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“How To Tap Your Way Through Anything” Masterclass

Tapping is one of the most amazing things out there for turning things around. It’s so incredibly simple, but it’s so fantastically powerful! I use it every single day and it changed my life when I first discovered it.

How would you like to learn about something that helps with all of these things (this list is a result of a Google search I did, so don’t take just my word for it):

  • Addiction
  • Anger management
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Pain management
  • Phobias
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Pain Relief
  • Weight Loss
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Resentment
  • Autoimmune Diseases

Plus, I want to add two more things that didn’t show up on this list, but we’ll be covering it on Saturday:

  • Lack of Abundance
  • Smoking Cessation

As I was writing this, I thought, “I need a quick definition,” so I Googled again and got this perfect definition:

And that’s exactly right. Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) was developed by a psychologist who studied acupuncture and developed this amazing process where you tap your fingers on different parts of the body, the meridian points. He used it primarily to release fears and phobias, but over the years, we’ve used it for so many clients here at Sedona Soul Adventures, including all of the above. It’s so simple, but so powerful!

In our very first Masterclass earlier this year, our Master Practitioner Rick Reynolds showed you how to tap through your negative feelings and emotions to remove blocks to joy, happiness, and love.

In this Saturday’s Masterclass, Rick takes you deeper into the Tapping. He will show you how to use tapping to let go of physical discomfort from headaches to allergies, releasing weight, ending unhealthy habits like smoking, and removing any blocks you may have to greater abundance in your life.

He’ll even talk to you about an amazing video that is on YouTube from someone who used tapping while he was in the hospital during the pandemic to stay off a ventilator and is convinced that is what saved his life. (Of course, we can’t promise that, but it’s certainly worth a try if you find yourself in that situation!)

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve ever tapped before; this is so simple, even children can use it!

Rick’s plan is to work with as many volunteers as time permits, so bring your issues and get ready to tap!

Reinventing Yourself for a Better Tomorrow – Masterclass Series
Tapping Your Way Through Anything
with Rick Reynolds
Saturday, October 17
, 2020
Noon Eastern • 11 am Central • 10 am Mountain • 9 am Pacific
(If you can’t join us live, we will send a recording)

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Karen says she was skeptical (especially about the price), but her Soul Adventure “went to the depths of my soul” and “exceeded my expectations”

Karen, thank you so much for your beautiful words. And yes, you need to be skeptical about things – as you say, Sedona is filled with “healers and psychics on almost every street corner” and you have no way of knowing who’s good and who isn’t. When I was coming to Sedona doing my own personal healing over a period of three years (before I started Sedona Soul Adventures), I did a lot of sessions with people here in Sedona who were not good at all, or worse, mediocre. For me, there’s nothing worse than doing a session that is just kind of blah.

One of the reasons I started Sedona Soul Adventures was so that people could come to Sedona and know that they were working with the best of the best. That’s why we vet our Practitioners thoroughly and put them through a rigorous approval process, so that we know they’ll be able to deliver the transformations you came here for.

Plus, no one else offers what we do – a Retreat Experience that is completely custom designed for exactly what you need (or what the two of you need for a Couples Retreat), where you will be working one-on-one (or two-on-one) sessions in private, not in groups. As Karen says, “to explore the depths of my soul without embarrassment or shame.” When you’re going into the depths of your soul, that is where the healing is, and you certainly don’t want to do that in front of other people.

And I love how she says: “Each session exceeded my expectations – as did each practitioner.”

She felt safe enough to plumb the depths of her soul, she went from her head to her heart and has gone into self love and freedom. Wow!

I’d love for you to have all that. Please contact us to speak to one of our Angel Guides. They’ll begin the process of digging deep to discover what are the blocks that are holding you back from having the life or relationship of your dreams? Those blocks are different for everybody, the cause is different and how they show up is different. Let’s start the process.

Remember, there’s no cost or obligation and you can do it in-Sedona or from the comfort of your own home.

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Call us today or Click here and we’ll call you.

Would you like to speak to someone today about doing a retreat?
We’re even open on Sunday, because we’re here for you!
And remember, there’s no cost or obligation.


Discover the Difference Between a Nervous Breakdown
And Spiritual Awakening
Watch my Interview with Anjel B Hartwell on Meeting the Masters

Imagine doing yoga in a park one minute and opening your eyes to see every person transformed into glowing orbs of light. That’s what happened to our next guest on the Meeting the Masters Podcast.

Author and Alchemist, Anjel B. Hartwell, was a top Real Estate Broker and Consultant to the World Bank. She was in the middle of building 51 homes, 56 apartments and an office building when her life was turned upside down by a spiritual awakening.

Anjel shares the amazing story that led her down her spiritual path and created a life devoted to helping women step into their power and wealth.

Anjel B Hartwell Cover Final

She shares her best tools for creating conscious change and embodying your healed self…

And how she became the creator and host of one of Apple’s most popular podcasts.

Watch the interview

And check out the “Wickedly Smart Women Podcast.”

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Only a few spots left for our Return To Egypt Tour
February 13-26, 2021 – 100% Refundable


If you’re still thinking about the Egypt trip, I hope you can make a decision soon. We just have a few spots left for this trip of a lifetime.

It’s going to be so fabulous, I’m so excited!


We go to all the must-see places:

  • The Great Pyramid (where we’ll have 2 hours of private time for ceremony just for our group)
  • The Sphinx
  • Karnak
  • Luxor
  • Abu Simbel

But we’ll also be going to places the average tourist doesn’t always see:

  • Isis Temple at Philae
  • Temple of Abydos
  • Hathor Temple at Dendera
  • Horus Temple at Edfu
  • The Osirion
King Tut Mask

And this year we have special tickets to see:

  • The Tomb of King Tut in the Valley of the Kings
  • The Tomb of Seti I in the Valley of the Kings
  • The Tomb of Queen Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens!

Plus, we’ll be doing ceremonies and meditations, and discussing the alternative theories of who built the Pyramids, who built the Sphinx (and when) and why are there carvings of a helicopter, a tank and a submarine in the walls of the Temple of Abydos?

Having two hours of private time just for our group inside the Great Pyramid for meditation and ceremonies is beyond belief!

And to go on a journey like this with other like-minded travelers – it’s just the icing on the cake. Don’t be concerned if you don’t have a companion to travel with – our groups are typically in love with each other within 48 hours, making friends that last a lifetime.

jane schafer testimonial

And remember, the trip is 100% refundable up to December 14, 2020.

For information on the Day to Day Itinerary – Click Here

For all the details on Pricing – Click Here

If you have any questions about our trip, send me an email at Debra@SedonaSoulAdventures.com.

Or feel free to give me a call. Here’s how:

  • Cell: 1-928-301-2896
  • Office toll-free: 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada)
  • Outside the US and Canada: 001 928-204-5988

Or Click here and I’ll call you – I love talking about Egypt!

If you already know you want to go, Click here to place your deposit.

Wishing you a week filled with with loving yourself!

Debra Stangl

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