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4 tips for slowing down that can work magic in your life [and bring you peace and calm]

This week I was on the phone with one of my coaching clients (I love her so much, she’s done 2 Soul Adventures, been to Peru with me, I’ve coached with her for years and her life has become about 99% perfect, she’s a joy to work with) and we started talking about the other 1% of her life that in this moment is not exactly perfect. This thing has been bugging her for awhile and during our call, we really got at the heart of this particular pattern and (in her usual way) she blasted right through it.
We kept talking about how to prevent this from coming up again in the first place and I started talking to her (as I do with all my coaching clients) about the magic and the power of Slowing Down.
Doesn’t it feel like things in our modern day life have just gotten absolutely crazy? I love technology (I love that I can easily send these emails to you and I love it when my iPhone says “ding ding” and it’s a sweet text from my honey), but hasn’t all this stuff just made things a little nuts? And I especially hate watching couples (or worse, entire families) sit in restaurants not talking to each other, and everyone is on their phones. I can understand doing that for 5 minutes to check for something that feels important, but to do it for the entire time until the food comes and sometimes even while they’re eating?
When I was in 6th grade, we got the Weekly Reader (printed, not in email), and I remember an article that said that at the turn of the century (the year 2000 – which at that point was 35 years away), the biggest problem we would all have would be what to do with all of our free time. Their point was that many people were starting to get so many labor saving devices (dishwashers, automatic washing machines, motorized lawn mowers) and most people had gone to a 5-day work week, that, according to the article, by the year 2000 our biggest problem would be what to do with all the free time we have.
WRONG! Could they have been anymore wrong? Technology has just amped everything up to a fever pitch. I’m so glad I left my divorce lawyer practice in 1999, just when the internet and emails were coming in and just when everyone’s attitude started to be, “I should be able to get you whenever I want you”.
Do you find yourself rushing around a lot? Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed a lot? For the first time in a long time, I spent much of today in overwhelm and I’m not used to doing that and, I’ll tell you, I don’t like it, it doesn’t feel good.
When I brought this up with my client, she started talking about how rushing around all the time just fans the flame of the anxiety that she sometimes feels. I think that’s true for everyone, it’s certainly true for me. As I’m rushing around I can feel my heart rate going up, I can sometimes feel my stomach churning and and my mind is scattered. Is that true for you?
Doctors and scientists have now proven that this type of stress (especially this type which can be almost constant) is very bad for our bodies, resulting in higher levels of cortisol, higher blood pressure and erratic heart rates.
I also find that when I’m rushing around, I make stupid mistakes that end up costing me even more time. Have you ever rushed around looking for your sunglasses and they’re on top of your head? Have you ever rushed around looking for your keys and you’re holding them? Research has found that multi-tasking not only doesn’t work, it’s worse for everything. Everything gets done by as much as a 20% less effective rate than if the person is focusing on doing one thing at a time.
There are some really simple things that you can do that can bring some peace and calm to your life right away, by simply Slowing Down. The key is that it’s simple, but it’s not easy. Most of us are so wired to go, go, go, that slowing down can be difficult. But I promise you, these work:

1. Sit and take a deep breath and close your eyes. Set the intention, “I am starting to slow down. I am being more careful and conscious.” Take some more deep breaths as you do this and actually see yourself in your mind’s eye moving through life at a slower pace.

2. Make the decision to leave 10 minutes earlier than you think you need to leave for everything that is on your schedule — appointments, meetings, being at the gate for a plane, etc. This telegraphs your brain “I’m early, I have plenty of time”, so the rushing element is completely eliminated. I promise you, this is not a waste of time, you will be amazed if you do this for even 3 days.

3. Every time you sit down in a chair or get up from a chair, do it more slowly than you normally would. Don’t plop down or jump up. Sit down very slowly and consciously and you might even say to yourself, “I’m sitting down slowly”. As you get back up, do it slowly and, again, you might say to yourself, “I’m getting up slowly and consciously”.

4. Set the intention that you are going to walk more slowly (unless there is a situation where you’re running for a plane, but again, if you left 10 minutes earlier than necessary you wouldn’t find yourself running for a plane). When you feel yourself speeding up, simply start walking more slowly. As you see other people passing you and rushing around, smile and send them love and be grateful for this newfound peace that has come into your life.

Do this for 3 days. Just tell yourself you’re going to do it for 3 days, because promising to do it forever is too overwhelming for your brain. Do it for 3 days and I promise you will feel differently, and you’ll have a deep desire to do it for longer. It’s so different and so counter to how almost everyone else does things, I think you will be amazed. And I think you will be doubly amazed at the peace this brings you.
If you find this to be difficult, or if you find that just doing this for 3 days doesn’t create a significant sense of peace, then that could mean that there are much deeper issues here. So many of us are so used to living with anxiety all the time, that it becomes second nature. There might be deeper clearing that needs to happen to really bring you into a sense of peace and contentment, not only with your life, but also with your relationship. Or maybe your partner is so out of balance, that you changing one thing doesn’t have that much of an impact. In that case, you need something deeper and more encompassing, like a Soul Adventure. That’s what we do best — clearing the blocks and the gunk that are holding you back. And then bringing you into connection on all the levels — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Connect with us. Speak with one of our Guides — they’ll dig deep to get at the bottom of what’s going on and design a retreat that is perfect to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

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Wishing you a week filled with peace and tranquility and a much slower pace,

Debra Stangl / Founder

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Emily says her Soul Adventure helped her “move past her fears” and “brought peace, clarity and love into my life”

“I am so grateful for everyone at Sedona Soul Adventures. After making major life changing decisions, this Soul Adventure was exactly what I needed to move forward. It helped me see things much clearer, move past many of my fears and find a way that works for me to live my spiritual life. The retreat has brought peace, clarity and love into my life. I fell in love with myself! I am forever grateful and can’t wait to my next retreat!”

– Emily F., Brooklyn, New York

Linda says last year’s trip to Egypt was “phenomenal”, “unforgettable” and she felt completely safe

“Before I start my testimonial I want to thank Debra for everything she did to make our trip special for all of us not only as a group but as individuals as well. Debra, Thank You!!!! I will honestly say that I did not think I would enjoy a “group” trip as much as I did. I have never done traveling as a group before and for me to pick such a place not only as being so far from the states but to Ancient Egypt. When my friends started questioning me why did I want to go to Egypt and people telling me I was dumb and stupid for wanting to go. Let me just say, I have never felt more safe, secure, or well taken care of in any of my travels as I did with this group of gentlemen from Guardian Travel (Mohammed, Raafat & Abdullah). From the minute we landed at Cairo and were greeted by Abdullah, to the bus where we met Mohammed one could not ask for anything better. As our journey began the next morning we met our guide Raafat who was our teacher, educator, mentor, protector, but most of all our new friend. He brought us to places that were spectacular and magical and knew everything about them. He went above and beyond what any group guide would do; he helped us with our dickering  for our prices, he told us what was good vs what was not good. He truly was enthusiastic and passionate about his heritage. I felt as if I had known him prior to us even getting there and meeting him. Mohammed, was awesome. He put together a spectacular 2 week trip that included everything and anything that one could see in that time span without getting “burnt out”. He was right on with all of the arrangements to the different hotels, the flights, the cruise down the Nile, the Felucca ride. Everything went smoothly and as planned. And last but not least Abdullah. He was the man who hung behind w/ me when I was walking slowly. He was the man who got us our belongings we left on the bus (even after the bus dropped us off and left to park), and he was the man who led us through customs, and security and handled all of our bags from the minute we got to Cairo to the minute he and Mohammed left us at the gate when we departed.
The whole trip was truly phenomenal! Debra did a great job in doing just the right amount of stuff every day. There are so many highlights for me from the camel ride, to the Felucca sailing, to the Queens chamber in the Great Pyramid to my favorite hot air balloon ride and floating over the Nile at sunrise. My memories are truly unforgettable. But most of all The Return to Egypt February 2016 was most definitely my Journey of a Lifetime!!!”

– Linda K., Bowie, Maryland

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