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Bringing in the light of your Inner Sun

One of the themes of the teachings that we receive while we are here in Peru – from our shaman and guide, Jorge Luis Delgado – is about “connecting with the Light.” He talks to us about connecting with Father Sun; he teaches us about walking in the light; and he talks extensively about the light that is within each of us and how important it is for us to let that light shine.
And I’ve been struck on this trip at how many times there have been interesting beams of light that have shown up in our photos. The one above is of Jorge walking through a gateway in Pisac, an ancient Inca ceremonial site. Can you see the beam of light at the top right hand side of the photo? I took photos of everyone walking through that doorway, but Jorge’s was the only one that had that beam of light.
But the next one that was startling was this one. We were in an underground ceremonial cave that is on the grounds of Jorge’s incredibly beautiful hotel in Urubamba. The place is unbelievable — in addition to being incredibly beautiful, it has mountains on one side and the Urubamba river on the other, and it’s built on sacred ground. They discovered this underground cave that is completely dark except for one hole in the top, where at certain times of the day, the sun comes in just in a certain way. Jorge had me stand under the hole and I couldn’t feel anything, but everyone was oohing and aahing, and here was this picture. Unbelievable!
The next day, we were at the spectacular Temple of Ollantaytambo. The energy there is simply amazing – in fact, for me, the energy there is even more intense than in Machu Picchu. I took this photo of Richard against the mountain and suddenly there was this beam of light. It almost looks like a waterfall, but it isn’t, it’s simply light. I took another one and it wasn’t there. Jorge had just been talking about our Inner Sun and how we can use that Inner Sun that we all have, to connect with each other, with ourselves, and with the Cosmos.
Yesterday we were in Urco, which is a site that is so ancient no one really knows exactly what it was used for. It is pre-Incan. But it is obvious from the stonework and the energy that this is a sacred ceremonial place. We did a special ceremony here to bring up the energy of Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) into our hearts. After the ceremony, Richard and I were lying on the grass talking, and Rick Reynolds (our wonderful Angel Guide who is also on the trip with us) took this picture without us knowing about it. He just thought it was a sweet picture and then we saw this incredible beam of light. And it looks like it’s going straight to my heart! I also love the look of love that is in both of our eyes. Peru certainly fills you up with love.
Yesterday we came back from our amazing overnight visit to the island of Amantani (which is in the middle of Lake Titicaca), where we stayed with a local family. It is always so special to be with them. I am god-mother to their son, Anthony, and we always do the most spectacular ceremony there. As we were walking back to our boat, I was just filled with so much gratitude, and took what I thought was just a simple photo of the Lake. Instead, this beautiful beam of light appeared in the photo. Again, I couldn’t see it, it was there when I took the photo.
It’s so interesting. It feels like these beams of light show up when I’m filled with love or gratitude, or feeling the special energy of these sacred places. Almost like it’s God winking at me in some way. I know the rational explanation is that it’s just some refraction of light that shows up when the camera is held a certain way, but I’m not that interested in the rational explanation. I’m more interested in the explanation that has to do with light and love and gratitude and energy. How about you?

Beautiful teaching from Jorge Luis Delgado in Machu Picchu

Well, it’s happened again. Just when I think Machu Picchu and Peru can’t get any better, it does.
We’ve had such an incredible trip and it’s only half-over! Our group is absolutely amazing and as usual, we were all in love with each other within 48 hours. It’s so incredible to travel with other seekers, having deep experiences and lots of fun.
We started in Cuzco on our first day and Jorge immediately took us to the Heart Temple to do an incredible ceremony. The ceremony was for clearing out “the heavy energies” and bringing us back into our hearts, truly loving ourselves and everyone else. Here’s Richard hugging Rochelle as she came out of the Heart Cave.
We then walked on part of the Inca Trail, literally jumping for joy (see the video below)!

That evening we had a beautiful and delicious dinner in Cuzco, complete with music and dancing.
Then on our third day, we were off to Machu Picchu, the bucket list item of our trip. It’s amazing to me that most tours take the train here, run around for a few hours and then leave. You can see it doing it that way, but you certainly aren’t experiencing it! I love that we have three days to truly have the complete experience of this mystical place. On the first day, we took the train, which goes along the Urubamba river and is so absolutely beautiful. Jorge brings us into Machu Picchu in an unexpected and special way (it’s a secret!) and it literally takes your breath away (don’t you love the picture of the group at the top?).
One of the other fun parts of Machu Picchu is that there are llamas all over, and they are so sweet and wonderful to connect with. Usually they are kind of skittish and don’t stay with you for long, but Richard and I had a moment with this adorable one. He just stayed and looked at us, and we locked eyes for the longest time. Everyone in the group kept snapping photos because we couldn’t believe how long he was staying with us. He kept making this sweet sound and Richard and I kept making the sound back to him. I’m not sure what we were saying to each other, but he must have liked it because he stayed with us for a really long time!
On our second day, we got up before dawn to do a ceremony in Machu Picchu as the sun is rising over the mountain. Here I am with my dear friend Ranjita connecting in with Father Sun during the ceremony.
And that has been one of the special things for me on this trip, to have two dear friends and practitioners here with me. Many of you know Ranjita Ryan and Rick Reynolds from doing transformational sessions with them during your Sedona Soul Adventure. They are both such amazing practitioners and it’s so wonderful to have two dear friends like this to share Machu Picchu with.
After our sunrise ceremony, we walked up to the Sun Gate, which in ancient times was the entrance to Machu Picchu and where the Inca Trail ends. On our way, we stopped at the Mother Temple to do a sweet meditation. Here’s Richard filled with the energy of this fantastic place.
But certainly the best part of this trip is being with Jorge everyday and receiving his teachings. He is such an amazing person and wonderful teacher. Plus, he is fun, playful, and so down to earth. I love this photo of him at Machu Picchu, it really captures him.
And I want you to listen to this short video, it is so indicative of his teachings. Of how important it is for us to truly love ourselves – that is the key to everything. Enjoy!
And sending you so much love from Peru and Machu Picchu!

“One big miraculous miracle”

What a week it’s been! So much happening and we leave for Peru next week! And then, suddenly on Tuesday, I got a call from Rick, one of my wonderful Angel Guides, who told me about Glen, who had just completed an amazing, incredible Soul Adventure, and said “Glen wants to go to Peru with you, is that possible?”
Well, of course we had released the two remaining rooms a month ago, because the trip is next week! I emailed Peru, and then Glen and I started texting and praying, trying to make it all happen. He sent me the most beautiful text saying, “Sedona Soul Adventures has changed my life.” Amazingly, within just a few hours, we had everything all set up!
And at the same time, we had one of my favorite people, Sandra, here doing her second Soul Adventure! Sandra did her first one last year and then she went to Egypt with us in February – and now she’s back for more and to go deeper and deeper. I had already invited Sandra to go hiking with Richard, the dogs and I this morning, so then we invited Glen. Rick also came, because we’re all getting in shape for hiking in Peru. What a hoot! That’s a picture I took of Glen taking a picture of he and Sandra!
As we were climbing Sugarloaf Mountain, Glen kept exclaiming, “Wow!” and “It’s so beautiful!” at every turn, and we had so much fun talking about all the amazing things that had happened during his retreat. Sandra and I were talking about how so many people think that their second Soul Adventure can’t possibly top the first one, but they always do!
When we got to the top, we were having so much fun, I took this little video of all of us. It’s very unprofessional (I keep swinging the camera around from person to person!), but you can really feel the high energy! And I loved it when Glen said that his Soul Adventure has just been “one big miraculous miracle!”
The next day, Glen went to the Grand Canyon and did a 10 mike hike! Suddenly at the end of that day, I got this most incredible video that he sent me. I was so blown away. He said “Soul Adventures helped me find my soul again” and “I have another opportunity to start my life all over again thanks to Soul Adventures.” Needless to say, I was in tears.

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Your monkey mind, “the crazy,” and not doing it alone

We’ve been hiking with the dogs every single day (almost) and we’ve been climbing Sugarloaf Mountain because we’re getting in shape for Peru (which happens in 2 weeks!). As you can see, it’s quite a climb, but we love it because it’s a real workout for getting our lungs in shape.  My good friend, Rick, who is also one of our Angel Guides and and one of our practitioners, is going on the Peru trip with us (yay!) and this week he’s been hiking with us every day (almost). Yesterday we couldn’t go because I had a coaching session at 7:30am, so Rick went by himself.

This morning we all went together again and as we were coming down the mountain, Rick said, “Gosh, it’s a lot easier to do this with you guys than doing it alone. Yesterday, when I did it by myself, my mind just went into overdrive and I was telling myself things like…
‘wow, this is so much longer’…
‘gosh, I must have taken the wrong trail’…
‘gee, we must be going slower when we’re with the dogs, cuz I’m really tired’…
‘dang, I think I need to sit down and take a rest!’”

And of course, he was realizing that none of those things were true – he was on the same trail, he was going at the same rate, it was just his monkey mind taking off, and once it took off, it was going a mile a minute! Literally, within 5 seconds, all those crazy thoughts happened.
Now, one of the things you need to know is that Rick is one of the most conscious people I know. He is an incredible teacher, has been doing the work and walking the path for decades, but WOW! The minute that monkey mind kicks in, it kicks in. We had a good laugh about it, but we also had a very fun discussion about how amazing it is, how our mind will run away with the craziest thoughts, what I literally call “the crazy.”
I see this all the time with my coaching clients and with our clients here at Sedona Soul Adventures. Something random will happen and suddenly, their monkey mind is off and running with “the crazy.” Does this happen to you? Something will happen to you and suddenly your mind is telling you all kinds of crazy things:

  • “He doesn’t like me”
  • “I’m so stupid”
  • “This is always how my life goes”
  • “I’ll never get what I want”

Luckily, Rick has the knowledge and the tools to cope with “the crazy,” so within a few more seconds, he was able to calm his monkey mind down. And the next day, he was able to recognize it and even laugh about it. In fact, one of the sessions he does so well with our clients is called “Core Belief Transformation,” where he goes in and figures out the Core Beliefs that are holding them back, roots them out, and replaces them with Core Beliefs that empower them. Most of the time, people don’t even know what their Core Beliefs are, because they’re buried so deep.
And that’s why it’s so difficult for most people to turn “the crazy” off. They don’t even realize these are just deep beliefs that keep coming up over and over. Worse, is that most people don’t realize how toxic these thoughts are. If these thoughts are allowed to stay there, they take over your life. And they actually start to define your life:
If your core belief is “I’ll never be happy,” you can’t ever be happy.
If your core belief is “this is always how my life goes,” then that’s always how your life is going to go.
If your core belief is “I’ll never get what I want,” then you’ll never get what you want.
And if your core beliefs are allowed to stay inside you forever, they’re going to run your life.
Luckily, Rick has the tools to turn that off. Do you? Most people don’t, and that’s why most people are living with “the crazy” most of the time.
The other thing we had fun talking about that day was how Rick said, “This hike is so much easier and fun doing it with you guys,” in fact, that’s what started the conversation. Most of us don’t know how to do this, we don’t know how to turn off “the crazy,” we need help. It’s a whole lot easier to do this with other people who know how to do it.
If you would like to learn how to turn that off, please connect with us. We’ll spend time talking with you and really connect with what’s holding you back or causing problems in your relationship. Then we’ll design a retreat to clear out the blocks and gunk that are causing the trouble, and bring you back into connection. Click below and we’ll call you:

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