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How to Have the Relationship of Your Dreams

In my new video, I talk about how it’s pretty much impossible to have unconditional love all the time and how the things you think are causing the problems in your relationship, probably aren’t what’s really causing the problems. Watch here:
How’s your relationship doing? Does your beloved “get” you?
If not, are you having the same arguments over and over? That means you have to do something and you need to do it now.
There’s nothing more awful than a relationship that’s not working and there’s nothing more wonderful and blissful than when you finally have the relationship of your dreams — and I know that’s possible!
If you’re relationship is not all that you want and need, give us a call. We’ll speak with both of you and tap into where the problems are and what you can do to turn it all around. We’ll custom design a retreat for exactly what the two of you need and desire, to bring you back into the love, connection and bliss that you’re craving.
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I want to talk to you today about, How to Have the Relationship of Your Dreams. Because I know from my own experience, that it’s possible.  
Everyone talks about unconditional love, but have you ever really given that, except possibly to a baby? It seems we can do it for a little while, but then those darn old conditions start coming in, don’t they?  
“If he would just (fill in the blank), then I would be happy”  
“If she would just let me (fill in the blank), then I would be happy.”  
After all these years of working with couples (20 years as a divorce attorney, 17 years with Sedona Soul Adventures), I’ve finally decided that what we all really want is for someone to GET us. To know everything there is to know about us (all the good stuff, all the “bad” stuff, all the weird stuff) but even after all that, they still love us and want to be with us. For me that is truly the definition of unconditional love.  
And the quickest way I’ve found to get there is this — If you want the relationship of your dreams, you need to take the other person off the hook.  
With all the couples retreats that we’ve done over the years, the theme that we see over and over again, is that each person isn’t loving the other person for who they truly are. They say they love them, but they simply want them to be completely different! They want us to “Fix” them – have them change so that they can love them.  
In every moment, we can either choose love or something else — upset, fear, jealousy, frustration. How do you want to live your life? I highly recommend living it from Love.  
The problem is, most people don’t know how to do that. When something happens, we don’t have the tools to communicate our hurt and our loss to our partners in a way that they can receive it, and we don’t know how to let go of the hurts of the past that still haunt us. Sometimes people are holding onto things that happened long ago in the past.  
When I was a divorce attorney, I had a case where the people were both 75 and they had been married for over 50 years. I wanted to have them go into marriage counseling and so did the other attorney and the judge. The marriage counselor spent two months with them seeing them every week and she finally contacted all of and said, “There’s nothing I can do. They are both still really, really angry over things that happened over 40 years ago and they just can’t get beyond it.” And it wasn’t huge things, like infidelity… one of the things was something about buying an expensive vacuum cleaner! I’m sorry, but it’s just not worth busting up a family over a fight about a vacuum cleaner.
Last year we had a couple who came here and their marriage was pretty much over. They had been together for over 20 years, they have 2 beautiful children in high school. They started out really loving each other, but over the years, they had grown completely apart with many different interests that seemed incompatible. The sizzle was completely gone and worse, their respect for each other had been eroded by things that had happened in the past, especially from some nasty fights that had taken place, where words were said that couldn’t be taken back.
They had actually separated and she had already contacted a divorce attorney. In a last ditch effort, he convinced her to come to Sedona to do a couples retreat. Their goals were different — he wanted to save the marriage, she wanted to make the divorce go more smoothly. They were both miserable and unhappy.  
In their first couples session, they both acknowledged how much they had loved each other over the 20 years they had been together. They also identified when things had started to go off the rails, which led to his feelings of inadequacy and her feelings of disrespect toward him.  
Then they both did separate Emotional Clearing sessions…
In her session, she realized how she was living out a pattern of her mother disrespecting her father. She came to a huge realization that her mother’s disrespect of her father had triggered feelings of inadequacy within her. This often happens when parents disrespect each other, because children have this innate knowing that their mother is part of them, their father is part of them. So when her mother disrespected her father, she began to (unconsciously) believe there was something wrong with her.
She had never dealt with these feelings of inadequacy. All of that was cleared out, and then her practitioner helped her clear out all the pain and grief she had accumulated over the last few years when the marriage was falling apart. She told me she felt like this huge weight had been lifted.  
In his emotional clearing session, he realized that her disrespect of him had triggered his own feelings of “not enough.” His practitioner dug deep and they discovered an event that had happened with his father. In a moment of frustration and thoughtlessness, his father said to his 6-year-old son, “You’re worthless.” This had cut deep into him, in a way he never understood until then. He had unconsciously held onto that pain all these years.
He experienced a similar release as his wife, with lots of crying, that he said felt so cleansing. He told me, “I was always taught that men aren’t supposed to cry, but I can’t believe how good that felt, to finally let go of all that.”  
Both of them were triggering each other’s unhealed feelings of inadequacy.
It’s the ultimate irony, isn’t it? That the person who is “supposed” to love us the most, is actually triggering these deep feelings of not-enoughness? But that’s the nature of relationships. Our deepest relationships trigger our unhealed parts and bring them up for healing. It’s the crucible – burning off the impurities to get to the gold of a healed heart.  
Most people don’t understand that this is really what’s happening in our relationships. It’s not so much what the other person is “doing” or “not doing” – the other person is triggering old wounds that are coming up for healing. Wounds that usually happened in childhood and don’t even have anything to do with our partner.
But the really amazing part for both of them came in their breath journeys, which they each did separately.  
The Breath Journey took her into the altered state very easily and suddenly she saw her mother (who had passed away many years ago). In that moment, her mother seemed to be the embodiment of love. Her mother communicated her deep love for her and also her deep love for her father. She had this huge realization that, “Everything is all about love,” there really isn’t anything else that matters. Suddenly, she felt her heart burst open with the deep love for her husband that had always been there, but had just been covered over with the slings and arrows of the past few years. She saw an image of she and her husband walking together in what appeared to be some sort of paradise, blissfully happy.  
In his breathwork session, he saw lots of images and colors, which intrigued him because he doesn’t think of himself as very visual, very creative or very spiritual, so this was a really new experience for him. And then suddenly his father was there with him. His father communicated his deep love that he had for his son. He also communicated that his son needed to become more of a man. Not a macho type of manliness, but the man who takes care of his woman and takes care of his family, and lets them know he is there for them. He realized he had abdicated this role and that his wife no longer felt cared for by him. He said it was the strangest thing, but that after the session, he actually felt “stronger.”  
After these amazing clearings, healings and realizations, they then came together for a Couples session. Both of them were so full of love for each other, they were almost bursting. Their marriage was completely restored. Along the way with their other sessions, they received tools for continuing to have all of this continue to go deeper and to maintain, especially through deep and honest communication.  
The best part was that after they went home, they continued to use the tools and their love just came through deeper and deeper. They came back again a few weeks ago to take their relationship to an even deeper level and they’ve never been so happy. They both said the most amazing thing was that some of the same things are still going on as before — their interests are somewhat divergent and there are issues with work. But for both of them, it just doesn’t matter. They’ve taken the other person off the hook. They both feel loved and respected by the other, and that’s the most critical piece for both of them. The smaller issues just don’t seem that important any longer.  
I love this so much. It’s so incredible what can happen when we finally release the wounds of the past and move into love. It changes everything.  
How is your relationship doing? Is it blissful and fabulous, or are you just going through the motions? Are you “going along to get along” or are you happily and deeply in love? Do you feel loved, respected and cherished?
Make the decision to come back into love.
The problems that you are facing may actually be the result of wounds from the past, rather than that person who you think is doing things to hurt you.  
Connect with us and let’s find out. Let’s find out what’s blocking you from having the relationship of your dreams. It may be something completely different from what you think it is. Whatever it is, we can help you both come back into love within yourselves and with each other.  
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You can have the life  AND the relationship you want – I know it.

What is the Sedona Effect and How Can it Change Your Life?

Many people know about the vortex energy in Sedona, but I’ve discovered that there’s something even more here, what I call, “The Sedona Effect.”
Watch my video about the Sedona effect, what it is, how it changed my life and how since 2002, we’ve helped thousands of individuals and couples use it to transform their lives and relationships. It’s real and it’s incredible.
The Sedona Effect can take you from where you are to where you want to be. If you’d like that, give us a call. We’ll custom design a retreat that will do just that.
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They’ll connect with you (or both of you, for a couples retreat) in deep conversation. Then they’ll custom design the perfect retreat for you, working with our Master Practitioners here in beautiful, mystical Sedona to take you from where you are to where you want – the Sedona Effect in action!

Today I want to tell you about “The Sedona Effect,” what it is, how it changed my life and how since 2002 I’ve helped thousands of individuals and couples use it to transform their lives and relationships.
What I call the Sedona Effect consists of three things – three different types of energy that combine in a special way to make Transformation and Permanent Change possible.
The 3 different parts of The Sedona Effect are:

  1.   The Vortex energy of Sedona
  2.   Master healers are drawn to Sedona to do their work
  3.   Intense desire (energy) for transformation

Let me explain…
1. The Vortex Energy of Sedona
The first type of energy that goes into The Sedona Effect is the incredible vortex energy of Sedona. I spoke in more depth about “What is a Vortex” in the last video, but let’s recap some of that here. Sedona is known around the world as a Mecca of New Age spirituality. The Native Americans believe (and I certainly believe it to be true) that Sedona is a Power Spot on the planet and that the energy of Sedona can be used for Transformation.
The other element of the Sedona energy is that in this special place, Everything is amplified, meaning energy is amplified, love is amplified, connection is amplified, disconnection is amplified. Whatever you bring to Sedona is magnified and amplified. Thoughts, feelings, vibrations, whether positive or negative, will be more greatly enhanced and intensified on all levels – Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.
The energy of Sedona brings your emotional and spiritual bodies into alignment with the planet’s heartbeat.
It pulls up and spins out whatever thoughts and feelings have been stagnating in you.
It unleashes Psychic Awareness, Emotional Release, and Spiritual Connection.
All of which amplifies the results of the healing sessions you experience when you are here in this energy.
2. Master Healers Are Drawn to Sedona to Do Their Work
The second part of the Sedona Effect is that because Sedona is such a powerful energy spot, amazing healers have been drawn here from all over the world to do their work. Over the past 17 years I have had practitioners working with me from South Africa, Germany, England, Holland, Ireland, Canada and of course, from all over the United States.
In speaking to any of them, you will always hear an incredible story of how they were called to Sedona. My favorite stories are ones about people who were from a completely different background – an airplane pilot, an accountant, a medical doctor, a high fashion model, or in my case, an attorney. Suddenly, something happened where the awareness came that life had to be changed and the change was made.
But most important, these are people who know how to connect with this energy and to utilize it for transformation.
3. Intense Desire (Energy) for Transformation
The third aspect of the Sedona Effect is the intense desire of people who come here for deep transformation. It is a palpable, powerful force of energy. Even if you are in turmoil, or especially if you are in turmoil, this is an energy that is huge and real. You know how it feels when you know you’ve GOT to do something, even though you might not know what it is. That’s what that energy feels like.
I had a really wonderful conversation a while back with someone who had just finished her Sedona Soul Adventure retreat. She told me she was absolutely amazed at what had happened in just 3 days. She said that before she came to Sedona she felt lost, plagued by constant fearful thoughts, not knowing her life purpose, and feeling this terrible feeling that she was running out of time to live her best life. After her adventure, her life was completely transformed — the fear was gone, she discovered her life purpose and knows she has the tools to live it fully and completely. All in 3 days – it’s almost unbelievable.
And the best part is, the changes are real and they last. Shortly after that, I got an email from someone who did a soul adventure 10 years ago and she was telling me how everything changed for her and the changes continue to this day. I love that so much.
The Sedona Effect can take you from where you are to where you want to be. Individuals come to us burned out, stressed out, at the end of their rope… and they leave happy, connected, knowing their life purpose and ready to live it.
We’ve had couples come who are on the brink of divorce and had their marriage completely turn around; we’ve had people who thought the love was gone, find the spark again; and we’ve had so many couples really take their love to the next level. 
The energies of Sedona are unique – not available anywhere else on the planet.
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You can have the life  AND the relationship you want – I know it.

What is a Vortex and Why Should You Care?

Most people know that Sedona is known for its vortex energy and after living here for 20 years, I can tell you – it’s real! It’s a tangible force.

There are so many questions around what exactly is a vortex and the biggest one is, why should you care?

The simple answer: Transformation

Watch the video…

Sedona is one of the most beautiful places on the planet (a few years ago, USA Today named Sedona “The most beautiful place to visit in the US”). But beyond its beauty, Sedona is known throughout the world for its vortex energy.
What is a Vortex?
A vortex is believed to be a special spot on the planet where higher dimensional energies are concentrated to such an extent that it can be felt by humans. These energies enhance the flow of energy (life force) in our own bodies – what the Chinese call “chi,” or the Hindus call “prana.”
Vortexes (or vortices if you want to be absolutely proper about it, but here in Sedona we all pretty much say “vortexes”) are found at sacred sites throughout the world – the Great Pyramid in Egypt, Machu Picchu in Peru, Bali, Stonehenge, etc. Many people believe that the vortex energies and the energy that flows through our subtle bodies is basically the same – that it is an Electro-magnetic energy.
In my experience, when you delve into definitions and explanations of what a vortex is, it seems to depend on who you’re talking to or what book you’re reading. If you speak with some scientists, they will tell you that this is electro-magnetic energy that can be measured, but that it is behaving in ways that are unusual and can’t be explained. If you speak with the indigenous peoples, e.g., the Native Americans here in Sedona or the Aborigines in Australia (because Ayers Rock (Uluru) is another one), they will tell you that these are places around the Earth where you can literally feel the energy of the Earth if you will take the time to do it.
Here is my own personal belief – after living in Sedona since the turn of the century and having traveled many times to Egypt, Bali and Peru, and experiencing those energies – I believe these are places around the world where the God energy (or the energy of the Universe or of All That Is, or whatever you want to call it) literally comes onto the planet and is brought onto the planet. That’s why these places are so incredible.
The Native Americans believe that the energy of Sedona is energy that can be used for Transformation. And I believe that’s why such amazing transformations can happen here in such a short period of time.
In addition, I believe the veils to other dimensions are thinner in Sedona. Our connection to All That Is is amplified and enhanced here. Bashar, the internationally recognized spiritual teacher, says this about Sedona:
“Sedona is a powerful, transformational vortex unparalleled in its own way, unique in its own way, that allows for communication and connection to multiple dimensions of reality on your world.”
Why should you care about the Vortex Energy?
Because if you’re looking for Transformation, Sedona is the place to get it. The energy is stronger here, it is the energy of transformation, the veils to other dimensions are thinner (so it’s easier to access other dimensions here) and whatever you bring here is Magnified and intensified. This is one of the reasons why people have such huge transformations here in such a short period of time.
The energies of Sedona are unique – not available anywhere else on the planet.
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You can have the life  AND the relationship you want – I know it.

Saying “Goodbye” to Our Sweet Daisy

Our beloved Daisy passed away this past week and worse, she passed while we were in Egypt. I wasn’t able to be with her and that has been devastating for me.

In late January, we discovered that Daisy had lymphoma, with one tumor in her heart cavity and another on her spleen. At the time she told us through our pet psychic, Sharon, that “my work here isn’t done” and she felt very strongly that she could heal.

She told us she wanted us to do everything we could. We were working with two vets, our regular vet, who was doing chemo, and our homeopathic vet. She was taking 25 supplements and we were using Young Living oils on her, especially Frankincense on the location of the tumors, and putting her on the Bemer twice each day.

In the first week of chemo, it looked as if she was responding, as her white blood cell count went down dramatically and her red blood cell count increased dramatically. But by the third week, things were starting to go in the other direction.

We were in weekly contact with her through Sharon and just before we left for Egypt, she told us that she very much wanted to heal and felt that she would. The first week we were in Egypt her beloved caregiver, Terri, sent us a video of her romping and playing with the other dogs. And then in the second week she wasn’t interested in food. We did another session with Terri and Daisy said she still wanted to heal, but for the first time she said that if she didn’t, she could accept that.

She also told us that there was a white-gold light that she was starting to see that was making her feel really good and that our sweet Katie Kat (who passed last year just before the Egypt trip) was with her, helping her. She said “if I do go, I can’t go until you get back, it won’t be possible for me to go if I’m not with you.” But two days later, our sweet girl was gone.

We spoke with her tonight through Sharon and she told us that Katie Kat was still with her, helping her. At the time of her passing, Katie was saying to her “I’ve got you, we’re helping you, you won’t get lost, we’ve got you.” And then she said that she felt so much love on the other side and it just sort of took her in.

As Sharon said, “Katie Kat shows this force of love magnetizing her out of her body.” Isn’t that beautiful? And it struck me that in the ceremony that we do in King’s Chamber, at the end, I have each participant whisper in my ear “I am the mighty, living force of love.” And now, just 3 days later, Katie Kat was telling us about a “force of love” that was magnetizing Daisy out of her body and over to the other side.

Daisy was the sweetest, most wonderful dog. She was so beautiful and she absolutely loved everyone. She was a big golden retriever/yellow lab mix (100 pounds) and one of her things was that she was always jumping up on people. She would jump on people who would come to the house and strangers when we were hiking, and it was very overwhelming for a lot of people to have this hundred pound dog jump on them.

When I tried to get her to stop through training and speaking with Sharon, she told me “the people I jump on need more joy in their lives and I’m jumping on them to give it to them.” She simply wouldn’t stop the jumping, she just had to spread that joy around!

Her brother, Boulder, lives in Oak Creek Canyon with my dear friend Ranjita and it will be very comforting for me to spend time with him. They’re so identical that when they were running and jumping, I had to look at their collars to make sure who was who. But it will be bittersweet to be with him as well.
Daisy’s amazing entrance into my life…
I have felt so blessed to have had communication with Daisy throughout her entire life with the amazing people I’ve worked with. It has brought me to such an incredible appreciation of these beings and who they are. And it started with how Daisy came into my life in the first place.

Our beloved dog, Emma (a golden retriever/English springer spaniel mix), passed very suddenly 2 weeks before our Peru trip in 2009. She’d been having some pain in her shoulder and suddenly woke up at 5:30 am, vomited, and one hour later she was gone. We connected with an amazing psychic, Tara, and Emma told us “I’m going to help you find your next dog,” to which I responded, “I don’t want another dog, I want you.”

After we returned from Peru in April, we Googled “Golden retriever mix” and found breeders in Phoenix who breed dogs who are 3/4 Golden and 1/4 Yellow Lab. They had a wait list of over 30 people and said it would probably be 2 years until we could get a dog through them. They said they weren’t going to breed Honey until the fall, but then we suddenly received a group email from them saying that Honey had gone into heat.

They had sequestered her in their Arizona room, but a storm came up and a sudden gust of wind blew the door open, and they thought she and Luke had “done the deed”; if so, there would be puppies by July. We let them know we wanted one of the potential puppies and then received an email that they were quite surprised that all but one of the 30 people on the list said they still wanted a puppy, they just didn’t want one right now and that we could have one of the puppies.

One week after the puppies were born (are they the cutest or what?) we did another session with Tara to connect with Emma. We hadn’t told Tara about the puppies and suddenly when Emma came in, Tara said “what’s happening, Emma says you already have another puppy and she says, ‘How do you like how I blew the door open?’

So our sweet Emma brought us our sweet Daisy.

In all the sessions with Sharon over the years, one of the things that came through all the time is that Daisy had a core wounding. Some of it came from a past life that she had with Boulder and I where there was a flood. Boulder and I were swept away and Daisy tried to save us, but Boulder and I drowned and Daisy died trying to save us. She felt that she hadn’t done enough and brought that “I’m not enough” into this lifetime.

When my ex-husband and I divorced, Daisy felt abandoned and that she had done something to cause it, and no matter what we told her and explained to her, just like children of divorce, she took that on and it intensified her feelings of “not-enoughness.” Sharon and I used to joke that Daisy needed a Soul Adventures retreat, because just telling someone they are enough isn’t enough for them to believe – they have to have something happen so that they “get it.”

No matter how much I told her or showed her that I loved her, it was never quite enough.

Somehow when my dear husband Richard came into our lives two years ago, Daisy fell in love again. She loved Richard so much and wanted to please him, and would always say she was trying to be a good girl for him, trying to be “good enough.”

Finally, in our last two sessions with Sharon, Daisy said she finally “got it.” She said she finally felt a complete love. She finally got it that she was good enough, that she didn’t have to do anything to be loved except to be her own sweet self. I’m sobbing as I write these words, because I love it so much that she finally really “got it” and I feel that’s part of what was able to allow her to go into the light.

It’s been so bittersweet these past two years, as we lost Richard’s dog, Prancer, eighteen months ago, then Katie Kat one year ago and now Daisy. That’s us hiking in Sedona shortly after Richard moved here. We still have our sweet Missy and we thank God for her.

Our four legged friends are such a blessing. They are their own little beings, with their own complexities and such a deep capacity for love. They bring us such joy and it’s so painful when they leave. Sharon said Daisy is still with me, licking my face like she used to, so I’m trying to feel that. I certainly feel her love.

I love you, Daisy, you were such a huge part of my life. Thank you for coming into my life and being with me. I will never forget you.