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Discovering and Releasing the Patterns with Debra

Many years ago, I had a very profound moment. My therapist encouraged me to do the process I’m going to take you through next Saturday on our Masterclass. She had me look at different areas of my life in a particular way and compare them to my parents. I told her there would be NO similarities, because I was so completely different from my parents. Wow, was I wrong!debra square

This was one of the most powerful processes I’ve ever done in my life. I think it will have an impact on you as well. I hope you’ll join me.

Reinventing Yourself in This New Age – SSA Live Masterclass Series
Saturday, July 11
9am Pacific
(Noon Eastern, 11am Central, 10am Mountain)

Join Debra Stangl, Founder of Sedona Soul Adventures
“Discovering and Releasing the Patterns you took on from Childhood that are Affecting you Today”

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Don’t miss my interview with Debra Poneman, the creator of “Yes to Success.” Join me each week for Meeting the Masters and watch the compilation video.

debra pnemonDebra Poneman, the creator of the “Yes to Success” seminar, says God doesn’t give you a desire and an idea without the power to make it come true. 

In this week’s Meeting The Masters Interview, Debra shares the same wisdom with me that enabled her student Deepak Chopra to become a best selling author and perhaps the best known meditation teacher on earth. She is truly a Master!!

If you’ve been given a dream and want to make it come true, you’ve got to listen to this interview. It’s available right now on our site. 

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Here’s a short compilation video that will give you a taste of the Series.


Pat says her Soul Adventure was a “Wow,” “Life Changing,” “a complete transformation” and “exceeded my expectations.”

ssa annon testimonial

I love it that in addition to being “life changing,” we exceeded her expectations. How many things can you say that about in this day and age? 

I think we’ve all gotten so used to bad customer service (don’t get me started on what happened to me yesterday on the phone) and to having things not be all that great. So when people tell us that we exceeded their expectations, I just love that so much. Because people typically come here with very high expectations! And it’s something that people tell us very often.

A woman I love very much who did a Soul Adventure and then went to Egypt and Peru with me (Hi Barb! Love you!) told me once, “Debra, you and Sedona Soul Adventures always under-promise and overdeliver.” 

I love that, especially because Barb is a person with extremely high standards and especially because it’s so true! I simply can’t find the words to tell people how amazing and incredible and fabulous and life changing and all those superlatives doing a Soul Adventure is. And then I’m sure that people who don’t know me think I’m just hyping. But I’m not. It’s really true and we’ve got the testimonials to back that up!

How would you like to have a complete transformation? It’s not only possible, it’s what we do all the time.

i want my transformation

Call us today or Click here and we’ll call you.

One of our Angel Guides will connect with you (or both of you for a Couples Retreat) and we’ll go deep, to discover what’s holding you back from having the life or relationship of your dreams. We’ll custom design a retreat that’s perfect for you and you can do it in Sedona or from the comfort of your own home.

Remember, there’s no cost or obligation and we’re even open on Sunday, because we’re here for you!

Wishing you a week filled with breaking old patterns!

Debra Stangl

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