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Are you feeling uncertain about your future?

Isn’t it weird and upsetting that just as it appeared that things were getting better from the past 2 years of the pandemic, now new problems are weighing on people?

The pandemic has been so stressful for so many people and as we started to come out of it over the past year, I saw people starting to feel more and more like we were turning the corner.

But then all of this other peripheral stuff from the pandemic has gotten piled on – inflation has gotten absolutely crazy, home prices and rent are rising astronomically, supply chain issues have continued to make more and more things not available or cost way more than usual, so many people have quit their jobs that businesses are closing or reverting to much shorter hours, economists say we’re headed for a recession, some large companies have started doing layoffs, etc., etc., etc.

Add in the political situation, mass shootings, and wildfires — sometimes it can feel like everything is just going to hell in a handbasket.

Or not.

It sort of comes down to two questions:

  1. Are you living your life in connection?
  2. Are you living your life purpose?

What’s happening for most people is that they are living their lives in disconnection on one or more levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. When you’re in disconnection you have no solid foundation. When you don’t have a solid foundation on the inside, everything that happens on the outside bats you around like a mobile home in a tornado.

If you aren’t living your life purpose or if you don’t know what your life purpose is, you will most likely feel lost most of the time. There’s no compass, no direction.

Are you feeling uncertain in these uncertain times?

Here’s the truth — You don’t have any control over what the government does, how your landlord increases the rent, how much corporations charge for food, whether or not monkeypox turns into another pandemic, or what other people do.

The only thing you have control over is YOU.

You have control over how you’re reacting to things, how you’re thinking about things, how you’re feeling about things, how you’re talking about things, and what you focus on.

Many people don’t feel like they have that control because they feel controlled by circumstances outside themselves or other people.

If you DON’T want to live in a constant state of anxiety and uncertainty, you need to take back your life.

You need to come back into connection.

You need to be living your life purpose.

When you’re living your life in connection, everything flows. When you have that solid foundation, it doesn’t matter what’s happening on the outside, you still are feeling grounded and peaceful.

When you know your life purpose and are living it, you always know what to do and what direction to take because you’re always moving in the direction of your purpose.

The key is removing the blocks that are holding you back, finding clarity, visioning out where you want to go, and shifting into that new reality.

It’s actually much easier than you’re probably telling yourself it is. Look at what happened with Lashana in just a few days with us:

Like most people, Lashana was feeling uncertain and disconnected. She didn’t know her purpose and had no idea what the future held in store for her. That’s a terrible place to be.

She came to us and we did what we do best – we found, released, and “healed the old wounds” – the blocks and gunk that were holding her back. Then we brought her back into connection on all the levels and “unleashed the goddess within,” giving her the “clarity I need to manifest my dreams.”

How fabulous is that?

I love her words so much because she really gets what we do. First, we spent time with her starting to figure out what was holding her back. After connecting with her, we custom designed the perfect retreat for her. As she says, her “sessions were curated to meet my specific needs.”

She really understood that’s what makes a Soul Adventure so incredible.

Because it’s all focused on YOU.

We spend time really figuring out what is holding YOU back, what YOU need, and what it’s going to take for YOU to have the life or relationship of your dreams.

Then we put together your perfect retreat – sessions where you’re working one-on-one (or two-on-one for a Couples Retreat) in private, with our Practitioners who are Masters at taking you from where you are to where you want to be. Giving you the clarity you need to manifest your dreams.

That’s why group retreats don’t work. What brought you to where you are is different from what brought the person next to you. What is causing your disconnection is different from what is causing their disconnection. The healing YOU need is different from the healing they need.

And who wants to really open up about their fears and failures in front of a bunch of judgmental strangers?

Lashana loved being with our “compassionate” Practitioners – they make all the difference.

Are you tired of feeling uncertain, uneasy, anxious, and disconnected?

Do you have a deep desire to truly start living your purpose? To get clarity on it once and for all, and really start living?

Is your relationship nurturing you in the ways you want to be nurtured?

I believe we come to this planet with a birthright to have a happy, fabulous, satisfying life, full of passion and purpose. If that’s not happening for you, isn’t it time to do something about it?

Give us a call.

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