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How to Use Affirmations to Bring in What You Want

Did you know that you can rewire your brain with something as simple as affirmations?
And even better, you can do that and use it to bring in everything you want in your life.
Watch my 7-minute video that gives you all the explanations about how and why this works.
The key is to do them correctly, because many people are doing them all wrong. I tell you all about it in my video. Enjoy!
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    Today I’m talking with you about How to use Affirmations to bring in what you want.
    In these series of videos, I’m talking about concepts from my book, The Journey to Happy– How Embracing the Concept that Nothing is Wrong Can Transform Your Life, processes that you can start using right now to get happy and stay happy.
    Affirmations have been around for many, many years and I will tell you they can be tremendously powerful when used properly – and the key is to use them properly.
    Over the past few years, I’ve become fascinated with brain chemistry, specifically with how our brains can be changed. The science of this is changing so rapidly. Up until the last decade or so, scientists thought that the makeup and functionality of our brains were fairly static. Now, they’re finding that our brains have an incredible amount of what they call Plasticity.
    Perhaps what’s even more amazing, is that we’ve discovered that the brain can be changed with something as simple as using Affirmations.
    What are affirmations? Affirmations are Positive Messages that are Used Repetitively to alter the way we think (and therefore feel) about something. They can be written, spoken, or thought. Examples of an Affirmation are:
    “I have everything I need to be completely happy and successful.”
    “I love and adore my husband, he loves and adores me, and we are gloriously happy.”
    When we recite Affirmations, Hormones are released that rewire our brains. It’s exercising for your brain much like you would exercise your body! Affirmations trigger the release of feel-good hormones that actually cause the brain to form clusters of Positive thought neurons.
    They operate as a kind of pattern interrupt. They can reverse negative thinking and negative emotions.
    Here are three critical things to keep in mind as you practice Affirmations:

    1. Affirmations must be positive statements

    Write “I love my husband!” as opposed to “We aren’t going to have anymore fights.” The Universe doesn’t hear a negative. When hearing, “We aren’t going to have any more fights,” the Universe receives, “Fights. Okay, send them more fights!”

    1. Make it a personal statement

    Use “I” when referring to yourself or “we” when referring to a couple so that the Universe knows that you’re not talking about someone else.

    1. Write Affirmations in the present tense

    This is probably one of the biggest things — Many people make the mistake of writing Affirmations in the future tense, e.g., “Someday I’ll have a nice house.” Instead, write “I have a  beautiful home,” as if it were already exactly as you want it.
    In addition to that, keep the following critical steps in mind:

    1. Feel good while you’re doing it. If it doesn’t feel good, stop doing it.
    2. Make it as specific as possible without feeling like you are making it up.
    3. You need to believe that there is at least a kernel of Truth in what you’re saying.

    Affirmations work because you’re establishing a direct connection with the energy of the Universe. However, if you don’t actually believe what you’re writing or saying, you can do more harm than good, because you’re increasing the energy of what you don’t want.
    For example, if you feel like you hate your spouse, your relationship is horrible, and you feel unloved and misunderstood, the moment you write an affirmation such as “I love and adore my husband, he loves and adores me, and we are gloriously happy,” your subconscious mind will rebel against the lie and you’ll begin to think, “We’re NOT gloriously happy, we’re completely miserable, and I wish he would just drop off the face of the Earth!” These thoughts perpetuate feelings of anger, frustration, bitterness, and hopelessness.
    Instead, use an Affirmation that is leading to where you want to be. For example, “There is a part of me that loves my husband. There is a part of my husband that loves me. We are connecting with the love that we have for each other.”
    Or, if you’re deeply in debt and you want more money, if you start out with an affirmation that says “I have 10 million dollars,” your mind is going to immediately go into the opposite energy. Try something like, “My life is growing more and more abundant every day,” and see how that feels and how things start to change.
    Find a statement that has at least a kernel of truth in it and make it as specific as you can without being false. If you start to feel bad while you’re writing it, that emotion is telling you that this is not the correct Affirmation. Keep trying until you find one that feels true, real, specific, and hopeful. This can bring you into the energy of connection really fast. And when you’re in the energy of connection, everything is possible.
    A number of years ago, I was producing a spiritual workshop and I was talking to lots of people trying to get them to co-sponsor it with me. I started writing the affirmation, “Everyone I talk with is very interested in what I have to say.” Within just a few weeks, I got more sponsors than I had even hoped for — but the other thing I started seeing, was that I was suddenly getting a whole lot of attention from men that was unwanted because I was in a happy relationship. I realized I had to make the affirmation more specific because it was working too well!
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    You can have the life AND the relationship you want – I know it.

    Debra Stangl

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