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Having a fabulous time in Egypt!

Greetings from Egypt! We’re having another amazing time in this incredible place!

egypt group 2021On our very first day, we went to the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.

It is so incredible to see these amazing structures. It hits me every single time, even though this is my 21st trip to Egypt!

I love the mysteries such as who built the Pyramids? How did they get these huge stones to this place (some of which weigh over 2 tons) when they know they came from Aswan, which is an 8 hour train ride away? And how did they cut the stones with such laser-like precision that they fit together perfectly with no mortar or concrete?

Riding camels to the Pyramids is always so much fun – they’re so sweet. And of course it’s so wonderful to be here with my beloved Richard. This is his third trip to Egypt and he’s become as fascinated as I am with all things Egyptian! What a wonderful thing to have in common.

King Tut MaskAnd then onto the Cairo Museum, where we saw the treasures of King Tut, along with so many amazing things. To see all this gold, all the incredible jewelry – it still takes my breath away even after all these years. And next year they are promising that the new Museum will be open. It was supposed to be open this past October but because of COVID, the Grand Opening was delayed to next year. That is going to be so spectacular, I can’t wait!

There are so many treasures they’ve never been able to display because the old Museum was built in 1905 and can’t accommodate everything. We’ve seen the new Museum from the outside and it’s enormous! We’ll get to see so many things for the first time.

And speaking of COVID, it’s been amazing how little it’s affected us on this trip. First of all, I loved it so much that our trip was sold out. All of us had to test negative before we could get on the plane (luckily all of us did!). Most of the places we go to are completely out in the open air, so we don’t have to have our masks on then. We’re using ear buds with our guide so we can all socially distance (although we’ve all just tested negative, so that helps). Just like in the states, we can take our masks off when we eat, so it really hasn’t put a damper on things.

We’re all having an incredible time!

Tonight we watched the amazing Sound and Light show at the Pyramids and Sphinx. It’s so dramatic, it’s reminiscent of The Ten Commandments. I love this photo that Richard shot – the Sphinx just looks otherworldly.


One of the best parts for me, is being with this amazing group of people. We are all different ages, sexes, and nationalities, but with a commonality of being fascinated by this amazing place. It’s so much fun to experience this with other adventurers.

And as usual, the Egyptian people are so warm and welcoming. They always ask “where are you from?” and when I say “America,” they always reply with a similar response: “We love Americans!”

I’m so excited to come back again and especially to see the treasures of the new Museum!

While I’m here, my wonderful Angel Guides and Retreat Coordinators are holding down the fort in Sedona, so if you’d like to speak to someone about doing a retreat, give us a call. So many of the people on this trip are “grads” of Sedona Soul Adventures (although you don’t have to have done a Soul Adventure in order to go on the Egypt or Peru trips), it’s so great to connect with them again. Call us at (928) 204-5988 or Click here and we’ll call you.

Sending you so much love from mysterious Egypt!

Debra Stangl

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