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Faith, 2 Miracles and the eclipse

We traveled to St. Joseph, Missouri this week to see the solar eclipse and had 2 miracles happen. I know this eclipse has ushered in a new age, and I want to talk to you about that but first I want to tell you about the miracles.
We chose St. Joseph for 4 reasons:

  1. It’s right in the center of the part of the US  where the eclipse was happening.
  2. A large group of astronomers picked it as the place they were going to be, at Rosecrans Air Field.
  3. It had one of the best chances for clear weather in the country.
  4. It was one of the easiest places for us to get to, with one direct flight, plus I’m very familiar with that area, having lived in Omaha for many years and visiting my brother who lived in Kansas City.

Before we left, my fiancé Richard kept checking the weather and suddenly one week before it said heavy rain on the day of the eclipse. He said, “baby, we’ve got to do something about this”, so we spent a bunch of time meditating on clear skies and running the energy of how exciting it would be to view the eclipse through a sunny, clear sky.
On Saturday and Sunday we kept hearing stories of the hordes that had descended on Oregon and we decided to go very early in the morning. We flew into Kansas City, had a good night’s sleep, woke up at 5 and were on the road at 6. We got on Interstate 29 for the hour long drive to St. Joseph and happily discovered that the highway was not choked with cars. We got to the exit and there was a big sign that said “Sold Out – Ticket Holders Only”. We looked at each other and said “What the What?” Even after all our reading and planning, we had never seen anything about needing tickets!
Richard said “Let’s start praying” and I started saying (in my mind) the mantra my Catholic mother had taught me as a little child, “Little Flower, show thy power” [This is St. Therese, also called the Little Flower of Jesus and my mother would constantly invoke her for small things like a dryer that had stopped running (and it would start running again, I swear!) and large things like my oldest brother getting into the college of his choice (which also worked!].
It was early, around 7 am and cars were coming, but we were one of the first to arrive. We got to the first checkpoint, and the man asked us to stop and wait for a truck that was pulling out. He told us they were sold out, and that meant 12,000 people. As we pulled away, I said to Richard, “when they ask for the ticket, tell them we’ve come all the way from Arizona and lay it on thick”. I was ready to beg.
We got to the next checkpoint and the man said, “do you have your ticket?” Richard said, “we had no idea we had to have tickets…” and the man immediately handed Richard a piece of paper that he had in his hand and said, “this is the last free one I have, you can have it – put it in on your dash”. Richard said, “God bless you!”.
As we drove away, we were high-fiving and laughing and I said “Oh My God, I can hardly believe that!” We were both so excited and happy. Can you imagine having come all this way, having made all these plans and be turned away because we hadn’t paid for a $41 ticket? Richard said, “I KNEW it was going to be all right!”
We found a great spot – on one side was a family with lots of kids and a baby and a mother who was continually doing things to keep them entertained. On the other side were some really interesting people from California and we had fun talking to them.
The morning was clear and sunny, but the weather kept predicting clouds and rain. We decided to sit in the car and do some more meditating on clear skies.
We walked around, saw lots of vendors and lots of astronomical gear and TV film crews and bought t-shirts and had pulled pork sandwiches (I love the Midwest!)
At about the time that the eclipse was to start, it clouded up and started to sprinkle. We got out our special glasses and started watching and although we couldn’t see it all the time, the clouds would part every few minutes and we would be able to see the eclipse happening through our glasses. Every time the clouds parted and it was visible, people would start whooping and hollering.
Suddenly, it started to really rain and the cloud cover became complete. We got back into the car and we meditated some more. Neither of us ever went into upset or disappointment, and even though we didn’t say it, we both knew that wasn’t the way to go so we didn’t go there.
After about 20 minutes of rain, we saw people starting to leave. We were stunned. Richard said, “Can you imagine coming all this way and then leaving? That’s not what we’re going to do, baby”. Lots of people were driving out and then suddenly the rain stopped. It was 1:05, one minute before totality. As we stepped out of the car, the clouds suddenly parted and at 1:07 (exactly the middle point of totality where we were), we saw the total eclipse. People started hooping and hollering. The people who were in the line driving out stopped their cars, got out and saw it.
And then the truly spectacular sight happened. The shadow crossed the earth and the day went black. I took this video and I’m kind of jostled around a little bit because Richard grabbed me in the middle of it to give me a big kiss, but you can really see the difference between day and night. And you can hear me as I keep saying “Oh my God”. It was one of those days, where we just kept saying “Oh my God” over and over.

What I keep thinking and what I say in the video is can you imagine what the ancients must have thought of the first total eclipse they saw? They must have thought the world was ending.
And then just as suddenly, the world became light again. The people next to us from California kept saying “Those people who left, they had no faith. We had faith and we were rewarded. What if Christopher Columbus had said, “oh it’s raining, I’m turning back”. And then they started a game with it, “what if George Washington..” and kept naming different names and laughing. Richard looked at me and said “it’s all about having faith, baby”.
We spent another hour watching the rest of the eclipse and the clouds would come and go and we were more excited every time the clouds opened up.
What an incredible day — an eclipse plus two miracles — the first when the man gave us his last ticket and the second when the clouds parted at exactly totality. We felt so blessed and so taken care of. And we felt that our faith had indeed been rewarded.
Faith is an interesting thing, isn’t it? It’s so easy to lose our faith. It’s so easy to feel defeated and to not keep on going. It’s so easy to take on the other belief — the one that says I never get what I want.
We have a choice in life – we get to decide what we believe. We can have faith and trust and believe what I have on a flyer in my office – “Things always work out for me” or we can go the other way — we have that choice in every moment.
What I’ve discovered in my own life (and with working with people for over 30 years) is that the more we can stay in the higher, positive vibrations, the more the chances are increasing that everything really does work out for us. The problem is that for most people, staying in those higher, positive vibrations is difficult, if not impossible.
It used to be really difficult for me also. But then everything shifted for me when I first came to Sedona and started working with the amazing practitioners here. That’s why I started Sedona Soul Adventures over 15 years ago — I wanted other people to be able to experience that same kind of transformation.
Are you ready to start believing that everything works out for you and to live a life where that’s true? I’m guessing it might take some shifts for that to happen, and that’s where we come in. You can have those shifts happen incredibly fast in Sedona. It’s a place of true transformation, with incredible healers from all over the world drawn here to do their work. We work with the best of them and we can custom design a retreat that can bring you into the life and the relationship you want. It’s actually easier than you might think.
It’s a particularly potent time to come to Sedona right now, while the eclipse energy is still being felt. I believe that this eclipse has ushered in a new age of consciousness and we’ll be feeling the effects of it for many months. Things are coming up for healing in ways that they haven’t appeared before. Now is the time to take advantage of that.
Connect with us. We’ll talk to you (or both of you, if it’s a couples retreat) in deep conversation. We’ll get at the root of what’s going on and then we’ll custom design a retreat that will bring you into those higher, faster vibrations and even better, we’ll give you the tools to take home so you can stay there.
Experience the miracle that is Sedona.

Or if you’d prefer, call us toll free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you.
Would you like to speak to someone today? We’re even open on Sundays, because we’re here for you.
Wishing you a week filled with faith and miracles,

Debra Stangl / Founder

Sedona Soul Adventures – Transforming Lives One Soul At A Time
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Rachel says her Soul Adventure “was the miracle I needed” to find my life purpose

“I have been obsessed with trying to figure out my life purpose since I was a kid. That I did not already know the answer at 34 was more than depressing. I was angry with myself for not knowing my purpose. I was grieving and unable to forgive myself or anyone around me. My 3-day retreat answered every single one of my questions and opened the door to forgiveness and healing. I know what my purpose is. I am living my purpose now. Sedona Soul Adventures was the miracle I needed and I’m so grateful I had the courage to be open to growth.”

Rachel T., Des Plaines, Illinois

Have you always wanted to see the Pyramids? Come with me to Egypt Feb. 11-25

Like seeing the eclipse this week, seeing the Great Pyramid was something I always wanted to do, ever since I was a little kid. I was also fascinated by the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt and the stories of the Pharaohs. I know I’ve seen “The Ten Commandments” over 50 times and I can’t hear the name “Ramses” without thinking of Yul Brynner. For me, Ramses will always be Yul Brynner.
Imagine my surprise when I first came to Egypt and discovered that there are things that are equally amazing and incredible and fantastic? Like the statues of Abu Simbel, the Isis Temple at Philae, the Luxor temple?
Every year on our Egypt trip, it’s the same thing — people are amazed at everything that is there and how magnificent and fantastic it is.
If Egypt is on your bucket list, come with me on our next Return to Egypt trip. We go to all of these amazing places (and more!) Plus, not only do we go to the Great Pyramid, we have 2 hours of private time just for our group where we do ceremony and meditation.
It truly is the trip of a lifetime.

If you have specific questions, send me an email at:
[email protected]
Or call me – 877/204-3664
I love talking about Egypt!

You MUST do this tomorrow! [My gift to you – FREE Meditation]

As you read this on Sunday morning I will be traveling to St. Joseph, Missouri with my wonderful fiancé, Richard, to view the total eclipse of the Sun. The eclipse is going to be full on for 2 minutes and 41 seconds, the day will turn into night, everything as we know it will be turned upside down for a little bit. For me, this is a once in a lifetime event and I fully intend to experience the Divine in a number of ways.
Here’s Richard modeling the glasses we’re going to use to look directly into the sun. I can’t wait.
And it’s so great, a few weeks ago I wrote in the newsletter that I was going to do this and one of our clients who lives in that area [she’s done 2 Soul Adventures, gone to Egypt with me twice (!), done coaching with me – I love her!] read that I was coming and sent me an email, so now we’re also going to have dinner with her in Kansas City, isn’t that great?
But I’m writing to you today to ask you, nay, plead with you, to please take advantage of this incredible energy that is bathing the United States on this momentous day. This is unlike any kind of energy that you are going to experience in your lifetime and if you’ll just take a little time to connect in with it (more on that below), I think you’ll be happy you did.
Have you been feeling a little weird lately? A little off? Or have things in your life really taken a nose dive and seem to be going off the rails? I want to tell you, it’s getting really strange out there right now for a whole lot of people, including myself.
I wrote about this a few weeks ago in the newsletter and it seems like things are getting even worse, which we knew would happen starting with the lunar eclipse on August 7 and culminating with this total solar eclipse on August 21 (tomorrow).
This eclipse is all about transformation and transformation happening really quickly, especially in relationships. Things are going to be moving in ways that will probably make you look back in a few weeks and say “what happened?”
The key here is to connect with that Highest Part of Yourself and to do everything you can to stay in that connection. When we operate from the higher vibrations, it doesn’t matter what is happening on the outside — we stay connected to the highest parts of ourselves, and everything falls into place.

To that end, I want to help you stay in that connection. I’m gifting you with my meditation “Connecting to the Highest Part of Yourself”. This is part of The Sedona Meditations series and usually sells on our website for $9.99, but I want you to have it as my gift to help you navigate through these times.
Please take some time on Monday to do this meditation. To make is especially potent, do it during the time the eclipse is happening in your area or close to you (you can easily Google that).
Sit quietly and connect with that highest part of yourself. The meditation is only 9 minutes long, so you definitely have the time to do it. And I would highly recommend that you do it not only tomorrow, but do it today and every day thereafter. Connecting with the highest part of yourself is one of the keys to have the life you want.
Just Click here to download the meditation. Use the password “Sedona”.
And for this week of the eclipse, I’ve decided to make the entire set of the The Sedona Meditations available to you for only $19.99 (the entire set usually sells for $99). If you’d like more information, Click here.
But of course in these troublesome and difficult times, the real relief can come from finally freeing ourselves from the blocks and wounds that are keeping us from the connection we so deeply desire. Everything that is happening right now is bringing all of our issues up for healing. It’s time for the healing to take place. And the best way I know to do that is to do a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat. We will spend time talking with you before you even come to Sedona to really get at the heart of what’s going on in your life (or your relationship, if it’s a couples retreat). Then we’ll custom design your retreat of private sessions that will bring you into the connection you’re craving. Click here and we’ll contact you.

Or if you’d prefer, call us toll free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you.
Would you like to speak to someone today? We’re even open on Sundays, because we’re here for you.
Wishing you a week filled with adventure and mystery,

Debra Stangl / Founder

Sedona Soul Adventures – Transforming Lives One Soul At A Time
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Michael says his Soul Adventure was “the best three days of his life” and gave him “inner peace, calm and balance”

“I came for my Soul Adventure filled with confusion, questions and a lot of negative energy. The insight and wisdom of each session practitioner and the peacefulness and beauty of Sedona itself, as well as the Blessed Spirits there help me find inner peace, calm and balance. It was the best three days I have ever spent in my life. Thank you for your wonderful people and amazing customer service.”

Michael V., Lutz, Florida

Holly says “my trip to Egypt with Sedona Soul Adventures was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had” and brought me “self realization”

“I’ve traveled all over the world and I have to say my trip to Egypt with Sedona Soul Adventures was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. It brought me into self realization and believing in myself. I now know in my heart that everything is possible. Even six months later, I’m still putting together pieces that happened there and applying them in my everyday life and growing every day.”

Holly Kaplan

Holly actually went to Egypt twice with me, the second time she brought her mother. And it’s so true. The trip brings a level of self realization that is amazing. And she’s right, six months later the effects are still being felt and helping her in her everyday life.
Join me on this amazing experience, February 11-25, 2018.

If you’d like more information, email me at:
[email protected]
Or Click here and I’ll call you.

This one thing makes all the difference in every area of your life

This past week, I read an article, heard something on the radio and saw something online that all said the same thing. When I get things in three’s like that it always means I’m supposed to share that with you. What they said was not new, we all know this on one level or another, but the way they said it and the how was what was really interesting to me.
• The article was about the #1 thing that attracts the opposite sex.
• The radio segment was about a study that demonstrates what makes for the best guide dogs.
• The online posting was about how to have the most success in a job interview.
I don’t think this will surprise you, but the ways I’m going to talk about it might be interesting to you. The key in all of these (including the guide dogs) was (drum roll, please) Confidence.
The article that I read was talking about that the #1 thing that really “gets” the opposite sex is confidence. Men can feel it in women and women can feel it in men. The higher the confidence level (and we’re not talking about egomania, we’re talking about confidence), the higher the level of attraction.
The second one was the one most interesting to me. They did a study of guide dogs, following 100 puppies from the time of their birth through their graduation of guide dog training and then their time as a guide dog. What they were looking at initially was “who made the best guide dogs? Puppies who were from mother dogs who were very attentive and involved with them or puppies who came from mother dogs who were much less attentive?” When I first heard them talking about it, I assumed that, of course, the puppies who had been more attended to as they were growing up were the ones who ultimately became the best guide dogs. To my amazement, the opposite was true. The puppies who had to fend more for themselves made better guide dogs later on. The puppies who had “helicopter mothers” (the type who hover over everything) didn’t even make it through the guide dog training — they weren’t as focused and they were more hyper, they weren’t calm enough to become guide dogs.
On further study, they discovered that the puppies who had to fend more for themselves had more confidence. They were calmer and being calm is the most important attribute of a guide dog.
The third one — that confidence was the #1 thing that mattered in a job interview — was less surprising, but the thing that did surprise me was that confidence mattered even more than education. Experience mattered as much as confidence if the experience was exactly the same, but if someone had experience that was not exactly the same, confidence became more important. The potential employer wanted to feel like the person would be able to do the job, and the confidence the person exuded meant more than education and experience.

[And, amazingly, as I was in the middle of writing this, I opened a newsletter written by a friend of mine who was describing what it takes to be a “Most Valuable Player” and one of the attributes was Confidence — another validation!]

What exactly is confidence? When I looked up the definition of confidence, here’s what I got:
Confidence: a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.
Example: “she’s brimming with confidence”
What I find most interesting in that definition is that they’re saying it’s “a feeling”, because that’s all confidence is — it’s a feeling. You can’t measure it, you can’t get a degree in it, you can’t get a certification in it. It’s either there or it isn’t. Some people have it and some people don’t.
Men feel it in women, women feel it in men, dogs feel it, potential employers feel it — everyone we come into contact with feels it from you or they don’t.
It’s so interesting to me that sometimes I will find people who have a lot of confidence and I’m wondering where that came from. They don’t have the outward things that would make you assume they would have confidence — good education, good looks, good background, money, etc., etc.
And the truly mystifying thing to me in the work that I do is seeing someone who from all outward appearances SHOULD have a lot of confidence (e.g., a woman who is gorgeous, smart, loving, giving, accomplished, etc.) and then to discover that inside they are a mass of insecurities.
If confidence is so important — we can see from above that it matters in love, in doing a good job and even getting a good job — why don’t we all just “act as if” we’re confident? The simple answer is, we can’t.
Most of us have fears or wounds or negative thoughts or insecurities that keep us from feeling truly confident. It’s like I said before, it’s either there or it isn’t and what I’ve found in 30 plus years of working with people, there’s some kind of emotional gunk that’s holding most people back from feeling truly confident.
Wouldn’t you love to feel confident?
Wouldn’t you love to be a person who’s brimming with confidence?
I truly believe (and I see it all the time) that it’s possible to become a confident person — once you’ve cleared out the fears and the wounds and the emotional gunk that is keeping you from feeling confident. Because think about it — it’s just these things we tell ourselves that are keeping us from feeling confident, or these feelings of insecurity. When we get rid of all that gunk, the confidence comes pouring through and sooner or later we’re brimming over with it.
If you’re ready to get rid of the gunk and be the confident, joyful person you were meant to be, please contact us. Talk to us and we’ll custom design the perfect retreat that will bring you the life or the relationship you’re craving.

Or if you’d prefer, call us toll free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Angel Guides we’ll call you.
Would you like to speak to someone today? We’re even open on Sundays, because we’re here for you.
Wishing you a week brimming with confidence,

Debra Stangl / Founder

Sedona Soul Adventures – Transforming Lives One Soul At A Time
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Stephanie says her Soul Adventure gave her “happiness and confidence”

“I was referred to Sedona Soul Adventures from a friend that had had an amazing experience at a time in his life where he needed clarity and spiritual guidance. I had just barely survived a very traumatic divorce which lasted over a year and was emotionally exhausted and very sad. I went to Sedona seeking guidance from any source that was willing to give it to me. AND I GOT IT!!! I arrived filled with much pain and anger and unsure where I was headed in life. I had lost my confidence and was not happy with the person I had become. In a few short days, I was able to release all of my pain and anger and look at my life as a wonderful adventure waiting to unfold. I left feeling as if there was nothing I couldn’t achieve. In the few days since I’ve been home, I have so many wonderful things that have happened to me and now look forward to each day! I have my happiness and my confidence back. This was an amazing adventure that I wish all could experience!!!”

Stephanie S., Las Vegas, Nevada

Watch videos of people talking about our last two Egypt trips

I’m always telling everyone how wonderful the Egypt trip is, but don’t take my word for it, listen to the people who were on the trips this past February and in February, 2016. They’ll tell you how fabulous it was, how incredible Egypt is, that they felt safe, they felt so taken care of, the hotels are beautiful, the food is fantastic, they made friendships that will last a lifetime, etc., etc. Again, don’t listen to me, listen to them.
Click here
If you’d love to come with us on our next Return to Egypt trip (February 11-25), get all the information here:


Gift for you: FREE Tapping Video

Tapping is incredible. It can help you feel better about yourself, it can help you lose weight, it can even help with fears and traumas and phobias.
I’m gifting you with a 12 minute video “Tapping” that is adapted from my book “The Journey To Happy – How Embracing The Concept That Nothing Is Wrong Can Transform Your Life” and is part of the 9 video series that I did with the book.
Use the long form for deeper issues. Use the short form three times each day, doing the tapping three times and saying “I deeply and profoundly love, accept and respect myself just the way I am” and you will feel things start to shift.
And if you’re ready and willing to have a REALLY BIG shift in your life, come to Sedona to do a Sedona Soul Adventures retreat. Here’s how it works:

  • Connect with one of our Angel Guides (if it’s a couples retreat, the Angel Guide will speak with each of you separately)
  • The Angel Guide will dig deep into discovering what’s going on – what are the problems, what are the blocks, what’s going on that’s holding you back from the life or relationship of your dreams?
  • After connecting with you, the Angel Guide will design the perfect retreat, consisting of private, one-on-one sessions with our master practitioners (we have over 50!)

Come to Sedona, do the retreat and your life (or your relationship) will be transformed.

Even after 15 years and all these thousands of retreats that we’ve done, I’m still amazed at what happens and I know you will be amazed also. Click here and we’ll call you (and remember, we work on Sundays).
Or if you’d prefer, call us toll free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you.
Click here to watch your free Tapping video, Enjoy!
Wishing you a week filled with love and adventure,

Debra Stangl / Founder

Sedona Soul Adventures – Transforming Lives One Soul At A Time
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Colette says because of her “Perfect” Soul Adventure, she’s “cleared out and cleaned up her chaotically overwhelming life”

“It’s rare that something is PERFECT, but this was for me. From the very first phone call, to each piece of my adventure, it was personalized, effective, impactful and exactly what I needed to revive my chaotically overwhelming life. I’ve cleared out, cleaned up and climb forward because of this amazing Sedona Soul Adventure. Do it, there is NO way you can regret this or be sorry. You’ll forever be changed for the better.
Thank you Debra and Team for doing this work. God Bless you for making our journey better and helping us to live our purpose. Thank you a thousand times.”

Colette C., Corona, CA

Watch my beautiful Egypt video – and then Return to Egypt with me February 11-25

This is a beautiful 10 minute video that is a compilation of many years of our Egypt trip, since 2004. It still thrills me every single time I see the Pyramids and the Sphinx. I never get over it. Click the image to see the video.
If you feel the same way, Return to Egypt with me February 11-25. It’s such an incredible trip – the Great Pyramid (including 2 hours of private time just for our group for meditation and ceremony) the Sphinx, Abu Simbel, the Isis Temple at Philae and much more. All the accommodations are 5 star, including our 5 day 5 star cruise down the Nile and the price is all inclusive.