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Is your body hurting?

One of the hardest things to do in life is to deal with physical pain. But there are things you can do that can make a huge difference, in conjunction with what you are doing already. Listen to my 10 minute video:

In this video, I talk about Louise Hay and Norman Cousins, who prescribe using forgiveness, love, and laughter (and both lived 30-40 years after their initial fatal diagnoses).
If you think that might be the right prescription for you, come to Sedona to do a retreat. We’ll speak with you, digging deep. Then we’ll custom design a retreat to bring you into the vibration where healing can take place.
During your retreat, you’ll work one-on-one with the Master Practitioners of Sedona (we have over 50!), who will take you from where you are to where you want to be.
We’re not a medical facility, but we are great at dealing with the emotional and spiritual underpinnings that I believe are involved in much pain and illness. Call us today at (928) 204-5988 or click below and we’ll call you:
    In the last video I spoke with you about how when I finally “got it,” that there was nothing wrong with my body, I dropped 40 pounds in less than 5 weeks without diet or exercise – and that was over 10 years ago. If you didn’t see that video, go look for it, because that is so completely powerful and I want you to have it.
    Today I want to talk to you about using these same principles for your body if you have pain or illness, because these principles have worked for so many people. Because when you can figure out how to flip that switch, the results can be almost unbelievable.
    Please understand that I’m NOT saying don’t go to the doctor and stay home and just try to feel good. What I am talking about here is you doing whatever is necessary to start shifting how you’re feeling about it, how you’re talking about it, and how you’re thinking about it.
    Let’s talk again about why these principles work.
    Everything is energy. Quantum Physics has proven that everything is energy.
    You are creating your reality in every moment (whether you believe it or not).
    You are sending out energy and vibrations in every moment.
    Thoughts are things. Quantum Physics is proving that even focusing your attention on something changes it.
    When we think about something, we get more of it.
    If we’re worried about something, we bring it faster.
    If we’re excited about something, we bring it faster.
    What we fight gets bigger and bigger because we are pouring more and more energy into whatever it is that we are fighting.
    What we resist persists.
    So I’m talking to you here about how to start doing things to drop your resistance.
    There are many people who have had significant decreases in their symptoms by utilizing these principles. Norman Cousins, who wrote the book “Anatomy of an Illness,” was diagnosed with serious heart disease and a rare form of arthritis that was incredibly painful. He was told by his doctors that he realistically had only one year to live. As he documents in his book (which was also made into a movie starring Ed Asner), he went on a regimen of massive doses of Vitamin C and what he called a “Prescription of positive attitude, love, faith, hope, and laughter” by watching Marx Brothers movies. 
    In his book he said, “I made the joyous discovery that ten minutes of genuine belly laughter had an anesthetic effect and would give me at least two hours of pain-free sleep.”
    He lived to be 75 years old­­ – 36 years beyond his first deadly diagnosis!
    Louise Hay, who wrote “You Can Heal Your Life” and “Heal Your Body,” was diagnosed in 1978 with cervical cancer, which she was told was incurable and terminal. She believed her cancer was the result of the anger and resentment she was holding from being physically abused by her stepfather and raped when she was only 15. She became pregnant from the rape and was forced to give up her baby daughter at age 16.
    She went on a regimen of forgiveness and she lived another 40 years after being told her cancer was terminal. She passed away last year at the age of 90. She believed from her own experience that “All disease comes from a state of unforgiveness.”
    In “Heal Your Body” she says, “I find that when we really love and accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in life works.”
    This is exactly what I’m talking about. I believe that when we hate what’s going on with our bodies, we just add to the energy of what we hate and as Quantum Physics has shown us, it gets bigger and bigger. I know it’s true for weight, where we literally get bigger and bigger… that’s exactly what happened for me, when I hated my body, it just got bigger and bigger. When I started really loving my body, that’s when everything shifted for me. 
    I had a woman who went on the Egypt trip with me many years ago. I didn’t realize it at the time, she didn’t tell me about it, but she had been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer and she was scheduled to have surgery right after we got back from the trip. While we were on the trip, we were talking about these principles, but again, she didn’t tell me what was going on with her.
    When our group had our special private time in the Great Pyramid, in the Queen’s Chamber, we did a special ceremony of releasing. She told me later that she just released everything up to God. She stopped asking to be cured, she released her fear, she released the anger and judgment that had consumed her. She said she felt this peace just settle over her and she also felt a tingling in her breast.
    When we got back she went to the doctor for her pre-op exam and they couldn’t find the lump. They did an x-ray, and this mass that had been the size of a golf ball was gone. She told the doctor what had happened in the Great Pyramid and of course, he said that couldn’t possibly be what had happened and he said her previous x-rays must have been incorrect. But she had had 3 sets of x-rays, she and the doctor and nurses had all felt the lump. He didn’t want to believe it, but she certainly knew what had happened. The best part was, she was 82 years old when all this happened and she lived another 10 years.
    Louise Hay also said, “Every thought we think is creating our future.”
    If that’s true, and I believe it is, then what thoughts are you thinking?
    Use some of the other processes that I’ve given you in these videos, like “Change Your Story, Change Your Life.”
    Stop talking about this pain or illness that you hate, and start loving your body.
    Watch the video on Affirmations again. Louise Hay was a huge believer in affirmations, in fact, her books contain specific affirmations for specific illnesses.
    She was also a big believer in Meditation.
    Again, I’m not saying to only do affirmations and meditation and hope that this New Age stuff will work. Do everything: go to your doctor, take your medications, eat right, do everything you possibly can to feel better, that’s what it’s all about.
    Louise Hay also said, “Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.”
    Are you ready for a miracle? If you’re ready for one, that’s the energy that can allow it to come in.

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    You can have the life AND the relationship you want – I know it.
    Debra Stangl

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