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The Simplicity of Relationships

Understanding Relationships

When we are in a relationship, we normally believe that achieving a happy and easy one requires hard work. People often think that both parties should give in to each other and compromise for relationships to last. On the contrary, relationships are really not that challenging at all. They are easy and sustainable. Making time for your partner is not supposed to be part of that hard work. Relationships are not hard to maintain, it’s the people involved in relationships that normally make them harder.
The truth is, sometimes, we are kinder to strangers than to our partners. Possibly because most people are bothered by many pointless roles brought by both parties in a relationship. Unfortunately, these roles are just overwhelming and lead people to lose sight of the vital parts. It is easy to oversee that our better half is also an individual capable of decision-making. Understanding and respecting each other’s individuality can liberate both people from the imposed roles and can help couples to choose one another freely rather than feeling trapped in a repetitive existence together.
Relationships shouldn’t be that hard, in fact, they should be easy. First, marriage should help you to mature. It is not about happiness, nor becoming complete. It is about growing up. Your growth is your personal responsibility, same with your spouse. So keep in mind that you can only control yourself but not your partner. Many couples view their relationship as a separate entity in their marriage that has to be repaired. But as a matter of fact, it should be the relationship fixing them. That’s what the relationship is intended for. If you recognize this and accept this perception, relationships will be easy.
A good philosophy that we can embrace in dealing with our spouse’s differences and behavior is by “adjusting our sails rather than the wind”. Concentrate on who you can be in charge of – yourself. Keep things in life simple. Begin by slowing down. Be all ears during regular conversations with your spouse and children despite your hectic schedule so you won’t miss out on good moments. Pause, and think before you respond. There’s no need for an instant reply when talking. Take time and savour the connection. It allows both of you to be more open to one another.

Strengthening Relationships through Couple’s Retreats

A lot of couples fail to understand that acknowledging their individual needs and their partner’s, can make it simpler to maintain relationships. It is no doubt that couples lose the spark of love and some start to feel the strain of living with a partner who cannot meet their needs. Sedona Soul Adventures offers couple retreats to help people rekindle the flame with their partners and find a way to transform their relationships into a smoother and simpler state.
Spiritual retreats for couples can help each individual to reconnect with themselves so they can rediscover the connection they have with their partners. To know more about Sedona Soul Adventures’ couple’s retreats, Click Here.

Practicing How To Relax Even When We’re Busy

Having a Busy Life

Slowing down and simplifying things out of your busy life may seem hard to attain. Undeniably, there are moments wherein you feel anxious and unhappy. Try to step back and reflect on these ways in order for you enjoy every moment and make your life less busy:

  • Live the present. Be in the “now” so you can appreciate your present existence. Be in the moment and don’t rush into the future or be left behind in the past.
  • Savor each and every activity you do in your life. The more you enjoy each moment, the more you’ll feel that life gets better.
  • Loosen up and treat each day as if you’re on vacation.
  • Be ready. Life can throw a lot of surprises and be open with whatever will come along your way.

We are often conditioned to be in two modes — the busy mode and the relaxed mode. The daily grind belongs to the busy mode while the unscheduled time alone or time spent with our family or being on a vacation belongs in the relaxed mode. Being in the relaxed mode is the time we feel more and worry less. We enjoy each moment, the sun, sounds, and sensations around us. The busy mode istight and hassled during the work week and even other distractions can suck us in our spare time. But how can we change this routine to make our senses heightened on relaxation mode in the midst our busy lives? It’s easy. You have to practice a calm state. The same state that you are in when you are in the relaxed mode.
When we are relaxed, our sensations are magnified. We feel the wind and the sun kissing our skin. The lapping of waves in the shore sounds like laughter, colors are vibrant, sand smooth on our toes and smiles are everywhere. We feel each moment instead of thinking the moment. We let the physical sensations flow into our mind resulting in a happy feeling.
You can practice this even when you’re sitting in front of your work. While in front of the computer, feel the chair you are seated, your fingers running on the keyboard. Feel the air around you. Take note of your breathing. Concentrate on your physical sensations so you can go into the relaxed state of mind. Once you achieved this, you can do this anytime, anywhere.Observe this throughout the day and you will be in a regular state of being relaxed. And you can live your life each moment without rushing everything.

Finding Peace and Relaxation

Being relaxed is vital to everyone to maintain mental, physical and emotional health. People who are always in busy mode may eventually feel burned out and it can affect their health in general. Spiritual retreats are great opportunities to experience relaxation as well. Sedona Soul Adventures customized spiritual retreats so you can achieve the utmost relaxation of the inner self that you so long desired. For more information on how you can relax and rejuvenate during a spiritual retreat, Click Here.

Having More By Having Less

Having Less is More

Remember the old saying “Less is More”? The recent downturn of economy proved this statement to be true for most of us. As a consumer country, we are presented with so many things that we do not really need and are not necessarily healthy for us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The idea of acquiring “more” leads to endless dissatisfaction and can keep us chasing dreams that do not guarantee happiness. Most of them may have brought more harm than good to us.
Here are some of the things that we can have in less quantity but more in quality:
1. Money
Money is meant to be spent. It’s a tool so we can acquire the things we need. Regardless of how much money we have, if we do not spend it wisely, we’ll always run out of it. Most of us practiced the dangerous habit of spending more than our means and this resulted to in a staggering amount of debt for most of us. If you feel that money is the most important thing you need, it might be time to assess your definition of happiness.
2. Relationships
No, we do not need hundreds of friends as the social media sites seem to condition us. Genuine relationships are not defined by merely being connected online; it’s how valuable these connections are to each other’s lives. Keeping old classmates and acquaintances in the loop may be a great idea. However, your friends and family may value your relationship more if you go beyond your online connection and spend more quality time with them.
3. Possessions
You do not need the latest cellphone model nor the latest tech gadget in the market. You do not need 2 cars; you can live with 1 or none at all if you use public transportation. Material possessions complicate our lives since we are forced to use them. Although some of them are valuable tools of efficiency, do you really need all of them?
4. Food
Huge servings and huge calories. Food has become more than just nourishment; it has become a source of gratification, a reward to a stressful ordeal or a sign of status. Food is about nutrients and nothing more, anything outside that purpose is either gluttony or unnecessary luxury.
5. Choices
People think that the more choices we have, the better. The truth is the more choices we have, the more confusing it is and the more frustrating it can be. Limiting our choices is a good way of freeing ourselves from making the wrong ones. If you have problems limiting your choices, that means you may have issues understanding or knowing what you really want.

Real Essence of Simple Life

Understanding the real essence of having more in less coincides with how much we know ourselves. Most people fail to acquire and prioritize their needs because they are always going along with the herd. A good sense of yourself is connected with your spirituality.
Sedona Soul Adventures offers customized spiritual retreats that can help you reconnect with yourself. These spiritual retreats can help you embrace the real essence of life based on the quality of what you have and not just the mere quantity of it. Click Here for more information.

Finding Peace in Change: Learn To Embrace Uncertainty

Fear in Uncertainties

Most of our fears are usually based on assumptions. Sometimes, we are worried of the changes that may unfold in our lives therefore we choose not to move forward and hold on to our comfort zones. However, growth and opportunities arise when we venture into uncertainty and embrace the journey along with it.
Our society has emphasized the importance of being in control and always being prepared for the future. The truth is no one really knows what will happen an hour from now, tomorrow or even a year from now. We can only have assumptions and expectations but the future is always about uncertainties.
Fear of the unknown is a very common emotion that sparks in everyone. Even the most adventurous of us will experience this fear and still go for the jump. Change is the same and we all experience this, at least one point in our lives. The meaning of our lives revolves around the changes we embrace and our ability to face uncertainties with courage.
Here are some tips to appreciate changes by embracing uncertainties:
Explore outside the box, little by little, one at a time
Most of us have established routines that we comfortably practiced over the years. Trying out new things and putting ourselves out in the open may sound scary. Changes don’t have to be grand, they can be small things like drinking tea instead of coffee, doing yoga instead of a morning jog or calling people more often rather than checking updates on their Facebook pages. These may be small changes and have predictable outcomes. Nonetheless, it is taking a step outside of what you were normally used to.
Focus on the positives rather than the downsides
If we have issues letting go, change may not come in easy. However, change presents opportunities that may make life happier and richer for us. If we focus on the benefits of change rather than what we will lose, we’ll be more open to it and will help us to look forward. Moving to another city may mean leaving behind your friends but it will be a good chance for you to meet new ones. Moving on from an unhealthy romantic relationship may mean having more time to work on yourself and opening a door for a new partner in the future. These positive aspects of change may never be achieved if we keep on focusing on our fears towards uncertainty.
Enjoy the process and keep an open mind
Most changes do not happen overnight, it is usually a process. However, the decision to embrace it is a conscious effort on our side. A big part of change is your ability to let go. Some parts of this process may be painful. Time and our ability to embrace it with grace may play a huge factor in being able to get through with renewed confidence.

Embracing Uncertainties

Sedona Soul Adventures have helped many people turn their life around through spiritual transformation. Their customized spiritual retreats have been helping people refocus, rejuvenate, reconnect and embrace a more positive life. For more information on how you can experience this transformation, Click Here!