Egypt Feb 15-28, 2021 – 100% Refundable - Sedona Soul Adventures

Egypt Feb 15-28, 2021 – 100% Refundable

I’m so excited to announce our next Egypt trip:

February 15-28, 2021

I’ve been waiting for all the crazy in the world to lessen a little bit in order to make the announcement and then this week, I realized…


It’s safer in Egypt than it is in the United States right now!

So I started meditating about it and the minute I said to myself, “Okay, I’m doing it,” this energy flooded my body and it felt so good! I felt so excited and connected!

And then, you’re not going to believe this, literally 2 hours after I made the decision and felt all that energy, I received a phone call from a woman who lives in Michigan who just found us on the internet and she said, “I want to go on your Egypt trip!” She placed a deposit right then and there, and I just knew…

“Here’s my sign from the Universe that we’re supposed to do this!”

Then literally within 24 hours, someone who just finished a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat called me to tell me how incredible and life-changing it was, and then she said, “I hope you’re doing the Egypt trip, I want to go!” Okay, Universe, I get the message!

All of the information I’m getting is that the trip is going to sell out – our trip this year in February sold out in less than 3 weeks and I think there are so many people out there who are waiting to go somewhere and do something… and plan something to look forward to.

jane schafer testimonial

This trip is just so extraordinary. It’s such a beautiful combination of all the places you absolutely have to go to, combined with the spiritual aspects of connecting with Egypt’s powerful energy. We go to all the must-see places:


  • The Great Pyramid (where we’ll have 2 hours of private time for ceremony just for our group)
  • The Sphinx
  • Karnak
  • Luxor
  • Abu Simbel

But we’ll also be going to places the average tourist doesn’t always see:

  • Isis Temple at Philae
  • Temple of Abydos
  • Hathor Temple at Dendera
  • Horus Temple at Edfu
  • The Osirion

And this year we have special tickets to see:

King Tut Mask

  • The Tomb of King Tut in the Valley of the Kings
  • The Tomb of Seti I in the Valley of the Kings
  • The Tomb of Queen Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens!

To see the actual tomb and the mummy of King Tutankamun is so amazing. We will also see the treasures of his tomb in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The Tomb of King Seti I is absolutely spectacular and Queen Nefertari’s tomb (she was the favorite wife of Ramses II) has been called “The Sistine Chapel of Egypt.” Very few people are allowed to see these tombs, so this is a very special part of our trip this year.

Plus, we’ll be doing ceremonies and meditations, and discussing the alternative theories of who built the Pyramids, who built the Sphinx (and when) and why are there carvings of a helicopter, a tank and a submarine in the walls of the Temple of Abydos?


Having two hours of private time just for our group inside the Great Pyramid for meditation and ceremonies is beyond belief!

Plus, we just have fun. Here we are dressing up like Egyptians for Galabaya Night.


I love this photo, it so demonstrates what happens on this trip – having breakfast at the fabulous 5 star Mena House right next to the Pyramids, three people who didn’t know each other before this trip connecting and having a fabulous time, about to start another incredible day of exploration, wonder and awe.

egypt group

And to go on a journey like this with other like-minded travelers – it’s just the icing on the cake. Don’t be concerned if you don’t have a companion to travel with – our groups are typically in love with each other within 48 hours, making friends that last a lifetime.

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Some important things I want you to know:


1. I know some people may say “Debra, are you nuts announcing this in the middle of a pandemic?” I understand that point, but honestly, it’s safer to be in Egypt right now. They have flattened the curve and their numbers are much better than here in the U.S.

2. No one that I have connected with is concerned that Egypt will close their doors to U.S. or Canadian citizens, as Europe has. Egypt has always had a great relationship with the U.S., they love Americans and Canadians, and we don’t see that happening.

3. We are making this 100% refundable up to December 14, 2020 so that any deposits or other funds you have placed, will be completely refundable, no questions asked.

As of December 14, we have to send all funds to Egypt for air, hotels and other land costs. If something happens after December 14, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to receive any funds back from our Egyptian vendors, so I highly recommend that you obtain Trip Cancellation Insurance that will cover the pandemic. When you obtain that, we will deduct $50 off the cost of your trip, as $50 per person is allotted for trip insurance (medical, etc.) and that will be covered in your Trip Cancellation Insurance.

For information on the Day to Day Itinerary – Click Here

For all the details on Pricing – Click Here

If you have any questions about our trip, send me an email at [email protected].


And be sure to get a copy of my Mystical Egypt”report, it’s beautiful and it will give you so much information about Egypt, the amazing sites, the Gods and Goddesses, and why Egypt is such a special place.

The Egypt trip is sold out! Click here to be put on the wait list (and very often people have to cancel)

Or feel free to give me a call. Here’s how:

  • Cell: 1-928-301-2896
  • Office toll-free: 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada)
  • Outside the US and Canada: 001 928-204-5988

Or Click here and I’ll call you – I love talking about Egypt!


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Wishing you a week filled with adventure!

Debra Stangl

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