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Clearing Your Blocks to Financial Prosperity

I don’t know about you, but this pandemic has sent everyone I know into some sort of financial upheaval. If you were lucky enough to keep your job, I’m so happy for you, but the financial devastation that we’re seeing everywhere can affect all of us if we let it.

But if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that we can shift our energy around ANYTHING! And that’s why I feel our next Masterclass is so incredibly important for helping people at this time. And remember, it’s Live and it’s FREE!

Barbara Joy

Don’t Just Survive…Thrive!
Clearing Your Blocks to Financial Prosperity

SSA Master Practitioner
Barbara Joy

Each of us is experiencing the financial insecurity that is going on right now in different ways. What we do have in common is the truth that we all have energetic blocks in our conscious and subconscious minds contributing significantly to our outer world experience.

Most are in our subconscious mind. We aren’t able to identify them with our conscious mind, yet they are having a significant impact on our lives.

What are some of those blocks?

  • Limiting beliefs, perceptions and judgments
  • Patterns of self-limitation and self-sabotage
  • Thoughts and feelings of unworthiness

In this Masterclass, we’ll talk about common blocks most of us have and how to identify them with our conscious minds. You’ll receive tools and energy healing techniques which will help you shift away from survive and into thrive!

We’ll also call on a volunteer to help them clear some blocks – could that be you?

Join us:

Reinventing Yourself in This New AgeMasterclass Series

Saturday, May 9
9am Pacific
(Noon Eastern, 11am Central, 10am Mountain)

Join Master Practitioner Barbara Joy
Clearing Your Blocks to Financial Prosperity

If you haven’t already registered for the Series, register here and let the transformation begin…

This is our way of helping you become the best version of yourself possible.

And don’t worry if you can’t be on with us live – we’ll record all the classes so that you can access them.

Again, click here to register (if you haven’t already).


Carmen says her Virtual Soul Adventure “changed me completely in 3 days!”

I mean, Wow! Is that just so amazing? And that’s exactly what’s happening with our Virtual Retreats – people’s lives are being completely transformed.

I have to admit, when we first had the idea of doing Virtual Retreats back in March, I was concerned that we might not be able to deliver the same “punch.” But then I remembered a few things:

  • Energy is energy and what we are doing is moving out the old energy of disconnection, trauma and unhappiness, and moving people into the new energy of connection on all the levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
  • Our Practitioners are absolute Masters at moving this energy, harnessing this energy and conducting this energy.
  • Because energy is energy and our Practitioners are Masters at utilizing it, it makes no difference whether you’re in their healing space here in Sedona or in your own home, you will receive this energy, you will feel it, and you will know.

And the results are ALMOST unbelievable. As Carmen says, her life was changed completely in 3 days!

Call us today or Click here and we’ll call you. One of our Angel Guides will connect with you (or both of you for a Couples Retreat) and we’ll go deep, to discover what’s holding you back from having the life or relationship of your dreams. Then they’ll custom design the perfect retreat to bring you exactly what you’re yearning for. And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

i want my transformation

I’m continuing our Upliftment Meditations for the Planet – join me on Facebook every day at 7am Pacific

Debra Stangl & Beuaregard

I have to say, I’m loving doing the meditations each morning and I love that it’s connecting with so many people. I’d love to have you join us.

Please join me each morning on the Sedona Soul Adventures Facebook page at 7am Pacific (10am Eastern, 9am Central, 8am Mountain). If you sign up for Notifications, you’ll know every day when we start. I always come on a few minutes early so that people have a chance to find me and you’ll get to see our new Goldendoodle puppy, Beauregard.

I truly believe we can all make a difference by bringing our energies together in this way.

Wishing you a week filled with glimmers of your best self,

Debra Stangl

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