Daisy Dawg, Katie Kat, puppies, kittens and wet slurpy kisses

1 Hand holding DaisyA number of people have written to me lately asking about how Daisy Dawg and Katie Kat are doing, as I haven’t spoken of them lately. They’re both doing great and as I was going through pictures of them I came across photos of Puddin’ and Emma and Sammy and had to say a few words about them as well as a few words about all the amazing love these little beings bring into our lives.
Daisy is doing so well. The picture above is her at 4 weeks. I could hold her in my hand. See how she’s smiling? She’ll be 6 in July and although she weighs 100 pounds, she still thinks she’s a lap dog. She is happy and healthy and wonderful and, as you can see, she’s still smiling!
Her favorite thing to do (aside from bugging Katie Kat) is to go hiking, which we do 2-3 times per week. When we hike, she will find a huge stick and as we walk along she’ll stop and spend some time whittling it down from its original hugeness (look closely at the one above, it’s about 5 feet wide). She’s always very proud of her handiwork. My friend and hiking buddy, Susan (who is also one of my wonderful practitioners), calls Daisy “the branch manager”. Her other favorite thing to do is to chase and/or catch frisbees. She prefers the soft side kind and she would do that for hours on end if I would just do that for her (but, alas, I run out of energy after about 20 minutes).
She also loves to go and play with her brother, Boulder, who lives with his mommy, Ranjita, in Oak Creek Canyon. Daisy and Boulder look exactly alike (I don’t have anything but fuzzy pictures of them, because they are always running whenever they’re together). The minute she goes up there, she immediately goes into Ranjita’s beautiful fountain for a little soak. When we get home, she has to rest and recuperate for a couple of days.
DaisyandKatieBedHere’s Daisy and Katie Kat together on my bed. Katie will turn 17 this year, I can’t believe it! She’s such a great cat. It is so funny to me that this 8 pound cat is in total control of this 100 pound dog. But she is definitely in control! They get along well, but Daisy can’t understand why the cat doesn’t want to play all the time!
KatienewJPGOn evenings when I’m home, I say to Katie, “I’m getting the snuggly blanket.” Then I stretch out on the couch and she jumps up and lays on my lap (on the snuggly blanket) as I read or watch TV. Every so often she’ll turn around to look at me and she stares into my eyes. I took this picture of her as she was turning to look at me. I always feel a huge surge of love when she does that.
I always wonder what she’s thinking when she looks at me like that. I hope it’s something more compelling than “mommy, this is boring, can we change the channel?”
As I was looking through these photos, I found photos of my sweet Puddin’ (the cat) and Emma (the black dog). Puddin’ was the most amazing cat. She showed up one day in my backyard. My pet psychic at the time said she was the reincarnation of the cat I had in high school. Puddin’ would jump on your lap and then lay on your chest and your heart chakra would just open. This sink was over a heating vent, so it would get very warm in the winter time. Puddin’ loved to sleep in the warm sink.
EmmaMy beautiful Emma also showed up at a time when I wasn’t looking (especially not for a dog), but there she was. What an amazing being. She was so sweet and full of love. She loved to go hiking in Sedona, it was her favorite thing to do. When she passed very suddenly 6 years ago, I was completely devastated. When I communicated with her through a psychic, she said she would bring me my next dog and the story of how she brought Daisy is so funny and sweet and a little amazing.
Emma was a golden retriever/English springer spaniel mix, so we wanted to find another golden mix. We found people outside of Phoenix who breed their pure bred golden retriever, Honey,  with Luke, who is 1/2 golden and 1/2 yellow lab. The result is a dog who is 3/4 golden and 1/4 yellow lab. They’ve developed this breed in order to breed out the problems that the pure bred goldens have with hip dysplasia, etc. The dogs are so smart and sweet that they are very often used as guide dogs.
We contacted them and they said they wouldn’t be having any more litters until fall, plus they had a waiting list of over 20 people so it probably would be a long time before we would be able to get one of their puppies. But we went down to meet them anyway and met Honey and Luke, the mommy and daddy, and saw what great dogs they are.
Suddenly we got a call a few weeks later saying that Honey had gone into heat and although they had quarantined her away from Luke in their Arizona room, one evening there was a storm and the door to the Arizona room had blown open. By the time they noticed that Luke was not in the living room, they discovered Luke and Honey had evidently “done the deed” and, if so, she was probably pregnant. Also, they had contacted everyone on their list and only one other person wanted a dog at that time, so suddenly we were at the top of the list.
I did another session with the psychic to communicate with Emma. I hadn’t told the psychic that we had decided to get one of Honey and Luke’s puppies. In the session, Emma said she was excited about us having our new puppy and then she said “how do you like how I blew the door open?” We hadn’t told anybody the story of the the door blowing open and Honey getting pregnant. Emma had brought Daisy, just as she promised she would!
3 PuppiesWe were the first ones to see the puppies so we got to choose which one we would take. But the choice was already made. The 3 puppies are identical except for one thing. One of them has a splash of white fur on her chest. Emma had a splash of white fur on her chest. Another sign from Emma that this was our girl.
sammy on wall1And then there’s Sammy, who was my pet lion in a past life in Egypt. Edgar Cayce says in his readings that we not only reincarnate with the same people and groups over and over, but also with the same animals and pets. When I think about the incredible relationships I’ve had with these wonderful beings, I know that must be true.
Sammy lived to be 19 and he was so wonderful. He used to lick me all the time and he had a very rough tongue. It always reminded me of a Dennis the Menace cartoon where Dennis is showing his friend Joey a record and he says “It’s a song about how Cowboy Bob loves his horse — it’s called ‘Sandpaper Kisses'”. Sammy was always giving me sandpaper kisses, but that was quite alright with me.
Daisy gives me big wet slurpy kisses and that’s quite alright also. It’s the love in those kisses that means everything, isn’t it?
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Wishing you a week filled with big, wet, slurpy kisses,

Debra Stangl / Founder

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Debra_JorgeWhy seeing Machu Picchu and Peru with Jorge Luis Delgado is so completely different and so much better than my first trip to Peru
This past week I was going through old boxes and found the receipts and paperwork from my first trip to Peru in 2003. It was an exploratory trip and I was part of the group, not the tour leader. It was not with Jorge Luis Delgado, because I hadn’t discovered him yet. It was a good trip and it was wonderful to see Machu Picchu and Peru, but it was nothing compared to going there with Jorge, our amazing shaman and guide.
I feel like in that first trip I only saw Peru. With Jorge, we experience these sacred places on all the levels — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. He takes us not only to Machu Picchu and Ollantaytambo but also to ancient places that are mainly unknown. He takes us to Aramu Muru, the portal to other dimensions that he discovered. This is our 10th time of journeying to Peru with Jorge and I’m as excited as I was during that first amazing trip.
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Diane Sordoni, May 2011

Diane also went to Egypt with me this year. It’s so wonderful to have this on-going connection with people and for them to receive so many on-going benefits.

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