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How To Create Sacred Space and Why It’s Important

Most of us are stuck at home right now, so wouldn’t it be amazing to turn your home into a place that makes you feel more balanced and peaceful? Especially in these crazy times when many of us aren’t feeling balanced and peaceful?

We’ve all heard that “our Body is our Temple”… and yes. It is!!

But how about the idea that “your Home is your Sanctuary”?

Certainly not a new idea. Still, do we choose to live by it?

How would it feel if YOU did?

Imagine enjoying your home as a sacred space, where everything you see and touch holds deep personal meaning, and where each item reflects back to you some aspect of your own inner world, and calls you to remember the best of who you are.

In this Masterclass with our amazing Sedona Soul Adventures Practitioner, Jim Berenholtz, we’ll show you how to do exactly that, easily and simply.

We’ll explore how you can make your living environment an inspirational and uplifting realm, one that calls to you each and every day to attain your highest and truest expression of yourself.

You’ll learn how the chatter in your mind may relate to the clutter in your closet, or to the ugly pile of junk you’ve built up in the corner of some room. What if you were to donate the stuff that you don’t really need? And then replace it with an altar (or other space) that embodies harmony, balance and peace?

Would you consequently feel more balanced and peaceful within? The simple answer is Yes!

These are among the creative exercises you will engage in as you journey with Jim to make your home the Best Home Ever!! Your entire family will feel the difference. And you’ll see how easy and simple it is to do.

Jim is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met – he’s traveled all over the world and knows more about so many different cultures than anyone I know. He is constantly astounding me with his knowledge and understanding, especially his knowledge of ceremony and the sacred.

 You’ll even get to see some of the amazing stuff Jim has in his own home here in Sedona.

SSA Masterclass Series for Reinventing Yourself in This New Age

Saturday, May 2
9am Pacific
(Noon Eastern, 11am Central, 10am Mountain)

Join Master Practitioner Jim Berenholtz
How To Create Sacred Space and Why It’s Important

We’ll be helping people live and asking for volunteers – that could be you!

If you haven’t already registered for the Series, register here and let the transformation begin…

This is our way of helping you become the best version of yourself possible.

And don’t worry if you can’t be on with us live – we’ll record all the classes so that you can access them.

Again, click here to register (if you haven’t already).


Eboni says her Virtual Soul Adventure was “powerful” and “gave me a new appreciation for myself”

I’m just so excited at what’s happening with our Virtual Retreats!

Wouldn’t you love to have a new appreciation of yourself and your gifts?

Ellen (the perfectionist) says her Virtual Soul Adventure was “incredible,” “well worth it” and she was “thrilled” and feels “more grounded and steady”

We just had someone finish their Virtual Retreat this week and I was so happy to be able to connect with her and speak with her at the end of her retreat. I was especially happy because Ellen (not her real name) did an Enneagram session and found out she is a One, which is the Perfectionist and she gave us 5 stars!! It’s so funny, because Perfectionists usually can’t rate anything as perfect, but she did!

I was especially happy because she told us that before her Virtual Retreat she was feeling “unsteady” and “easily shaken.” Isn’t that how a lot of us are feeling right now with everything that’s going on in the world? 

She had so many incredible sessions, one after the other, and said that after her retreat she feels more grounded and more sure of herself. And she told me she knows she has the tools to not only maintain that, but to have it go deeper and deeper, and that’s exactly what we want to have happen.

I’m so thrilled that the Virtual Retreats are so incredible, the transformations have been so phenomenal. And as I said on the Masterclass last week, energy is energy –our Practitioners are masters at harnessing and utilizing the transformational energy of Sedona, moving the old energy out, moving the new energy in, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re in their healing room or your living room, they are Masters at making these amazing transformations happen. I just get tingly thinking about it.

So if you’d like to release the old stuff that’s no longer serving you and have a true transformation, give us a call. Speak to one of our Angel Guides. They’ll connect with you (or both of you for a couples retreat) in deep conversation, digging deep to discover the blocks and gunk that are holding you back. Then they’ll custom design a retreat that will move all that out and bring you into the life or relationship of your dreams. And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

Call us today or click here and we’ll call you.

i want my transformation

Join me for our daily High Vibration Upliftment Meditation for the Planet – on Facebook every day at 7am Pacific

I love it that thousands of people have connected with the meditations that I’m doing each morning with my fabulous Practitioners to raise the vibration of the planet. I feel better each day and I bet you will too!

Debra Stangl & Beuaregard

Please join me each morning on the Sedona Soul Adventures Facebook page at 7am Pacific (10am Eastern, 9am Central, 8am Mountain). If you sign up for Notifications, you’ll know every day when we start. I always come on a few minutes early so that people have a chance to find me and you’ll get to see our new Goldendoodle puppy, Beauregard.

Wishing you a week filled with peace and harmony,

Debra Stangl

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