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The Good Stuff That’s Come From The Last 2 Years (Hidden Gifts Of The Pandemic)

I couldn’t agree more that the last two years have sucked and that COVID has been horrible. I lost people I loved, our lives have been upended, education and child development have been severely damaged, people are more anxious and depressed, businesses have closed, inflation has gotten crazy, etc., etc.

I know. I agree. All of those things have happened. And it’s been really difficult.

This past weekend my husband, Richard, and I went to visit his brother and father for his father’s 95th birthday. The airport was very crowded and we struck up a conversation with one of the airline people and she was telling us the whole Memorial Day weekend was packed with people. She said, “It’s so great to see people out again and they’ve all got this huge desire to travel again, people want to feel happy again!”

Richard and I started talking about how this is exactly what we’re seeing with so many of the people who are coming to us now. All of the death, fear, suffering, lockdowns, and uncertainty have resulted in many people really getting it that:

  • Life is short
  • I have no idea what the future holds
  • I don’t want to settle
  • I want to be happy
  • I want to really LIVE my best life

We’re also really seeing this in the couples who come to us. They have the same feeling – life is short and I want to have a wonderful, satisfying, delicious relationship, so let’s figure this out.

All of this turmoil and uncertainty have made people who were sort of just sleepwalking through their lives to suddenly wake up! To wake up to their potential, to their freedom, and to this craving to live their best life. And I LOVE that!

When something “bad” happens, I always try to dig a little deeper and find the lesson, find the gift. In my own life, my mother’s death from cancer when she was only 51 is still the worst and most difficult thing that has ever happened to me.

But looking back over all these years, I can now see so many gifts. Her death started me on my spiritual path which has now culminated in my work with Sedona Soul Adventures; my very stoic German family never said “I love you” to each other until my mother’s passing; and it finally opened a path for me to have a really close relationship with my father, who went on to live another 30 years.

So many people were just existing before COVID and some of them have just gone back to just existing and to “going along to get along.” But there is a large group of people who have really woken up and really opened up. They’re viewing their lives and their relationships in a different way and are committed to living their lives and their relationships in a different way and, again, I LOVE that!

I believe our birthright is to live peaceful, happy, and joyous lives. We’ve had a damper on our lives for the past two years, but that damper has made many of us realize this deep desire to live a happy and joyous life and have a fabulous, delicious relationship.

Many of us have blocks and wounds that are holding us back from having all that and I think COVID has made many of those blocks and wounds bigger and deeper.

If you are feeling this desire to really LIVE the rest of your life or if your relationship isn’t all you want it to be, give us a call. We’ll connect with you (or both of you for a Couples Retreat) and start the process to find, release, and heal those blocks and wounds. We’ll custom design a retreat that will bring you back into connection on all the levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. When you’re living in connection, your life and relationship become amazing!

Give us a call. 

i want my transformation

Or if you’d prefer, call us at (928) 204-5988 or request a call from one of our Soul Guides and they will call you.


Jordan says he was “a bit of a skeptic that a few days in Sedona would change much,” but after his “overwhelming” Soul Adventure he says, “this was the single most important step I can recall taking in my life.”

I love it when people come to us and they are skeptical, especially as Jordan says, skeptical “that a few days in Sedona would change much.” But that’s the absolutely amazing thing about a Soul Adventure – all the incredible stuff that happens in just a few short days. And as he says, this is a “truly revolutionary program.”

Look at all that happened here:

  • He was in overwhelm from life
  • We helped him discover that nurturing his spirit and loving himself was the only thing missing
  • He came into self-realization
  • He came into love
  • He got tools and knows he can use them in every aspect of his life
  • He is forever changed

Wow! That’s just the best, isn’t it?

Would you like to speak to someone today about doing a Soul Adventure? We’re even open on Sunday, because we’re here for you! Remember, there’s no cost or obligation and you can do it in-Sedona or At Home.
Call us at (928) 204-5988 or request a call from one of our
Soul Guides and they will call you.


Did you know Sedona Soul Adventures was named
“Best of Sedona” for Retreats for 2020, 2021 & 2022 and
“Best Marriage Retreats in the US” 2017-2022

Wishing you a week filled with good stuff!

Debra Stangl

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