing about my own grief about my two friends passing and that one of them (also an incredibly athletic person) had been diagnosed with brain cancer on January 12, my birthday, and was gone 7 weeks later.
But it was the next part that took my breath away. He told me, “I don’t know exactly what happened, but I suddenly felt the grief just lift off of me. It’s the most amazing thing.”
He said that “the layers of grief were peeled off and embedded pain was released. I have a healthier perspective now on her passing. I am more relaxed about it. She had her journey and it was to leave fairly young. But my life goes on. I have more to do. I have more to create going forward.”
He also told me that in one of the sessions that she had come to him and told him in a very loving way, that it was time for him to release her. She told him that she had work to do in the world of spirit and it was time for her to do that. That she needed to move on as well. She assured him she would always be a loving presence in his life, but that his deep grief was keeping her bound to him and that she now has her own journey. In his Integration session he said “She can visit, but I’m ready to let her go on.”
It’s so powerful, isn’t it? So many people who come to us are grieving. Grieving the loss of loved ones, of family, of relationships, of friends, of a marriage. Grief can be so incredibly overwhelming. For me, it seems to come in waves. I’ll be fine and then all of a sudden that wave just breaks over you.
I loved our phone call. I told him about my two friends and that I was just writing about them, and we had this beautiful conversation about how amazing life is, how we can’t take anything for granted, and we just have to stay in gratitude all the time. But the best part for me, was him telling me that his grief had completely lifted and had stayed that way in the week since he’d been home, and that now he was just left with his love of his wife, his deep appreciation for the time they were together, and this new sense of peace that he had found.
If grief is part of your life, if it’s overwhelming you, please reach out to us. It’s so interesting, because I’ve found over the years that grief shows up differently for different people, and the causes can be different as well. For some people, the grief is completely debilitating and they don’t even want to function. For some, the grief makes them angry. For others, they have a reaction that they somehow deserve what’s happened, that they’re being punished. And some feel like they can’t ever come out of it, no matter what.
Because it’s different for everybody, the way we handle it is different for everyone that comes to us. That’s one of the things that’s so wonderful about what we do. We create the retreat that YOU need for exactly what is going on. We’ll spend time talking to you before you come and we’ll figure out how to move you to the other side, to have what happened here, where the grief just lifts off of you. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?
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Debra Stangl

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