Here’s all you have to do to get everything you want

If you’ve received my newsletters for very long, you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of Abraham. Their teachings have been so instrumental in my life and they are also very important in the work we do here at Sedona Soul Adventures.
For over 25 years, I’ve received their monthly recordings — first as cassette tapes, then as CDs and now as MP3s. Isn’t it interesting all the technology that’s happened during that time?
The monthly recording I received this week was especially impactful. They teach that we are all creating our reality in every moment. And they literally gave the recipe for having a happy, healthy, abundant, rewarding life and it’s pretty simple.
Be easy. Do less. Be nicer to yourself.
Here’s exactly what they said:
Be nicer to yourself
Take it easier
Put in a little less time on the things you feel you need to do
Spend more time doing the things you really want to do
Don’t pick a fight
Don’t fight back
Look for things that are humorous and funny
Spend more time by yourself
Get outside more
Look at the advantages that this time/space reality is yielding to you
Find appreciation for the beauty that this planet is yielding to you
Spend more time around animals (they are more allowing)
Tell your human friends you love them and you’ll see them later
Be easier about everything
Be more playful about everything
Be more consciously selfish for yourself
Do more of the things that feel good to you
Let your “Things To Do Today” list wait until tomorrow and the next day and the next day
Be easy, and watch what happens
If you apply this, you will see so much evidence of what you have been asking for because you deserve it, you’re ready for it and there’s only been one thing that’s been holding it off and that is:
you’re working too hard,
you’re trying too hard,
you’re making it about action rather than vibration.
I know what some of you are thinking. This flies in the face of everything we’ve been taught. I know that for myself, growing up in my German Catholic family, my parents taught me that working harder would get me what I wanted.
When I got out in the world, though, I discovered that just ain’t so.
And through the course of the past 25 years, I’ve discovered that the more I let go of pushing, demanding and working so hard, things just seem to start to flow.
It’s very simple, but it’s not easy. But I can guarantee you, that whenever I go with the flow, that’s when everything flows in the most amazing ways.
When I first came to Sedona in 1999, every part of my life was messed up. I hated my work, I was in debt, I was 40 pounds overweight, and I was in an unhappy marriage. Even though I was listening to the Abraham teachings (and believed them) I simply couldn’t figure out how to put those teachings into my daily life. So on top of everything else that was going on, I was feeling frustrated and disappointed. It was a vicious cycle.
Coming to Sedona changed everything. The work that I did with the practitioners here finally brought me into the higher vibrations that led to my life transforming — with my work, with my body, with my relationships and with my abundance. I finally received the tools of how to do all this:
• how to stop worrying
• how to stop living from fear
• how to have more happiness and joy and abundance in my life
When I started Sedona Soul Adventures in 2002, that’s what I wanted to bring to the world. A way for everyone else to have all that.
So how about you?
Would you like to stop worrying?
Would you like to stop living your life from fear?
Would you like to feel what it feels like to feel inner peace?
Would you like to have more happiness and joy and abundance in your life?
If so, come to Sedona and do a Soul Adventures retreat. We’ll get at the root of what’s causing the worry and fear and blocks and bring you into the happiness and joy and abundance that you’re seeking. Click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you. Or if you’d prefer, call us toll free at 1-877-204-3664 (US and Canada). For our friends outside the US and Canada call 01 928-204-5988 or click here and one of our Angel Guides will call you. And remember, we’re even here for you on Sunday!
Wishing you a week filled with ease and joy,

Debra Stangl / Founder

Sedona Soul Adventures – Transforming Lives One Soul At A Time
(877) 204-3664

Melissa says her “life changing” Soul Adventure gave her “peace”, “connection”, and “clarity”

“I would recommend Soul Adventures to anyone who is looking for peace and connection. It is truly a life-changing experience that is so personal and so profound that I would urge anyone who is seeking personal growth to do this. I came away with so many gifts and insights that my life experience has truly been enriched and my perspective now comes from a place of peace and clarity.”

Melissa Lassor, Ft. Pierce, Florida


We now have 3 spots for our Machu Picchu trip (June 17-30) and we need one female roommate

Last week I told you we had one more spot left and now, sadly, two people have had to postpone the trip due to illness. And now one of our people wants a roommate (female). So if you didn’t have someone to travel with, here’s your chance. And the great news is that the person who wants a roommate is Regina Medina, one of our Angel Guides. So she will be a fun, spiritual, deep, compassionate roommate. You’ll love her!

This is so great, because it saves you $950 off the cost when you share a room. But you need to act fast! We would need to make all arrangements this coming week, including payment, getting your passport information, etc.
Wouldn’t it just be great to know that in 8 weeks you’re going to Machu Picchu? The trip is June 17-30 and I can’t tell you how excited I’m getting. Regina is going, my fiancé Richard is going — this is going to be a very special trip.
And remember you don’t have to be a Sedona Soul Adventures graduate to come on our trips.
For all the information on our amazing Itinerary – Click here
For all the information on pricing – Click here
“I have just returned from the Enchanted Peru trip and my feet have not touched the ground yet!  I knew the trip would exceed my expectations as my  Sedona Soul Adventure 8 yrs ago did as well. But what I could not imagine, in my most optimistic anticipation or wildest imagination, were all the intricacies that Debra would weave together to create such an awe and joy inspiring pilgrimage. And then to be in the presence of Jorge Luis Delgado for 2 weeks was incredible. With Jorge’s guidance, encouragement and mystical tools we were brought into an overwhelming  space of love and appreciation  for the spirit, the country, the people, each other, and ourselves. I could never have imagined the quick and  intense bonding that occurred between each one of us. Every day our hearts opened wider! We laughed together, we cried together, we grew and expanded! And I sobbed when the time came to go our separate ways. To find yourself in the presence of so many like minded people is a positively jolting experience. Many are now friends that I will cherish for the rest of my life on the planet and beyond. This experience is one I will never forget. I know that the effects of this trip are now flowing constantly into my daily life. Negative responses to life’s challenges are very hard to muster. I have a permanent smile on my face. I am at peace.
If you are considering a trip with Sedona Soul Adventures I can only say one thing. GO FOR IT!”
Barb Nadeau, Dover, New Hampshire
If you have questions, please contact me at:
[email protected] – I love talking about Peru!

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