If you think a virtual retreat “can’t be as good,” read this - Sedona Soul Adventures

If you think a virtual retreat “can’t be as good,” read this

Can you believe it’s been one year since all the COVID stuff started happening? When was the first time you remembered feeling like, “Wow, something is going on here?”

It started for me shortly after we returned from our Egypt trip last year. Two weeks after we returned, there was a COVID outbreak that happened on a Nile cruise ship from a passenger that had visited China before coming to Egypt (luckily we were nowhere near that ship). Everything in Egypt shut down. Then everything in the United States shut down.

We swung into action immediately. Within 2 weeks, we started doing our retreats online. I have to be honest and admit that when we first started, I wasn’t sure we could deliver the same incredible transformations that happen here in Sedona, because we had never done that before. But I’m so happy to tell you that from the very beginning, the At Home Soul Adventures have delivered the same punch and the same incredible transformations as doing the retreats in Sedona.

We’ve had a lot of people say to us “a virtual retreat can’t possibly be as good” and I have to tell you that’s just plain wrong! Read this:

Shae just finished her retreat on Thursday. She was apprehensive and didn’t know what to expect. But by the end of her Soul Adventure, she feels:

  • Renewed
  • Refreshed
  • “An absolutely awesome version of me”
  • She met her authentic true self
  • She loves and adores herself

And here’s another of my favorites. Pam did her At Home Soul Adventure in November and it was incredible:

I got a beautiful Valentine’s Day card from Pam, thanking me for all that I do and then this week, I got the most wonderful email from her this week telling me about all that’s happened since her At Home Soul Adventure in October. I asked her if I could share her email and instead she sent me this incredible message which even though it’s long, I just have to share it all with you.

Oh my Goddess, isn’t it incredible? All from (finally) doing her At Home Soul Adventure. Pam, I am so proud of you and so happy for you!

I’m surprised at myself that I even questioned for a minute whether or not the At Home Retreats would be so amazing. We’re bringing the energy of Sedona to you through our incredible Practitioners who have been working online and virtually for years, and who are Masters of harnessing and bringing the energy of Sedona to you. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re in their healing room or your living room, they’re moving the energy and bringing the same kind of transformations to you.

We’ve expanded our At Home Retreats and they are now a permanent fixture of how we can help more and more people all over the world!

We asked one of the people to describe her At Home Soul Adventure in one word and she said “Transformation.” I spoke with her on the phone at the end of her retreat and she said to me, “Debra, this was absolutely life-changing. I can’t believe what’s happened in just a few short days. And I know I have the tools to have it just go deeper and deeper.”

When we asked another of our At Home Soul Adventurers, her one word response was “Enlightening.” She raved about each and every one of her sessions and she even told us that she loved the Virtual Retreat “even more than if I had come to Sedona in person.” She said it was so easy for her to maintain the sacred space at home and she loved that she could have the emotional support of her dog and the restfulness to be at home. Isn’t that great?

And another person told me that the money she saved in airfare, hotels, restaurants and car rentals made it possible for her to do their Couples Retreat sooner than they had originally planned – and it allowed them to add even more sessions.

That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

As Pam said above, if you’re thinking about this, “DO IT NOW.”

Almost everybody has stuff going on in their lives or their relationships, and the pandemic has forced us to really see that stuff as it’s coming up. I’ve had so many people say to me, “I’m really realizing life is too short. I’m not settling anymore. I want to have the most amazing life I can have and I don’t want anything to hold me back.”

And so many couples have told me, “All this togetherness has shown us where the cracks are. We love each other, but we’re driving each other crazy. We want to stay together and we need some help in figuring out how to not drive each other crazy.”

We don’t want you to wait for your transformation!

How are you doing through all this? Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if you ended up with your life or your relationship transformed? Because that’s exactly what can happen.

Call us today at (928) 204-5988 or Click here and we’ll call you. One of our Angel Guides will connect with you (or both of you for a Couples Retreat) and we’ll go deep, to discover the blocks and gunk that are holding you back. And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

And I get it, many people want to come to Sedona — it’s a beautiful, fabulous place. But isn’t it wonderful to have this powerful option?

Nobody gets to say to me, “A virtual retreat just can’t be as good.”

i want my transformation

As I always say, if you knew what could happen, you’d be calling right now.

Would you like to speak to someone today about doing a Soul Adventure? We’re even open on Sunday, because we’re here for you!

Machu Picchu and Peru Sacred Travel

Is Machu Picchu a power spot like Sedona is?

I’ve had lots of people asking me that question lately.

Have you ever been in a place and felt an unmistakable energy, or felt like you’ve been there before, or felt a tingling sensation?

If you’ve ever been to Sedona, you know that Sedona is one of these places – an energy spot, a power spot.

The Native Americans believe that Sedona is one of the most potent power spots on the planet and that it is energy that can be used for transformation. After 20 years of living here and working in this energy, I know that’s true.

And many places in Peru are exactly the same – a power spot, a place of intense energy that can be used for personal transformation.

Machu Picchu and Peru Sacred Travel

Machu Picchu is certainly one of these places. Does even looking at that picture of Machu Picchu make you feel something? Like a yearning to go there? Can you imagine what it will be like to be there and do ceremony with our shaman and guide, Jorge Luis Delgado on the Solstice? Amazing!

Lake Titicaca Debra

Lake Titicaca is another incredible power spot. Legend has it that the Golden Solar Disc from the Temple of Illumination was brought to Lake Titicaca by Lord Amaru Muru for safe keeping. Is it still there?

The doorway of Aramu Muru is considered to be a gateway to other dimensions. I literally had a miraculous occurrence there a few years ago.

So many people go to places like Machu Picchu and the Great Pyramid, and they get the information from their tour guide or a guide book (which is probably not even accurate, since we have no written accounts or evidence of any type of what these places were or even who built them).

Most tours that go to Machu Picchu are only there for a half-day, they run around for a few hours and then they leave (which is so astoundingly sad to me).

With sacred travel, it’s different. We not only go to these places, we experience them:

  • At each place, you’ll take time to connect in and feel the energy.
  • You’ll do ceremonies to deepen the connection, with our shaman, Jorge Luis Delgado.
  • You’ll do meditations to anchor in the energy and to receive the messages each place wants to give us.
Peru and Machu Picchu Sacred Travel
  • You’ll utilize the energy for transformation.
  • You’ll be traveling with other like-minded seekers, connecting with each other and having discussions about what it feels like to live life in connection.

One of the things that I love about our trips is that usually within 2 days, everyone is in love with each other. It feels like family and I have made friendships on these trips that have lasted for years.

That’s exactly what just happened on our Egypt trip — even though I always say it, everyone was amazed when it happened. So don’t be concerned if you don’t have a traveling companion – you don’t need one, you’ll have lots!

So the best part of sacred travel — what makes it so much more compelling — is going to all these places, connecting with the energy and utilizing that energy to transform your life.

That’s why I hope you’ll join us on this sacred journey. Click below to get all the information, including pricing:


Click here if you’d like to watch video testimonials from our past trips.

If you already know you want to go, Click here to place your Risk Free* Deposit. There’s just a few spots left, so act now!

Is this the year you give yourself the gift of Machu Picchu?

The trip is 100% refundable up to April 1, 2021 so that any deposits or other funds you have placed, will be completely refundable, no questions asked.

“The entire trip was fantastic, I would recommend to anybody if they want to go to Peru this is the kind of vacation to take. In the future I won’t be able to travel any other way — it’s so much more meaningful to bond with the group, sharing a spiritual purpose, with a wonderful guide. You have the best of all possible worlds, all your daily needs met, no worries about train schedules or hotel reservations, and the benefit of a guide that is supporting your spiritual path. I didn’t want to leave Machu Picchu…”
~ Linda Gunter

I hope you’ll connect with me on this amazing journey.

If you have any questions, please send them to me directly at [email protected].

Or call me — (928) 301-2896 — I love talking about Peru!

Wishing you a week filled with transformation!

Debra Stangl

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