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Our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary is Today!

If you’re one of my faithful readers who’s been with me for a long time, you will probably be as surprised as I am to realize that today is my one year wedding anniversary. This year has gone by so quickly, it’s been astonishing.
We’ve had an amazing year:

  • The wedding was so much fun! All 5 of my brothers and sisters came from all over the country, and Richard’s only brother came from Texas, which was so wonderful.
  • We had a celebration that included so many of our friends and family, as well as all of the staff and practitioners of Sedona Soul Adventures.
  • We’ve done some amazing travel: scuba diving in Grand Cayman, our official honeymoon in Spain and Paris, our group trips to Egypt and Peru, and then in June, we went on another amazing adventure, one week in Iceland and then on to another week in Paris (we would both go to Paris every six months if we could). We’ve gone to Austin to visit his 91-year old(!) dad and brother three times, and last weekend we went to Omaha where I used to live, to attend a wedding. It was so great to connect with old friends and have them meet my wonderful husband.

One of the most fun things that’s happened in the past year has been Richard’s involvement with Sedona Soul Adventures. Once we got married, he got to see up close and personal and behind the scenes for how everything works. He is still in awe of what happens here (as am I). A few months after the wedding, he announced to me that he wanted to help with SSA and for us to be able to use his incredible knowledge and background of working in Silicon Valley for over 30 years. Richard has become an incredible consultant to SSA, helping me so much with new and innovative ideas so that we can touch more and more lives. He is truly a partner and that is so exciting.
And, of course, along with all the wonderfulness, has come the “period of adjustment.” 😊

It’s so funny because the minute we met, Richard had an astrology reading done, I had two astrology readings done (one Western astrology, one Vedic astrology) and they both pretty much said the same thing. Here’s what the Vedic astrologer said in her brief encapsulation:
“It looks mostly good. He hasn’t had the easiest time in relationships and he could be a little challenging (impatient/rigid/moody/stubborn/sensitive), but he also looks SUPER charming and fun, and like he should be good guy.
I can totally see why you’re intrigued. Your compatibility is unusually high. I was taught that when it’s as good as yours is, it’s worth checking out – that the people are glad for the time they had together, no matter the outcome.”
The Western astrology reading also said we were super compatible, but that there would be an impatience and butting of heads that would happen.
Boy, have those both been true! I love Richard so much, but when he goes into that stubborn thing of his, it’s really hard! And I’m an Eight on the Enneagram (more on that later, if you don’t know what I mean), so my stubbornness also gets activated. Two strong, stubborn people can have some difficulty trying to live together on a day-to-day basis!
And then there’s just all the stuff that happens when you’re coming together (especially at our age), plus, we had both been married before (which means baggage), he completely uprooted his life to move to Sedona, he doesn’t like how I organize things, etc., etc. You know how it goes.
So what did we do about it? We did what I tell everyone else to do: we did sessions with some of our practitioners. We did an Enneagram session, which helped so much in understanding how our Styles fit together and the optimum ways for us to communicate with each other. We did a Couples session that is based on the 10 Love Languages (not 5) and is also based on your Vedic astrology, so it’s very accurate and specific to your exact situation. We did another Couples session designed to move out energy and resentments from the past and the present, and another one to literally bring us back into heart coherence and love (and learned how to keep on coming back there).
It’s still so amazing to me that even after all the sessions I’ve done, all the writing I’ve done, all the advice I’ve given to other people, to discover that there are still some parts of my old wounds that needed to come up for healing. My whole life I’ve dealt with the wound of “I’m not good enough” and because I’m not good enough, “I’m not lovable.” I’ve done so much work around this and I truly feel that I love myself. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that I was telling myself the lie of, “If he really loved me, he would do everything the way I want him to and he would never argue with me or be stubborn with me.” Wow! Good luck with that one! That unhealed part of me was trying to tell me that he doesn’t really love me.
When I look at that rationally, I know it’s not true, and I don’t even want someone who would do everything the way I want them to and never argue with me. I want a man! I want someone to stand up to me and stand up for me.
It was in one of those sessions that two of my practitioners, Ron and his wife Denny, showed us the photo of this famous sculpture from Burning Man that depicts two adults turning away from each other, while the little boy and the little girl inside of them is desperately reaching out for love. I did a newsletter about this a few months ago and it’s just so telling for what is going on inside every relationship. Every pain, every argument, every hassle, every disagreement is really just a cry for love. It’s the old wounds wanting to come up for complete healing. When we can remember that, we can always come back to love.
So that’s been the huge lesson I’ve learned this year. How to keep coming back to love, over and over again.
It’s pretty delicious and I highly recommend it! If you and your partner are not doing that, please come to Sedona and do something about it. Life is too short to be in a relationship that’s not loving, happy, blissful, and juicy. The juice is where all the fun is!
If you don’t have a partner in your life right now and you want one, again, come to Sedona! We can help! I made the decision two years ago that I wanted someone in my life again, I realized that my old wounds were preventing that from happening, so I did a mini Soul Adventure around it and Richard showed up, literally three weeks later! I love how this stuff works!
Connect with us, speak with one of our Retreat Guides. They’ll speak with both of you and really get an idea of what’s going on and where you want to be. Then they’ll custom design a retreat designed to remove the blocks and gunk that are holding you back, keeping you stuck in the past or holding on to old resentments, and bring you back into connection with yourself and with each other.

Or if you’d prefer, call us toll-free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Retreat Guides will call you.
Would you like to speak to someone today? We’re even open on Sundays, because we’re here for you.
Debra Stangl

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