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How To Be Happy – Great Advice From A Billionaire SSA Grad

Greetings, all you beautiful souls seeking happiness!

Journey to Happy-2nd Edition

I’m absolutely thrilled to share some incredibly uplifting insights with you!

If you’ve followed me for very long, you know I’m all about happiness (heck, I even wrote a book about it — the #1 Bestseller, “The Journey To Happy — How Embracing The Concept That Nothing Is Wrong Can Transform Your Life”), so I know firsthand the magic of embracing happiness.

So you can imagine how blissfully happy it made me when Scooter Braun –the music producer extraordinaire behind stars like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber — talked about his life-changing experience with Sedona Soul Adventures on the “The School of Greatness” podcast hosted by the wonderful Lewis Howes. And guess what? He couldn’t stop raving about how Sedona Soul Adventures helped him find true happiness!

Imagine how thrilling it was to hear him talk about us this way. We’ve had lots of celebrities here and of course, we can’t talk about them, because we hold everyone’s retreat in the strictest confidence. Scooter, a man who’s no stranger to personal growth, found something truly special during his Soul Adventure with us. Our spiritual retreats took him to new heights of bliss and fulfillment – now that’s something worth celebrating!

As you’ll hear if you listen to the podcast, he had done so much personal work before he did his Soul Adventure. But as he says on the podcast, his Soul Adventure took him to an entirely new level.

Scooter sold his company recently for one billion dollars and gave $50,000,000 away to friends and employees who helped him along the way. He had no legal obligation to do that, he felt it was the right thing to do. Wow!

During the podcast, Scooter shared some incredible insights:

“I didn’t show people who I was because I didn’t think I was enough.”

“Behind the Anger is Hurt. Behind Hurt is Fear. Behind that? That’s where all the beauty is.”

“I wish everyone could become rich and famous and realize it’s not the key to happiness.” (Quoting Jim Carrey, another spiritual seeker.)

“The greatest achievement of the last two years is reclaiming myself.”

“Doing this work has made me a better parent.”

“Choose to forgive yourself so you can forgive others.”

“Love more.”

What resonates so deeply with me is how Scooter repeatedly emphasizes in the podcast that the most crucial aspect of life is our spiritual journey, our consciousness, and personal growth. Scooter’s retreat showcased the profound truth that money and success aren’t the most important parts of life and don’t necessarily answer the question of, “How can I be happier?”

Arms Wide Open

Instead, being present, conscious, healing your wounded child, becoming a better parent, and living with unconditional love for yourself and others – that’s where the real magic of happiness lies!

I also love that Scooter has now reconciled with his given name of Scott. He loves and embraces Scooter, but he now sees how he had to embrace Scott. As he says in the podcast, “I didn’t trust Scott, deep down he was highly insecure. I love my name again for the first time since I was 7. Scott needs to be in charge again.”

Scooter experienced what we do here with our spiritual retreats – finding, releasing and healing the core wounds, fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, bringing you back into connection on all the levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and then giving you the tools to continue to maintain and deepen that connection.

Healing Session

Scooter openly expressed his previous experiences with plant medicine, such as ayahuasca, as part of his spiritual practices. However, he found the breathwork session during his Soul Adventure to be even more powerful and healing. Our cornerstone breathwork sessions, which I’ve been facilitating since 1989, have had a profound impact on my own life, and it’s incredible to witness the transformation they bring to the people we work with, especially someone like Scooter.

Being happy — yep, that’s the golden ticket we all crave! So, let’s get real here. How to be happy, you ask? How to be happier? How to be happy with yourself? How to get some of that happiness that Scooter (and all the other thousands of people we’ve worked with) have gotten with us? Oh, honey, we got you covered!

Here’s the truth – our spiritual retreats are unlike any other! We specialize in personalized retreats, custom-designed for each incredible individual or couple. No cookie-cutter solutions here – only personalized, soul-enriching experiences.

So, if you’re ready to embark on your own journey to happiness, reach out to our Soul Guides today! We’re here to create a retreat that aligns with your desires, bringing you from where you are to where you want to be.

Discover the Key to Happiness with Sedona Soul Adventures! You don’t have to be a billionaire to do a Soul Adventure or to find happiness.

Dial us up at (928) 204-5988 or request a call and one of our Soul Guides will call you. Happiness is just a step away!

i want my transformation

You’ve got this, and I can’t wait to see you on the path to happiness!


Robert says, “Before Sedona Soul Adventures, I felt depressed and stuck in a rut…I didn’t like the person I saw in the mirror. After my Soul Adventure, I feel hopeful and optimistic about life! This is the best investment I’ve ever made! You can’t put a price on feeling happy and alive again!”

Robert Alger Sedona Soul Adventure Testimonial

Robert’s experience is so much like so many other people who come to us. They feel depressed and stuck in a rut they can’t get out of. When he says, “I was my own worst critic and didn’t like the person I saw in the mirror,” that just hurt my heart. Because that’s how so many people feel about themselves. They just don’t like themselves, much less love themselves.

He went through our Proven Process and “for the first time in years I feel hopeful and optimistic about life!”

And here’s my favorite part:

Robert Alger Sedona Soul Adventure Testimonial 2

It’s so true – what would you pay to have inner peace and happiness and to feel alive again? Our retreats aren’t inexpensive – we are custom designing each one for exactly what you need and your retreat is 3 or 4 or 5 days of one-one-one (or two-on-one for a Couples Retreat) sessions with the Master Practitioners of Sedona. Many of our clients tell us their Soul Adventure did more for them in 3 days than years of therapy.

As Robert said:

“Just being able to feel happy and alive again is something you just can’t put a price on.”

As I’ve said many times, I believe that it is your birthright to become the best person you can be and live in joy, bliss, and abundance.

If you want to be happy, do what other happy people are doing.
If you want to be successful, do what other successful people are doing.
If you want to be living in abundance, do what other abundant people are doing.

Do what Robert and Scooter did – come here and do a retreat with us (or do it on-line). You don’t have to be a billionaire to come here and do a retreat. But you can access the same incredible healers that other billionaires who have come to us have used to move into even higher levels of happiness, joy, and presence.

Call and speak with one of our Soul Guides. They’ll connect with you (or both of you for a Couples Retreat) and start the process of discovering and releasing the wounds, blocks, and gunk that are holding you back from a totally blissful life or a fabulous, loving relationship. They’ll custom design a retreat that will bring you from where you are to where you want to be.

Call us at (928) 204-5988 or request a call and one of our Soul Guides will call you.

As I always say, if you knew what could happen, you’d be calling right now.

Wishing you a week filled with love and cosmic vibes!

What Does Spirituality Mean To You? How to Become A Spiritual Person

When asked, do you mark the box “Spiritual, not religious”? That's where many people who want to bring more spirituality into their lives find themselves.

What Is Spirituality?

Defining spirituality proves to be an elusive task, as its meaning varies from person to person. Spirituality holds a distinct place in our lives, separate from religion, although religion often intertwines with discussions about spirituality. It is important to note that spirituality transcends religious beliefs, allowing individuals to embrace its essence regardless of their faith.

spiritual retreat

For many, spirituality unfolds through practices like meditation, connecting with nature, seeking solitude, fostering relationships, and engaging in personal retreats designed to help you become a more spiritually inclined person. There exists an abundant array of avenues to explore and embody spirituality.

Spirituality often represents a higher state of being, a realm where our hearts lead us to acknowledge that life extends beyond the boundaries imposed by our ego. Spirituality emanates from the deep-seated belief in a collective consciousness and the boundless capacity for love that dwells within each individual.

It can come to us with something as simple as sitting on a solitary rock, allowing thoughts to dissolve, and embracing a serene presence. Observing the flowing creek and recognizing the profoundness that surpasses the mere ripples.

Spirituality thrives in forging profound connections with all whom we encounter on our life's journey, nurturing bonds, and recognizing that we are all traversing our own unique paths of spiritual growth.

flowing oak creek

How to Open Your Mind to Spirituality

As we open our minds to new possibilities, spirituality effortlessly integrates into our lives. Science continually challenges our preconceived notions, revealing that what we once believed to be true can be reevaluated and expanded upon. While many scientists consider themselves atheists, it's fascinating to me that Albert Einstein, perhaps the most famous scientist of all time, was not. In 1936, Einstein wrote a letter to a little girl, in which he explained:

“Everyone seriously engaged in science becomes convinced that the laws of nature manifest a spirit which is vastly superior to man, and before which we, with our modest strength, must humbly bow.”

Ongoing discussions within religious spheres shed light on diverse topics, such as psychic abilities, prayer, the afterlife, and reincarnation. The most powerful realm of possibilities lies within our personal beliefs. Spirituality beckons us to embrace the infinite potential of the present moment and unearth the true essence of our being.

How to Become a Spiritual Person

It can start very simply by starting to ask ourselves questions such as, "What does it mean to be a spiritual person?" or "What are the characteristics of a spiritual person"? Just opening that door can begin the process.

Then we start to understand that a life infused with spirituality flourishes when we establish authentic connections, both with ourselves and with others. It involves living in the present moment, unburdened by regrets about the past or concerns about the unknown future. It entails self-discovery, understanding our identity, and charting our course with purpose and clarity.

A spiritually enriched life dispels fear and invites love to permeate our hearts. It’s about living in connection on all the levels – physical, mental, emotional, and ultimately, spiritual.

sad woman

For many of us, all of that is a very tall order. Most people are not living in connection, most are living “lives of quiet desperation” as Thoreau wrote. He wrote that in 1854 – can you imagine what he would think today?

Thoreau retreated to Walden Pond. Many others these days decide to retreat to Sedona.

Why Go To Sedona for Spiritual Retreats?

Simply put, it’s all about the energy. The Sedona vortex energy beckons individuals from all walks of life, irrespective of cultural or geographical origins, to embark on transformative spiritual retreats. Sedona stands out with its unique metaphysical offerings, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking spirituality and personal growth. The vortex energy of Sedona intensifies and heightens everything, the veils to other worlds are thinner here. This is why people who come here for spiritual retreats find real and lasting transformation.

Life presents us with choices—some effortless, while others test our resilience. Whichever path we choose, it inevitably leads to personal growth. Lessons unfold at precisely the right time, aligning with our individual journeys.

If you yearn for spiritual awakening, Sedona invites you to embark on a spiritual retreat. Within its embrace, you can embark on a quest for truth, exploring the mysteries of life and the purpose of your existence.

Be assured that Sedona will unveil answers to many of your profound questions, offering a deeper understanding of yourself, your surroundings, and the fellow travelers sharing your path.

If you sense that the time has come to explore the depths of your spirituality...

If you feel that the present moment holds the promise of self-discovery...

If you believe it is time to uncover the profound purpose of your existence on Earth...

Sedona Vortex

Then consider embarking on a spiritual retreat in the enchanting landscape of Sedona, Arizona. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of masters, who can guide you on this transformative journey into the realm of spirituality and personal growth.

We've been doing this work now for over 21 years – in fact, the 4th of July marked the 21st anniversary of Sedona Soul Adventures going live on the internet! What a journey it’s been. When I came to Sedona for the first time back in 1999, my entire life was a mess. Little did I know that coming to Sedona would change my life so completely and deepen my spirituality to a level I never dreamed possible.

If you’re feeling a yearning to explore your spirituality, to connect more deeply with that highest part of yourself, think about coming to Sedona and doing a spiritual retreat. Releasing the past, coming more deeply into connection are not things most people know how to do. But our Master Practitioners are just that – Masters at helping you on that path.

i want my transformation

If you’re feeling a yearning to explore your spirituality, to connect more deeply with that highest part of yourself, think about coming to Sedona and doing a spiritual retreat.

Releasing the past, coming more deeply into connection are not things most people know how to do. But our Master Practitioners are just that – Masters at helping you on that path.

Call us at (928) 204-5988 or request a call and one of our Soul Guides will call you. They’ll connect with you (or both of you if it’s a couple) and custom design a retreat that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.


"I left Sedona Soul Adventures feeling renewed, empowered, and deeply connected to my inner self. This retreat is a true gem for anyone seeking spiritual growth and transformation."


Did you know Sedona Soul Adventures was named “Best of Sedona”
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It’s because what we do gets results - call us now, let us help. As I always say, if you knew what could happen, you’d be calling right now.

What area of your life do you need help with most right now…

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Or is it something else?

Because we’re here for you - and we’re even open on Sunday!

Remember, there's no cost or obligation to speak with a Soul Guide and have them custom-design the perfect retreat just for you in Sedona or At Home.

Call us at (928) 204-5988 or request a call from one of our
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Wishing you a week filled with spirit filling you up!