Schedule a Complimentary,
No-Obligation Conversation
with an Angel Guide

Sedona is home to hundreds of master healers and spiritual teachers. During a private spiritual retreat, you experience one-on-one sessions with a variety of these practitioners…

But figuring out which ones to work with is challenging to do on your own.

That’s why we’d like to offer you a complimentary, no-obligation, and decidedly no-pressure Angel Guide Session.

An Angel Guide is a highly intuitive and knowledgeable member of our staff who has experienced the work of our practitioners.

In a private heart-to-heart conversation, your Angel Guide will explore where you are in your life … and what you dream of for your future.

Based on this powerful conversation, this wise and compassionate counselor carefully selects a series of retreat experiences. Each session builds on the others – and every single one is chosen for its ability to meet your deepest soul needs.

You’ll return home lighter. Freer. Clear about where you’re headed. And bursting with love for yourself, your life, and the world.

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