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The #1 way to have peace in your life

For most people, having peace in their lives seems like an impossible dream. Most people are stressed out, burned out and they’re doing too much. Ironically, even though they’re doing too much, they don’t feel like they’re accomplishing anything.
Most people are worried about something that gnaws at them all the time. What is that for you? Do you worry about your job, your kids, your health, your spouse, your relationship, your money situation? Do you worry about other people liking you or loving you? Do you worry about your future? Do you worry about how your life is going to end up?
What’s your general state of mind during a typical day? Are you happy and excited? Or are you upset and frustrated? How do you react to things when something happens? Do you take it in stride or go into worry and upset?
Most people live in a general state of worry, upset or (even worse) hopelessness. It’s not hard to understand why that happens with everything that is going on in the world and in our day to day lives.
But the interesting thing is, it’s not all that stuff on the outside that is causing your sense of peace or lack of it. It’s how you’re reacting to all the stuff that’s happening. And how you’re reacting to it is based on how you’re thinking and feeling about it. And the way you’re thinking and feeling about it is probably rooted in something that happened to you a long time ago, in your formative years.
We had a woman who came for a Soul Adventure retreat in the past few weeks who first contacted us saying that she wanted to come to heal her pain around her marriage ending. Her husband had left her and she was (of course) brokenhearted. When she spoke with her Angel Guide, he knew this had deep roots. He designed her Soul Adventure in such a way to bring those out. During her time here, she discovered things around her relationship with her mother that had left her feeling unloved and unworthy of love. She saw how she had actually created an unhappy relationship to bring this up for healing.
Once she had that awareness, everything shifted. She did forgiveness work around her relationship with her mother and she said she felt the energy of that situation completely heal. The next sessions brought her into a sense of loving herself on all the levels — physically (loving her body), mentally, emotionally and spiritually. At the end of her retreat she said, “I had no idea all of this was impacting every area of my life in all of these ways. I feel like a huge weight has come off my shoulders. I feel light and free for the first time in my life”.
Last year we had a couple who first contacted us saying that there were no problems in their relationship, they simply wanted to become closer on a spiritual level. But when their Angel Guide spoke with each of them separately, she felt some undercurrents of resentment and fear. With a Couples Retreat, we always design the retreat to include sessions for the couple together, but also individual sessions for each person to heal issues that the individual might be bringing to the relationship and that’s how their retreat was designed.
During the first session, the cracks in their relationship came out and in their individual sessions, they both got real eye openers. The wife’s father left her mother when she was a young child and the messages she got was “men leave” and “I must have done something wrong that daddy left”. Her father had been very emotionally abusive and she realized that she sometimes felt “bullied” by her husband. Not in a harsh and abusive way, but in subtle ways that were controlling.
She was amazed when she discovered another link: her husband is very attractive and her father was very attractive. Even though they have been married for over 20 years and he has always been faithful, she realized that she has always been afraid of losing him and put up with the subtle bullying because she was afraid that he would leave her like her father had.
In her subsequent sessions, this place of fear (that had been with her since childhood) was healed. She was completely blown away.
In his sessions, the husband disclosed for the first time that he had been bullied as a child. He saw how this was affecting not only his relationship but every area of his life. In his individual sessions the shame from this was healed and he said he felt all the anger just flowing out of his body and his heart.
Needless to say, they were both shocked to discover how this “bullying” issue (which they had never defined as an issue) had been impacting their relationship. And you can imagine how wonderful their final couples sessions were. Both of them came together healed and more in love than ever. Her fear was gone, his shame and anger were gone, and they had a new and deep appreciation for each other that hadn’t been there for a long time. Plus, they received tools that they took home to help them continue to communicate and connect more deeply.
That was last year and I just spoke with them this past week. It’s been a year now and they both said that the peace that this has brought to their lives and relationship is beyond what they could have imagined.
As both of these stories illustrate, if you want to have peace in your life, you have to get at the things that are causing you to not have peace. You might know what those issues are, you might not. Most often, people who come to us to do a retreat discover that the thing that is causing their pain, their anxiety and all their problems is actually something different from what they thought it was.
So here is my bold statement – The #1 way that I know to have peace in your life is to come to Sedona and do a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat. We will find the blocks and move them out. We’ll move you back into a sense of connection and peace that you didn’t think was possible.
Contact us to speak to an Angel Guide. It’s amazing how many people say that after one phone call with their Angel Guide they already feel better. Your Angel Guide will speak with you (or both of you if it’s a couples retreat) on a deep level. Then they’ll custom design a retreat that will bring you into the life or relationship you’re craving.
Click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you. Or if you’d prefer, call us toll free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you.
Wishing you a week filled with peace,

Debra Stangl / Founder

Sedona Soul Adventures – Transforming Lives One Soul At A Time
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Daisy Dawg, Katie Kat, puppies, kittens and wet slurpy kisses

1 Hand holding DaisyA number of people have written to me lately asking about how Daisy Dawg and Katie Kat are doing, as I haven’t spoken of them lately. They’re both doing great and as I was going through pictures of them I came across photos of Puddin’ and Emma and Sammy and had to say a few words about them as well as a few words about all the amazing love these little beings bring into our lives.
Daisy is doing so well. The picture above is her at 4 weeks. I could hold her in my hand. See how she’s smiling? She’ll be 6 in July and although she weighs 100 pounds, she still thinks she’s a lap dog. She is happy and healthy and wonderful and, as you can see, she’s still smiling!
Her favorite thing to do (aside from bugging Katie Kat) is to go hiking, which we do 2-3 times per week. When we hike, she will find a huge stick and as we walk along she’ll stop and spend some time whittling it down from its original hugeness (look closely at the one above, it’s about 5 feet wide). She’s always very proud of her handiwork. My friend and hiking buddy, Susan (who is also one of my wonderful practitioners), calls Daisy “the branch manager”. Her other favorite thing to do is to chase and/or catch frisbees. She prefers the soft side kind and she would do that for hours on end if I would just do that for her (but, alas, I run out of energy after about 20 minutes).
She also loves to go and play with her brother, Boulder, who lives with his mommy, Ranjita, in Oak Creek Canyon. Daisy and Boulder look exactly alike (I don’t have anything but fuzzy pictures of them, because they are always running whenever they’re together). The minute she goes up there, she immediately goes into Ranjita’s beautiful fountain for a little soak. When we get home, she has to rest and recuperate for a couple of days.
DaisyandKatieBedHere’s Daisy and Katie Kat together on my bed. Katie will turn 17 this year, I can’t believe it! She’s such a great cat. It is so funny to me that this 8 pound cat is in total control of this 100 pound dog. But she is definitely in control! They get along well, but Daisy can’t understand why the cat doesn’t want to play all the time!
KatienewJPGOn evenings when I’m home, I say to Katie, “I’m getting the snuggly blanket.” Then I stretch out on the couch and she jumps up and lays on my lap (on the snuggly blanket) as I read or watch TV. Every so often she’ll turn around to look at me and she stares into my eyes. I took this picture of her as she was turning to look at me. I always feel a huge surge of love when she does that.
I always wonder what she’s thinking when she looks at me like that. I hope it’s something more compelling than “mommy, this is boring, can we change the channel?”
As I was looking through these photos, I found photos of my sweet Puddin’ (the cat) and Emma (the black dog). Puddin’ was the most amazing cat. She showed up one day in my backyard. My pet psychic at the time said she was the reincarnation of the cat I had in high school. Puddin’ would jump on your lap and then lay on your chest and your heart chakra would just open. This sink was over a heating vent, so it would get very warm in the winter time. Puddin’ loved to sleep in the warm sink.
EmmaMy beautiful Emma also showed up at a time when I wasn’t looking (especially not for a dog), but there she was. What an amazing being. She was so sweet and full of love. She loved to go hiking in Sedona, it was her favorite thing to do. When she passed very suddenly 6 years ago, I was completely devastated. When I communicated with her through a psychic, she said she would bring me my next dog and the story of how she brought Daisy is so funny and sweet and a little amazing.
Emma was a golden retriever/English springer spaniel mix, so we wanted to find another golden mix. We found people outside of Phoenix who breed their pure bred golden retriever, Honey,  with Luke, who is 1/2 golden and 1/2 yellow lab. The result is a dog who is 3/4 golden and 1/4 yellow lab. They’ve developed this breed in order to breed out the problems that the pure bred goldens have with hip dysplasia, etc. The dogs are so smart and sweet that they are very often used as guide dogs.
We contacted them and they said they wouldn’t be having any more litters until fall, plus they had a waiting list of over 20 people so it probably would be a long time before we would be able to get one of their puppies. But we went down to meet them anyway and met Honey and Luke, the mommy and daddy, and saw what great dogs they are.
Suddenly we got a call a few weeks later saying that Honey had gone into heat and although they had quarantined her away from Luke in their Arizona room, one evening there was a storm and the door to the Arizona room had blown open. By the time they noticed that Luke was not in the living room, they discovered Luke and Honey had evidently “done the deed” and, if so, she was probably pregnant. Also, they had contacted everyone on their list and only one other person wanted a dog at that time, so suddenly we were at the top of the list.
I did another session with the psychic to communicate with Emma. I hadn’t told the psychic that we had decided to get one of Honey and Luke’s puppies. In the session, Emma said she was excited about us having our new puppy and then she said “how do you like how I blew the door open?” We hadn’t told anybody the story of the the door blowing open and Honey getting pregnant. Emma had brought Daisy, just as she promised she would!
3 PuppiesWe were the first ones to see the puppies so we got to choose which one we would take. But the choice was already made. The 3 puppies are identical except for one thing. One of them has a splash of white fur on her chest. Emma had a splash of white fur on her chest. Another sign from Emma that this was our girl.
sammy on wall1And then there’s Sammy, who was my pet lion in a past life in Egypt. Edgar Cayce says in his readings that we not only reincarnate with the same people and groups over and over, but also with the same animals and pets. When I think about the incredible relationships I’ve had with these wonderful beings, I know that must be true.
Sammy lived to be 19 and he was so wonderful. He used to lick me all the time and he had a very rough tongue. It always reminded me of a Dennis the Menace cartoon where Dennis is showing his friend Joey a record and he says “It’s a song about how Cowboy Bob loves his horse — it’s called ‘Sandpaper Kisses'”. Sammy was always giving me sandpaper kisses, but that was quite alright with me.
Daisy gives me big wet slurpy kisses and that’s quite alright also. It’s the love in those kisses that means everything, isn’t it?
Would you like to bring peace, joy, love and light into your life or your relationship? It’s not only possible, it’s exactly what happens when you do a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat.
Click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you. Or if you’d prefer, call us toll free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you.
Wishing you a week filled with big, wet, slurpy kisses,

Debra Stangl / Founder

Sedona Soul Adventures – Transforming Lives One Soul At A Time
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Debra_JorgeWhy seeing Machu Picchu and Peru with Jorge Luis Delgado is so completely different and so much better than my first trip to Peru
This past week I was going through old boxes and found the receipts and paperwork from my first trip to Peru in 2003. It was an exploratory trip and I was part of the group, not the tour leader. It was not with Jorge Luis Delgado, because I hadn’t discovered him yet. It was a good trip and it was wonderful to see Machu Picchu and Peru, but it was nothing compared to going there with Jorge, our amazing shaman and guide.
I feel like in that first trip I only saw Peru. With Jorge, we experience these sacred places on all the levels — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. He takes us not only to Machu Picchu and Ollantaytambo but also to ancient places that are mainly unknown. He takes us to Aramu Muru, the portal to other dimensions that he discovered. This is our 10th time of journeying to Peru with Jorge and I’m as excited as I was during that first amazing trip.
We still have one more space available – join us on this trip of a lifetime.
For information on our fantastic Day to Day Itinerary Click here
For information on Pricing Click here
If you have questions, please send me an email at:
[email protected]
or give me call – 928/301-2896 – I love talking about Peru!
Diane says that after her Soul Adventure she is “overflowing with peace, joy, love and light”
“This was not only my very first retreat but also the first time going away completely alone. From the beginning of my journey to its competition I was filled with such support… joy… and love. At no time did I ever feel alone. I never imagined after such a process I would be feeling so much lighter… clearer… and overflowing with so much peace… joy… love and light! What an amazing experience to say the least. I wish to extend to everyone at SSA and all the Practitioners who were all absolutely awesome that I worked with my deep love and warm-hearted gratitude! I will be back! Namaste’Namaste;’Namaste’”

Diane Sordoni, May 2011

Diane also went to Egypt with me this year. It’s so wonderful to have this on-going connection with people and for them to receive so many on-going benefits.

If you aren't living your life purpose…

Are you living your life purpose? My guess is that if you are reading this, you probably are not living your life purpose. If that’s the case, then there are probably a lot of things going on:

  • You might be telling yourself you don’t know what your life purpose is
  • You’re probably feeling frustrated
  • You probably get cranky
  • You probably sometimes feel like you’re running out of time
  • You might be telling yourself that “someday” you’re going to figure this out and really start living your life purpose
  • You have lots of reasons [excuses] for why you aren’t living your life purpose (not enough money, not enough time, the kids, I’m too young, I’m too old)

I don’t think there is anything that is more demoralizing in life than having that nagging feeling that you’re not living your life purpose because you don’t know what it is. If that’s what’s happening for you, I completely understand and I feel huge compassion. That’s exactly what was happening for me for the greater part of my life. I went to college and then I worked for 3 years and then I went to law school. I practiced law for 20 years and for the first 5 years I kept telling myself that as soon as I felt like I knew what I was doing that I would enjoy it more.
Then for another 5 years I told myself that there was something wrong with me because I didn’t enjoy it.
Then for the next 10 years I just simply hated it. I loved the part where I felt like I was helping my clients, but that only felt like about 20% of what I was doing. I told myself that “someday” I was “somehow” going to figure out what I should really be doing with my life and I was going to do whatever that thing was “someday”. But in the meantime, I was the sole source of income for my family, I had to pay the mortgage payment and the car payments and at least I had a nice house and I got to go on a nice vacation once each year.
It wasn’t enough, but I figured it was the best I could do under the circumstances.
Then in the last 5 years of practicing law, I actively knew I had to do something or I was going to die completely unfulfilled. But rather than getting really motivated and doing something about it, I mainly got depressed and angry. I was in my 40’s and I knew I was running out of time.
But I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I kept telling myself there was no way that I could leave my law practice (and the money and the security) without having a totally clear, 100% complete idea of exactly what I was going to do. The problem was, even after a lot of searching, nothing ever presented itself.
In January of 1999 I went into a deep depression about all this. I felt lost and completely stuck. I felt like there was no way out. I felt like I was wasting my life. But the worst part was, I had no idea what to do.
I was working so hard at this job that I hated that I was completely stressed out and burned out.
It got to the point where I knew I needed to do something. I did a session with the energy worker I worked with in Omaha (where I was living then) and the information that came through was that I needed to do a retreat, to go somewhere on my own. In my head, I heard the word “Sedona”. I had heard of Sedona, but I had never been there.
I decided to go to Sedona for 3 days. I thought I was just going for 3 days to rest. Little did I know that those 3 days would completely change my life.
Even though I had no idea what I was going to do. I just knew I had to leave. The minute I made the decision, miracles started happening. And it ultimately led to me founding Sedona Soul Adventures.
And now so many of the people who come to us come because they know they are supposed to be doing something with their lives. They may not know exactly what that is, but they know they’re supposed to be doing “something”. And it’s so gratifying that part of my life purpose now is to help other people discover and start living their life purpose! It’s kind of amazing when you think about it.
If you know you aren’t living your life purpose and your soul mission, my question to you is “What are you waiting for?” Your life is right now. It doesn’t start next year or when you make some more money or when the kids are out of college. And, by the way, if that’s what you’re doing, you’re modeling for your kids that they should do things they don’t want to do, just for money — is that what you want to be teaching your kids?
Don’t do what I did. For 5 years, I would meditate and pray and tell God “I’m so unhappy, please tell me what to do”. I would hear this voice that would say “You need to leave your law practice” and I would stop the process right there. I would never even explore it. I had so many excuses — money, time, security, status — that I cut it off before any other information could come through. I put myself through 5 more years of unhappiness and depression. I did it to myself, no one else was doing that to me.
If you have that nagging feeling that you’re supposed to be doing something, it won’t go away. It will only get bigger. It will only make you feel more and more unhappy.
There are two things you can do right now. First, stop telling yourself that you don’t know what you’re supposed to do. That keeps you stuck in the energy of “I don’t know”. Start telling yourself, that you are on the path to discovering what you are supposed to be doing. That nagging feeling is the Universe talking to you. That is drawing you onto the path. That is truth.
The second thing you can do right now is to come to Sedona and do a retreat that’s designed to help you discover and implement your life purpose and soul mission. Call and talk to one of our Angel Guides. They are people who (like me) aren’t living “traditional” lives anymore and they will be the first to tell you how amazing that is! I love it that over the years my Angel Guides have included people who were a network news producer, a chiropractor, a high powered marketing exec on Madison Avenue, a mom, a real estate agent, a legal secretary and other very “normal” jobs and lives. They know first hand what it takes to live a life that is on purpose.
Even better, after they have spoken with you, they’ll have a very clear understanding of what you need to uncover and start living your purpose-driven life. They’ll design a retreat that is unique for your circumstances — some people have blocks from events that have happened in their lives that are holding them back, some people have a feeling that they don’t deserve to be happy, some people have influences left over from past lives that are blocking them from coming into their best life now, some people have made soul contracts before they came onto the planet that block them from living in abundance and creativity, and some people just don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing. Every person is different. That’s why we custom design our retreats around exactly what YOU need. And our Angel Guides are masters at figuring that out.
Stop telling yourself you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing, or how you’re supposed to be doing it and take the positive action to do something about it NOW. Come to Sedona and do a retreat with our master practitioners. Start living the purpose driven life you were born to live.
Click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you. Or if you’d prefer, call us toll free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you.
Wishing you a week filled with purpose,

Debra Stangl / Founder

Sedona Soul Adventures – Transforming Lives One Soul At A Time
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Vicky says that after her Sedona Soul Adventure, “My life is now on a clear path that I am truly excited about.”
“With the help of all the amazing people at Sedona Soul Adventures I feel that I now have clear direction in my life. The experience was full of ‘WOW’ moments and has left me feeling like I have truly come home. My life is now on a clear path that I am truly excited about. Thank you to all those gifted souls – It was inspiring to have met you. My sense of self has been restored.”

Vicky D., Ajax, Ontario, Canada

Debra_JorgeTwo more spots left for our Machu Picchu and Peru trip – June 17-30
We have two more spots left for our fabulous Machu Picchu and Peru trip, June 17-30. It’s such an amazing journey – 3 days at Machu Picchu (including doing ceremony on the Solstice, June 21), 5 days on Lake Titicaca, Ollantaytambo, the Sacred Valley, Cuzco and more. Plus being with our shaman and guide, Jorge Luis Delgado, throughout the two weeks is so incredible, including doing ceremonies in these amazing places. And finally, going with other like-minded travelers – it’s certainly the trip of a lifetime.
For information on Pricing Click here
If you’d like to download our Peru Brochure Click here
If you have questions, please send me an email at:
or better yet give me a call – 928/301-2896 – I love talking about Peru!
If you know you’re supposed to go on this trip – make the decision now.

Last Call for Machu Picchu & Peru – Roommate needed

If seeing Machu Picchu is on your bucket list, then I urge you join us June 17-30 as we journey to Machu Picchu and other sacred sites of Peru. This is truly the trip of a lifetime.
Debra_JorgeSpend 2 weeks with shaman and guide Jorge Luis Delgado
I believe that Jorge is one of the most important teachers on the planet right now. To be able to be in his presence for 2 weeks, to hear his teachings and to “walk the path of the shaman” is absolutely transformational and life changing.
DDebra ceremony Doorwayo ceremonies at some of the most important sacred sites in the world
One of the most fantastic things we do on this trip is ceremonies at the special places we visit. We do a sunrise ceremony at Machu Picchu on the Solstice. We also do a special ceremony at the Doorway of Aramu Muru, the portal to other dimensions that was discovered by Jorge Luis (the story is in his book Andean Awakenings), on the island of Amantani and throughout the trip. During these ceremonies we are releasing “heavy energies”, the blocks that are holding us back from living our best life. They are also designed to connect us with the energy of the Divine.
AWomanDrinkbsolutely Everything is taken care of for you. It’s so wonderful on a trip like this to have absolutely everything taken care of for you. Hotels, food, all the transportation (and on this one it not only includes planes, trains and automobiles, but also boats!). I went to Europe the summer before last and having to put together all of that made me appreciate how perfectly this trip is orchestrated. You don’t have to worry about anything — we handle all the arrangements and all you have to focus on is having your transformations and a whole lot of fun.
Group Machu Picchu 1
Journeying with like minded travelers. Every year our groups bond in the most wonderful and amazing way. It’s so precious to be able to share these sacred experiences with other people who are on the path. It gives you a feeling of safety and security to be spending this special time with these special people. Not to mention making friendships that last a lifetime.
We need a female roommate. This will save you substantially from having to pay the Single Supplement for your own room. If you want to go and you would like a roommate, we have someone who needs a roommate. Please contact us as soon as possible.
If Machu Picchu is calling to you, heed the call! Come with us on this journey of a lifetime.
For information on our fantastic Day to Day Itinerary Click here
For information on Pricing Click here
If you’d like to download our Peru Brochure Click here
If you have questions, please send me an email at:
[email protected]
or give me a call – 928/301-2896 – I love talking about Peru!
But don’t delay – time is running out.
Wishing you a week filled with adventure,

Debra Stangl / Founder

Sedona Soul Adventures – Transforming Lives One Soul At A Time
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Martina says everything about the Peru trip was so “special and meaningful”
“This was such a special and meaningful trip. Whether you have been on a spiritual journey for years or are new to a lot of the concepts, this journey will open your mind to new ideas, concepts and perspectives about life in general as well as the meaning you make of it. There is no “religious” component to this trip, so it doesn’t matter if you are of any particular faith or no-faith – Jorge’s stories, legends and ceremonies will touch you, open your mind and provide for a new outlook that makes, as he puts it “the ordinary Extra-Ordinary”.
Everything was very well organized and communicated – we didn’t have to worry about a thing, but were very well taken care of. We could focus solely on the experience without any thought about the logistics, or when or where to show up. It was such a nice break from a busy life…
Some of the highlights from the trip: Oh, what to pick? Seeing Machu Picchu for the very first time brought tears of joy to every single eye in our group; the Summer Solstice Celebration was spectacular; I could have spent a week in Ollantaytambo; Amantini, where we enjoyed the family’s very caring hospitality, is an experience not to be missed; the experiences at Lake Titicaca were very unique which I will never forget.
The hotels we stayed at were fantastic: welcoming, lovingly decorated with the textiles and ceramics from the region, and had all the amenities you can think of. The food was delicious, no matter where we went!
As diverse as our group was in personalities, backgrounds and ages – travelers who sign up with Sedona Soul Adventures have a lot in common: An open mind, an innate curiosity, a willingness to learn and experience new things, and a strong desire to look for a deeper meaning in travel as well as life itself. Traveling with like-minded people makes such a difference. We easily connected with each other, had so much fun and laughter, and throughout the 2 weeks we have forged some true friendships that I believe will last for a long time.”

Martina Hutchinson