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Creating And Nurturing Valuable Relationships

Meaningful Relationships

Genuine relationships are one of the pillars in having a healthy and happy life. Social media helps us to reach out and make more connections but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is all we need to build lasting connections. Our ability to bring value into other people’s life takes effort and time but it brings priceless rewards and adds richness to the meaning of life.
Here are some pointers in establishing and building valuable relationships:
Be open to new and random connections
Sometimes, we meet new people and tend to have a preconceived notion of who they are based on the initial interaction.  If we keep new acquaintances in a box, we’ll never be able to know who they really are and the value that they may have in our Life. Give people a chance to share a bit more of themselves and be open to random invitations. Regardless if these connections will develop into long-term friendships, enjoy and appreciate their presence in your life and the company they offer at that moment.
Nurture the important relationships in your life
Our busy schedules can be filled with endless tasks and time may never seem enough to have everything done. However, prioritizing the important relationships in your life means taking quality time to spend with them. These relationships can be your family or close circle of friends that you do not see very often.
Appreciate the moment in each others company
Spending time with people is not about what you can achieve in your time together but rather enjoying each others company. Valuable relationships are not about results like any of our to-do tasks. It’s about spending time with each other, doing things that you both like without aiming for a particular result.
Be open with who you really are
Most people tend to put their best foot forward. Being connected with people means being vulnerable and not being scared of other people’s judgment. People will find it more comfortable to connect and maintain a relationship with someone who is open and shows their real personality rather than those who only shows a side which they think people will like them to be.
Create and nurture a good relationship with yourself
The most important relationship in your life is your relationship with yourself. If you’re not really connected with who you are, you may struggle in creating and nurturing relationships with other people. Being connected with yourself is crucial since it reflects how you establish and maintain value in all your relationships. If you have trouble understanding who you are, your wants and needs, it may be hard for people to really get you and you may find it challenging to relate with those around you.

Better Relationships

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Reduce Stress By Experiencing Serenity

Finding Serenity

Many people struggle to find serenity in a world full of distractions and clutters. The truth is, peace and calmness is not hard to achieve in our daily lives. All we need is a conscious effort to put aside all the noise of modern life and practice how to be calm.
Here are some habits to help you experience serenity:
1.    Start your morning with calmness
Don’t jump into the rush like the rest of the world. It usually takes time for our mind to “set in” and therefore take a few minutes to meditate. A little meditation and a light exercise helps to condition the mind and body to prepare for the rest of the day.
 2.    Be conscious of your response
People have different ways of responding (or reacting) to stressful situations. Sometimes jumping into action right away may bring more harm rather than solution. It can be overwhelming to the other people around you, and some may even find it disrespectful. Behavior is tied up with your responses so by being conscious of the way you respond, may help achieve a calmer way of handling varying situations.
3.    Learn not to take offense
Most of the time, we tend to act right away when get offended by others or the situation. Remember that taking offense is our own decision. People have different opinions and perceptions about different things and therefore being offended is a decision we make. Learn not to take things personally.
4.    Practice gratitude
Complaining rather than being thankful of the things you have can be stressful and adds to the negative energy that surrounds you. Every day, instead of pointing out what you don’t have, be thankful for the things that you are blessed with.
5.    Develop your own healthy stress-coping habits
There are different ways to cope with stress. Unfortunately, some of these may not be healthy for us – alcohol, shopping or procrastinating. Remember that the best way to deal with stress is develop a healthy habit that can give you genuine peace and calmness. This may include reading, exercise, talking to a friend, taking a walk or even drinking tea.
6.    One task at a time
Our fast paced society have elevated the importance of multi-tasking and this causes a lot of stress since we are forced to do a variety of things in a specific span of time. This means we’re not as focused and therefore it can cause anxiety because we feel we may have missed something. Therefore to be truly productive and avoid the anxiety, focus on one task at a time.
7.    Take a spiritual vacation
Everyone needs a time-out from the daily grind.  This may mean we have to reconnect with our spiritual self and get some good pampering – mind, body and soul. This can be done through spiritual vacations.

Where To Find Serenity

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Benefitting From Solitude: Taking Time For Yourself

Finding Time For Yourself In Solitude

Taking time for yourself may sound like a cliché nowadays. However, focusing on holistic health has never been more popular in our society. This is due to the modern, fast paced life that we are living in. Making the time to experience solitude in a positive and beneficial way is more critical now than ever to maintain balance in our lives. Solitude allows us to be alone with our thoughts. It gives us time to be with ourselves, reflect on our lives and enables us to find peace without the external influences and distractions. It also gives us the space to be creative and appreciate the little things that we ignore due to the demands of our daily grind.

Making The Time For Yourself

With so many distractions around us and roles that we have to fulfill, a time for ourselves has been deemed to be a crucial part of being holistically healthy. But how can we make time for solitude in such a highly connected and demanding world? Below are some tips for you to enjoy solitude.
Disconnect from distractions.
The first step is to find a way to disconnect from the world. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for 10 minutes or an hour but cutting down all your connections from distractions such as internet, phone and other media can give you some time to be alone with your thoughts. If you’re in the office, find a silent spot wherein you can breathe and enjoy a little bit of peace and silence.
Simplify things and save time.
Most people find it hard to have enough time for themselves due to all the things they need to do –chores, social commitments, etc. If you’re doing laundry twice a week, cut it down to once a week or even once every two weeks, if possible. Try to minimize the time you spend on taxing chores and even minimize your social commitments. Remember that the simpler your life is, the more time you can have for yourself, enabling you to maintain a positive and balanced life.
Go to a spiritual retreat as a getaway
Getaways are mostly associated with vacations – and vacations do not always mean “relaxing” and “tranquil”. Going to a spiritual retreat is more purposeful compared to a typical vacation. Make it a point to treat your getaway as a time for spiritual rejuvenation. Spiritual retreats are great opportunities to experience solitude in a very positive way.
Finding time to be alone may sound impossible if you have a cluttered and exhausting routine. Remember that solitude is highly beneficial when it comes to our mental and spiritual health and can benefit our physical health as well. By creating an opportunity to untangle yourself from distractions, uncomplicate your routines and social schedule; and enjoying a spiritual vacation, you are eliminating the serious threats of stress and anxiety.

Being With Yourself In Solitude

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Understanding The Power of Perspective And Our Own Pains

Examine Your Perception

It is not strange that we see things from different perspectives. Everyone has their own belief system brought by individual experiences. Every person has a unique set of experiences and each has been conditioned with different beliefs.  Our perceptions of the facts are based on our own established belief system. This perception is what’s causing us to feel pain, joy and other emotions. Each person’s belief system varies in terms of limitations since we have unique experiences and backgrounds.
Our belief system becomes a filter of information that our brain processes.  This information is generally derived from our senses, and filtering it gives us our unique perception of the world as an individual. This perception becomes our reality and shapes our very own personality. This means, in real essence, we have full control of our reality since we are the one who interprets facts and other complex subjects based on our belief system.
We need to understand that our perception doesn’t necessarily mean that a certain thing is indeed a fact. Rather, it is our interpretation of the fact. Being aware that the dynamics of reality is not based on one person’s point of view and therefore it’s good to question our perception once in a while. If we stick on believing our pains in terms of our perception of a particular subject, we’re being enslaved by our perception and therefore we suffer because of our own doing. By controlling our perception, we’re controlling the way we feel about things and therefore do not allow other perceptions to enlighten us and see things differently.
By being aware of how our belief system works and how our perception can shape our own reality, we are giving others the benefit of the doubt and giving ourselves less chances of suffering from our own painful conclusions. We all know that life does not come in black and white and understanding that our perception of things can determine our happiness in living a fulfilling life. As they say, you can either choose to see the glass half full or half empty.
Given the importance of perception in living a healthy and balanced life, we can also improve it to benefit us. Spiritual retreats are great opportunities for us to reflect and examine our perception in order to live a happier life. Having positive perceptions can help us see opportunities instead of challenges; and having that chance to examine ourselves closely on how we view life can help us in improving ourselves, our perceptions and our relationships.

Change Your Perception

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