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“One big miraculous miracle”

What a week it’s been! So much happening and we leave for Peru next week! And then, suddenly on Tuesday, I got a call from Rick, one of my wonderful Angel Guides, who told me about Glen, who had just completed an amazing, incredible Soul Adventure, and said “Glen wants to go to Peru with you, is that possible?”
Well, of course we had released the two remaining rooms a month ago, because the trip is next week! I emailed Peru, and then Glen and I started texting and praying, trying to make it all happen. He sent me the most beautiful text saying, “Sedona Soul Adventures has changed my life.” Amazingly, within just a few hours, we had everything all set up!
And at the same time, we had one of my favorite people, Sandra, here doing her second Soul Adventure! Sandra did her first one last year and then she went to Egypt with us in February – and now she’s back for more and to go deeper and deeper. I had already invited Sandra to go hiking with Richard, the dogs and I this morning, so then we invited Glen. Rick also came, because we’re all getting in shape for hiking in Peru. What a hoot! That’s a picture I took of Glen taking a picture of he and Sandra!
As we were climbing Sugarloaf Mountain, Glen kept exclaiming, “Wow!” and “It’s so beautiful!” at every turn, and we had so much fun talking about all the amazing things that had happened during his retreat. Sandra and I were talking about how so many people think that their second Soul Adventure can’t possibly top the first one, but they always do!
When we got to the top, we were having so much fun, I took this little video of all of us. It’s very unprofessional (I keep swinging the camera around from person to person!), but you can really feel the high energy! And I loved it when Glen said that his Soul Adventure has just been “one big miraculous miracle!”
The next day, Glen went to the Grand Canyon and did a 10 mike hike! Suddenly at the end of that day, I got this most incredible video that he sent me. I was so blown away. He said “Soul Adventures helped me find my soul again” and “I have another opportunity to start my life all over again thanks to Soul Adventures.” Needless to say, I was in tears.

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Debra Stangl

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